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Granorte click vinyl floors combine years of experience with the most modern technical aspects. With its high-quality Vinyl Click flooring, the renowned manufacturer places particular emphasis on the aspect of sustainability. If you want completely carefree living that also has a positive effect on the environment, Granorte click vinyl is the right choice for you!

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Granorte Solid - Trend

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<p>Granorte click vinyl floors combine years of experience with the <strong>most modern technical aspects</strong>. With its high-quality Vinyl Click flooring, the renowned manufacturer places particular emphasis on the aspect of sustainability. If you want completely carefree living that also has a positive effect on the environment, Granorte click vinyl is the right choice for you!</p>
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Click Vinyl Made From Innovative Cork Material - Technical Excellence Made From Sustainable Raw Materials

Vinyl flooring is classically recognised that it is mainly made of plastic. Although it tries to imitate the typical structures of wood and stone, the natural factor is often left out. This is different with Granorte click vinyl floors. Because of its integrated cork layer, the click vinyl now presents itself as even more nature-friendly. Furthermore, to the environmentally-conscious components, it also stands out for its remarkable technical properties. The click vinyl of the Granorte Solid-Trend collection is perfect for any room and makes a splendid impression everywhere.

Authentic Decors For Even More Naturalness - The Design Variety Of Granorte Solid - Trend Click Vinyl Floors

The Granorte Solid-Trend collection offers a choice of 10 different wood decors and two stone imitations. In terms of colour, everything is represented here. From very light to brown-greyish wood. The designs are created in a way that they can be used in any room. Despite the enormous variety of colours, the decors are kept rather simple overall. Gentle grains and not too striking surface designs give the designs a universal direction so that they harmonise with the most diverse interior concepts.

The Granorte Solid-Trend "Sea sand" click vinyl, for example, goes particularly well with darker interiors. The very light, grey colour makes it look very cool and can therefore be combined well with warm elements. For those who like it classic and classy, the best choice is the Granorte Solid Trend "Classic". The Luxury vinyl click flooring impresses with an excellent look that gives the room a certain spaciousness. In combination with rustic furniture, it makes a distinctly high-quality impression and lends an exquisite atmosphere to the most diverse furnishing concepts.

The Click vinyl of the Granorte Solid-Trend collection can be used in many ways and offers a suitable floor design for all conceivable living trends. No design wish remains open and even more, unusual styles can be complemented and rounded off with the classically beautiful vinyl floors. A collection that knows how to furnish the most diverse rooms in the best possible way.

Protect The Ecosystem With Vinyl Click Flooring From Granorte

It was a sustainable idea that drove the well-known manufacturer to turn to floor design. Granorte was founded to recycle cork waste from a wine cork factory. Now, through innovative production processes and technical excellence, Granorte creates stunning cork products that help preserve the environment. The result is beautiful and environmentally friendly interiors, equipped with premium Click Vinyl Flooring. Nature is therefore Granorte's most important production partner. To protect its integrity, the manufacturer helps develop environmental solutions that protect and restore forests. Therefore, only sustainable sources are used for the innovative cork floors, which do not pollute the environment in any way.

More Lightness For Every Area – Cork Floor With The Best Properties

The special feeling of authenticity is given to the Click Vinyl From Granorte by its cork components. The cork for the lvt click flooring is obtained from the bark of the cork oak. Before a tree can deliver its first shipment of cork, it must have reached an age of around 25 years. This serves to prevent permanent damage and results in excellent product quality. The renewable, the environmentally friendly resource has many advantages. The unique honeycomb structure of the cork makes the lvt click flooring even more stable and at the same time more elastic. The airtight membrane ensures greater lightness and impermeability. Thus, a cork layer has a particularly insulating effect. Thermal and acoustic insulation properties ensure improved thermal conductivity and a pleasantly quiet walking feeling with the click vinyl from Granorte.

In the case of a fire, an integrated cork layer in the vinyl floor is also the best advice. Cork does not spread flames further and does not release any toxic gases during combustion. Furthermore, cork does not absorb dust, which makes it ideal for allergy sufferers. For the benefit of nature, it is completely biodegradable, recyclable and ultimately renewable. A sustainable product that ensures that the click vinyl gains unimagined naturalness!

State of The Art Technology - Modern Vinyl Flooring With Practical Click Connection

Granorte click vinyl is a so-called Rigid Vinyl. The innovative carrier material, which is enriched with stone or lime powder, changes the thermoplastic properties of the elastic PVC. In contrast to classic vinyl flooring, rigid vinyl is much more rigid and dimensionally stable. Besides, the solid polymer core makes it waterproof. Installation in bathrooms or kitchens is not an issue; due to the water-resistant effect, moisture and humidity have no chance! Even light and increased temperatures are no problem for this versatile all-rounder. Using it underfloor heating is completely straightforward and ensures comfortably warm feet. A particularly strong wear layer of 0.55 mm makes the click vinyl highly resistant to scratches and abrasion, and even heavy pressure loads do not leave any permanent marks.

With the simple Drop-Lock System, laying the click vinyl is even quicker and easier. The planks can simply be pressed into each other vertically. When the characteristic "click" sound appears, the planks are anchored together with a perfect fit and without joints. The integrated cork impact sound insulation ensures better acoustics and prevents a transmission effect. The click vinyl of the Granorte Solid-Trend collection provides every room with first-class technical properties. High-grade functionality and the best possible look are combined to create a floor that ensures optimal floor design in the long term.

Granorte Solid - Trend Click Vinyl Buy The Sustainable All-Rounder At Bricoflor Now

You don't want to worry about your floor anymore? Then choose a high-quality click vinyl from the Granorte Solid-Trend collection now! Convince yourself of the versatile usage possibilities and discover the multifunctional click vinyl floor! If you still need some advice, simply contact us by phone, e-mail, or via our Contact Form! A friendly and professional staff member will be happy to assist you and prepare an individual offer together with you. We will also be happy to send you a comparison piece to your home with our sample service! Order your dream floor today and benefit from our best price guarantee. Finally, become carefree with the click vinyl of the Granorte Solid-Trend collection at BRICOFLOR!