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Ter Hürne Pure Choice - Vinyl Flooring with a Pure Passion for Life

With the vinyl flooring of the Ter Hürne Pure Choice collection, you can now experience pure joie de vivre . With a selection of bright and fresh colors, the collection represents an assortment that represents an exemplary example of clarity, width and lightness and so does not oppress even the smallest of spaces visually.

£44.07 per m² £41.95 per m²
Shipping: £29.95 per order

With Ter Hürne Pure Choice, you can now bring a new awareness of life into your own four walls and discover the sheer passion for life yourself. Pure Choice - vinyl flooring in simple, honest and uncomplicated colourations, which brings refreshing joie de vivre into every room. And also in terms of comfort and quality, the luxury vinyl flooring impresses with a click system right down the line.

Ter Hürne Pure Choice - Vinyl Flooring in Bright and Fresh Colours

Thanks to Pure Choice, the times of dark, dull colours come to an end. With a comprehensive selection of light and fresh colors, Ter Hürne sets new standards in the Pure Choice collection for charming, light-flooded rooms that guarantee a corresponding quality of life. The collection convinces with an assortment of appealing wood designs and conveys lightness and charm with colouration and optics in the Nordic style, so your floor shines in a whole new light and visually enlarges the space.

Charming Wood Decors in Nordic Style - The LVT Flooring of Ter Hürne Pure Choice

With a selection of oak and pine decors, the Pure Choice collection opens up new worlds. In the assortment of bright and friendly wood decors, there is an ideal renovation partner for every lover of light-flooded rooms that meets all requirements. Thanks to the careful selection of bright colorations in white, beige and gray, the vinyl click flooring allows the sun to enter every room and inspires with simple, honest, timeless and uncomplicated colours. What’s more, the synchronous brushed, matt surface design adds to its authenticity. The combination of color and natural-realistic surface design creates an LVT floor that can unfold its full potential, especially in combination with classic colours such as black and white.

Vinyl Flooring with the Click System for All Your Rooms

The LVT click flooring is suitable for many areas of applications thanks to its high utility classes of 23, 33 and 42, the vinyl click flooring can be used almost globally. Whether in the private living area, the object area and even in industrially used premises. This results in a diverse range of applications, ranging from living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms to office and conference rooms, hotels, shops and many more. Thanks to the 0.55 mm thick wear layer, the flooring features high resistance to stains and abrasions. Discover the power of the Pure Choice offerings. In order to make the renovation as easy as possible, the collection features the easy click mechanism. With this Click It Easy system, even hobbyists and DIY’ers can lay vinyl flooring without having to seek professional help.

Installing the Vinyl Flooring by Ter Hürne

Prior to installation, the substrate should first be prepared by removing old floors such as carpets, which are not firmly anchored to the substrate. Additionally, the subfloor must be completely even and clean from grease and dirt. Subsequently, an impact sound insulation can optionally be installed. Once these preparatory measures have been taken, the vinyl flooring can be laid. The individual planks should first be adapted to the existing room dimensions, from room edges and areas for heating pipes. Then, the individual planks are connected via the click system, where the sound of a click will signal the firm connection.

The LVT Flooring which Proves Technical Variety

With the Ter Hürne Pure Choice vinyl flooring, you receive a particularly robust and durable vinyl plank thanks to its 5.00mm thick design and 0.55mm wear layer. Featuring a PUR surface treatment, the vinyl click flooring has high resistance against scratches and scuffs. In addition, the vinyl flooring has numerous technical qualities suited for everyday living. For example, the LVT has antistatic properties and the fire behaviour class Bfl-s1. Due to this, the vinyl flooring produces low levels of smoke in the event of a fire. In addition, the collection features slip resistance qualities and is suitable to be laid over underfloor heating systems.

Ter Hürne Vinyl FLooring - The Pure Passion for Life

Whether at home, the contract area or in industrial spaces, Pure Choice by Ter Hürne enchants all rooms with an appealing ambience, with its timelessness, clarity, space and refreshing lightness. Find your new luxury vinyl flooring in this collection! To help you select the right decor for your space, we offer a free sample service so you can assess the designs in person before placing your order. For large quantity orders, get in touch with our customer service team and you may be able to receive an individualised quote. To get in touch simply call, email, or complete our contact form and we can assist you with your order.

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