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Base.59 Rigid: The Ideal Rigid Vinyl for Your Renovation Project

Finding a floor that is both robust and attractive is usually associated with a lot of effort and a high price.  However, the base.59 Rigid collection features impressively high durability and robustness, available at a great price per m ², making your next renovation more attainable than you thought!

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Base.59 Rigid

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Versatile and Robust Rigid Vinyl Flooring

When designing a new home or renovating, it is often overlooked what impact the flooring has on the ambiance in the entire home environment. Optics are certainly the most important criteria when looking for the perfect floor, but the technical characteristics should not be ignored either. If these features are important to you, you will make a great choice with base.59 Rigid vinyl flooring. The utility class 31 draws it as suitable for the low-traffic commercial areas like hotel rooms! For the everyday challenges throughout your home, the base.59 Rigid collection is always suitable.

Base.59 Rigid is not only convincing with its high resistance, the vinyl flooring is optimally equipped with technical features that guarantee a long service life. The large-format planks are currently very popular and make the room appear much more spacious. Rigid vinyl  is an absolute novelty in the field of vinyl flooring and offers significantly higher dimensional stability than conventional vinyl. Vinyl as a so-called thermoplastic will always deform under the influence of temperature, which can negatively affect the click connections under extreme load. This is counteracted by the rigid core of the Base.59 Rigid by incorporating mineral composites into the vinyl backing plate. At the same time, the installation height of 4 mm is ideal for renovation work, since doors do not have to be sanded down or adjusted. Protection against scratches is ensured by the 0.3 mm wear layer, in addition, the click vinyl features a chemical resistance and is therefore flame retardant to the fire protection class Bfl-s1. Its wet room suitability ensures that the floor can even be laid even in the bathroom or kitchen!

High-Quality Décors with a Realistic Structured Surface

With Base.59 Rigid you will find six different wood designs, which are the perfect foundation for a tasteful and representative interior design style for the trend-conscious DIY enthusiast, as well as for lovers of the classic look. The trendy used look of the Base.59 Rigid "Oak V520 plank flooring", for example, fits perfectly with a youthful bachelor apartment, but also the variant Base.59 Rigid " Pine V522 Plank 1" fits very well in homes of the classic style. Dark and light oak decors with a quiet or rustic sorting complete the design palette of click vinyl.

Equipped with the ClickTec Locking System – Base.59

The installation of vinyl click flooring is easy to do even for those first time DIY’ers. The click system "ClickTec" of Base.59 guarantees a fast instalment free from any special adhesives or glues. The innovative "click" when joining individual planks ensures that the laying of the design flooring is a satisfying experience! Even hobby craftsmen get the click vinyl mounted in no time. With this collection, you can carry out the renovation yourself, without the help of a professional!

Installation with the ClickTec System: A Step by Step Guide

The base.59 Rigid collection features the easy-to-use ClickTec interlocking system, making it the ideal DIY partner. When laying, proceed in three stages: preparation, adjustment and installation. First, you should prepare the substrate accordingly, old coverings that are not permanently connected to the substrate, must be removed. Any imperfections in the subfloor including unevenness, dust and grease must be removed. The next step is to adjust the planks to the room dimensions: Cut the planks according to the room boundaries and pay particular attention to areas that require cut-outs such as heating pipes. In the last step, place the planks in the room and connect the tongue and groove. The typical clicking sound signals a seamless and proper connection of the planks. After the room has been completely laid out with the new floor, you can enter it directly and start furnishing. 

Discover the Innovative Base.59 Rigid Now at BRICOFLOR

With base.59 Rigid you can redesign your home effortlessly and benefit from the outstanding features of the first-class rigid vinyl floor. The new collection is conveniently available at BRICOFLOR, the online shop of your choice, and you can always count on our best price guarantee. If you cannot decide between several decors, our free sample service can help. Choose up to four designs and we will send you samples in the post. If you have already decided on a variant that you require in larger quantities, you may be able to request an individual offer. Contact us via email, via the contact form or by phone to our service team. This is also available for you, if you have any questions about your order or assortment. Do not hesitate to contact us!