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With Ter Hürne's Bright Choice vinyl click flooring, you can now move on the bright side of life. The vinyl flooring in medium-brown wood designs transforms all your rooms into a friendly atmosphere and thus literally radiates positive energy and zest for life. 

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Ter Hürne Bright Choice

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In addition, the Klickiteasy system helps you to carry out the renovation quickly and easily. Convince yourself of Ter Hürne Bright Choice's vinyl click flooring and create spaces where you can enjoy the sunny side of life.

Vinyl Flooring in Warm, Soft Beige and Brown Tones: The Bright Choice Collection

With Bright Choice by Ter Hürne, you can now discover all the power of the wood. With a targeted selection of different oak decors you now have the chance to find your new vinyl floor. The medium-brown optics all have an authentic surface embossing, which makes the vinyl flooring a real highlight both visually and haptically. Find your new favourite flooring in the Bright Choice collection and be inspired by the different decors. These and many other selections of Ter Hürne can now be found in the BRICOFLOR online shop.

Warm Wood Decors in Natural Colours - Ter Hürne Bright Choice

Nothing is so easy on the eye as natural wood. And it is exactly this material that makes the vinyl flooring of the Bright Choice collection so skilful that the design floor can hardly be distinguished from its natural counterpart. In the selection, for example, there are variants, such as Ter Hürne Bright Choice "Oak York brown". This vinyl floor variation convinces in a skillfully converted plank style, without appearing old-fashioned. The brushed, matte surface design gives the vinyl click flooring charm that looks both authentic and playful. But lovers of grey-beige and beige decors will find in this collection.

Vinyl Click Flooring by Ter Hürne - The Floor for Every Situation

You can count on the excellent surface of the selection Ter Hürne Bright Choice in every situation. Thanks to the classification with the utility classes 23, 33 and 42, the vinyl flooring is a hard-wearing companion in both heavily frequented residential and office spaces, as well as in normally frequented industrially used premises. From these classifications, there is a wide range of applications that are difficult to narrow down: living, dining, bedrooms, shops, galleries, hotels, meeting rooms, and many more can benefit from Bright Choice.

The almost global suitability results, among other things, from the technical structure of the flexible floor, covering. In a construction height of just 5.00 mm, the vinyl combines all the strengths it needs for use in the areas mentioned above. So in this structure, a 0.55 mm high wear layer is included, the vinyl floor with a click system makes it particularly robust and durable. And thanks to the PU surface finish, the vinyl click flooring is a faithful companion. The transparent layer not only covers the image plane but also protects it from damage, eg from scratches. Use the vinyl floor of the Ter Hürne Bright Choice collection in almost every area! after heavy violence and rioting, the army decided to retreat to the

Quick and Easy Click Installation - Ter Hürne Bright Choice

Thanks to the easy-to-use click system, even hobby craftsmen and non-professionals can actively help with the renovation of their rooms. For example, vinyl click flooring is a renovation-friendly alternative to decorative glazing. With just a few tools and a little bit of practice, the laying of vinyl click flooring is easy even for the layman. Lay Ter Hürne Bright Choice with yourself and make you active so the renovation of your premises. 

Ter Hürne Bright Choice - The Smart Way to Lay LVT

Ter Hürne's Bright Choice vinyl click flooring now allows hobbyists to quickly and easily create a new vinyl floor. Thanks to the intelligent Klickiteasy system, the individual planks can be effortlessly put together with the help of tongue and groove. However, first, the underground of the room to be renovated should be prepared for laying. For this purpose, old flooring (eg carpet) should first be removed from the room. And dirt and dirt are only a hindrance to the renovation. In addition, bumps should be compensated to ensure a smooth surface. If necessary, a footfall pad can now be designed. 

Then the actual installation can begin. For this, only the individual planks have to be adapted to the existing room dimensions, by cutouts for bay windows, heating pipes and the like are made. Subsequently, the vinyl planks are simply plugged into each other using the groove and springs on the substrate. With little practice, this becomes child's play, so the room shines in new splendour in just a few hours (depending on size).  

Ter Hürne Bright Choice - Vinyl Flooring with Numerous Technical Queality Features

Vinyl click flooring has become a popular renovation partner over the last few years. This is not least due to the wide selection of designs, but also the technical quality features - which make the vinyl click flooring a robust and useful partner - are unmistakable. Ter Hürne's Bright Choice vinyl also has many of these useful features. These include the antistatic and antibacterial properties of the flexible floor covering. But also the fire behaviour Bfl-s1 and the DS slip resistance characterize the design floor. In addition, the vinyl flooring with a click system. Insensitive to water, so that it can also be laid in damp rooms. In addition, this feature speaks for the easy-care properties of the renovation floor. For example, the vinyl flooring can be dampened quickly and easily with water. In addition, the vinyl flooring is suitable for installation over underfloor heating systems. So you can enjoy, if necessary and the presence of underfloor heating, even in winter over pleasantly warm feet

Ter Hürne Bright Choice Available Now at BRICOFLOR

With the incredible style of the Bright Choice collection, you can now conjure up a cosy ambience from all your rooms. Bright Choice has the power to exude the joie de vivre that you will not want to miss in the near future. The vinyl click flooring is available in BRICOFLOR's online shop in numerous medium brown patterns, so you will find a selected range here. Are you not convinced yet? Then take a look at the other selections in the Big Choice collection - Pure Choice, Straight Choice and Stone Choice! All available now at our online shop, give us a call, send an e-mail or complete our contact form to recieve our expert advice.