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Ter Hürne Perform – Rigid Vinyl Designed for Versatile Applications

The ter Hürne Perform collection combines all the advantages of modern vinyl flooring with the new and innovative rigid vinyl technology.  The well-known company persues the highest standards of production, which is why you get a manufacturer’s warranty of 20 years for private use, and 15 years warranty in the contract sector.

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Ter Hürne Perform

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Great Flexibility when Using Rigid Vinyl Flooring

A real novelty in the flooring industry, rigid vinyl is a smart and innovative design that offers limitless possibilities for laying. Thanks to its rigid support plate, which counteracts deformations and improves dimensional stability, the collection can be used in areas with tough conditions for conventional flooring. This includes installation in rooms with floor to ceiling windows, since the temperateure fluctuations caused by sunlight can not affect the flooring. Similarly, it is the ideal choice of conservatory flooring, the rigid core outlasts the prevailing temperature fluctuations and does not expand from moist conditions. Thanks to its wet room suitability, it can withstand wet conditions.

Top Technical Performance at All Levels

The ter Hürne Perform collection achieves the usage class 42, meaning that the flooring can withstand the highest demands in residential and commercial areas, as well as moderate use in industrial sectors. Accordingly, you can redecorate your bedrooms, bathrooms, hotel rooms, as well as industrial halls. Its additional safety features include the fire protection class Bfl-s1 and slip resistance properties. What’s more, electrical equipment can be used safely in conjunction with the vinyl flooring, thanks to its antistatic properties. Additionally, it’s castor chair suitability is another feature that adds to it’s suitability to be installed for office use. This collection does not require a lengthy cleaning process, since it has a chemical resistant surface treatment.

Multiple Design Possibilities with the Versatile Collection of Perform          

The high-quality designs of the Perform collection by ter Hürne are an impressive piece to add to your interiors. Depending on the choice of product, a circumferential V or design joint is used to underline the format of each plank and tile. This gives the LVT flooring an authentic appearance. The high light fastness level >6 guarantees that you can enjoy the radiant colours of the flooring for many years. The matt surface enhances the modern and elegant feel of the designs which beautifully replicate natural stone, cement, oak and pine structures.

Pure Choice – Refreshing and Light

PerForm Pure Choice focuses on bright colours that convey a sense of freshness. The selection includes seven wood decors and a variant in stone look, which are hardly distinguishable from the real materials due to their high-resolution surface treatment. Use the soft nuances to realise your dream of a Scandinavian interior - or combine them with blue elements to create a soothing maritime look. The light colours invite you to relax without distracting from your decor.

Bright Choice – Openness and Tranquility

The composition of PerForm Bright Choice beckons with its warm brown tones. Thanks to this colour palette, you can give your rooms an open and friendly atmosphere, which is particularly suitable in the commercial sector to welcome new guests. The panels are available in oak and pine look, where you can choose between the classic plank design and exciting decors in the ship's floor style. Due to the neutral colour scheme, the vinyl floors can be combined with a wide variety of furniture styles.

Straight Choice – Planks with a Strong Charisma

With the planks of Straight Choice you can prove your character: the dark colours underline the wood structures of the decors, which makes the LVT flooring look striking and rustic.  In addition to seven designs in oak look you can also choose from the unique design ter Hürne PerForm Straight Choice "Pine Malmö Gray", which realistically imitates a pine floor in vintage look.

Stone Choce – Timeless Elegance

With PerForm Stone Choice you can already tell by the name the focus of the selection: noble stone decors that will give your rooms a luxurious ambience. The colour palette ranges from gentle beige to deep anthracite. That's why you can use the vinyl tiles for classic as well as modern style interiors. Their foot-warm surface makes them a serious contender in contrast to ceramic tiles - whether for your bathroom or your kitchen.

Renovation Made Easy with Rigid Vinyl Click Flooring by Ter Hürne

One of the key benefits of rigid vinyl is its installation. Thanks to its rigid nature, it can be installed without problems over old coverings. At the same time, the low construction height of 6mm ensures that sanding  down doors is not necessary. Ter Hürne uses the LocktitEasy click system for PerForm, which makes it possible to install it independently for hobby craftsmen. As with vinyl click flooring, the individual panels simply need to be connected using the click connections - so you do not require any adhesives or special tools.

The installation is made even easier by the integrated impact sound insulation made of cork. Thanks to this you do not have to spend hours selecting the right insulation mat, but you can start directly with the installation. The floor covering reduces impact sound by up to 18 dB. It can also be used together with a hot water underfloor heating. So you can give yourself and your guests a pleasant walking experience and say goodbye to cold feet!

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