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Wineo 1000 - Vinyl Click Flooring for countless applications

Wineo 1000 vinyl click flooring collection offers wood and stone decors in numerous natural-looking variants. One of the biggest advantages of these floors? The click system that makes installation quick and easy

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Wineo 1000 Click Vinyl

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This can save you valuable time and money in your renovation process. Thanks to the extremely realistic decors, you can give any room new life. Convince yourself of the qualities of the LVT click, and be amazed at how easy it is to renovate a room or even house. Anyone can be a designer! Thanks to the extremely realistic decors, you can give any room new life. Convince yourself of the qualities of the LVT click, and be amazed at how easy it is to renovate a room or even house. Anyone can be a designer!

A wide design palette: this Wineo vinyl click flooring collection offers what you're looking for

This flooring collection is available in a charming range of different wood and stone decors. For example, from the Wineo 1000 Wood products, "Patina Teak" has a strong Mediterranean flair which will make your house feel more home, right away. And because it's not an actual solid wooden floor, you'll have the impression of high-quality teak flooring, without the expense or hassle.

These floors are durable and easy to care for. But not only the wood designs possess these qualities. With the Wineo 1000 Stone products, for example, the "Mocca Cream" design, you bring a warm friendliness into the room, which gives a noble feeling of high quality. The many stone designs can be combined with countless interior styles thanks to their neutral, understated style.

Excellent flooring with luxury vinyl click: For all the challenges of daily life

Thanks to its excellent technical characteristics can this luxury vinyl click flooring be used in a wide array of different spaces and applications. The high-quality vinyl click flooring has a wear class of 23/32, which means it is suitable for both residential and commercial use. In domestic applications, this floor can be installed anywhere.

Even areas with a lot of foot traffic, such as hallways and living rooms pose no threat to the integrity of the high-quality floorboards. In commercial applications, spaces with moderate traffic are suitable to install the Wineo 1000 floors in. For example café's or offices. Use of castor chairs also is no problem for the Wineo 1000 products.

The click vinyl plank flooring is available in several different formats. The stone decors come in the tile-like size of 85.9 by 39.7 centimetres and are 2.2 millimetres thick. The wood decors, on the other hand, are available in the plank shape of 129.5 by 19.5 centimetres and are 5 millimetres thick. Therefore are the planks very resilient. Some wood decors are also available in Multilayer XXL version, with a size of 184.5 by 23.7 centimetres.

These are 9 millimetres thick and are suitable for a wide array of applications, thanks to the wear class of 23/32. The multilayer versions also have an even better noise dampening quality. All products in the Wineo 1000 range have an incredible light fastness, which means that sunlight does not cause their colours to fade, even with years of influence.

Pollution-free LVT click flooring: for the sake of both your health and the environment

The Wineo products from the collection 1000 are entirely free of chlorine, and harmful solvents and plasticisers. Therefore, because of the absence of harmful chemicals, is this floor better for the environment and your indoor air quality. The production, too, is more environmentally friendly than many contemporary counterparts. This is because the flooring panels are made entirely from renewable raw materials and natural fillers. This low-emission flooring solution has received the "Blue Angel" award, so you can be 100% sure of a healthy indoor climate.

Easy installation: Wineo Luxury Vinyl Click Flooring

The installation of this vinyl click flooring consists of only a few, easy steps. In addition to that are all required tools available from most hobby or DIY stores. For the installation of your new vinyl flooring, you need to clean the ground on which installation will take place. Note that the floor panels cannot be laid on textile floor coverings and that the surface should be as even as possible. Another key point is that the ground is clean, free from cracks, dents and potentially harmful stains, and completely dry.

The room that's about to be renovated should be carefully measured so that the flooring panels can be accurately cut to size. Keep in mind that a space of 5 millimetres should be kept between the edge of the floor and the wall and other static objects, such as support pillars. You can easily cut out a recess to accommodate small static objects such as heating pipes.

Now you can finally start with the real installation. The click lock vinyl planks are connected with a tongue and groove system. Start the first row by laying the planks with the groove side facing the wall. Once you have installed the first row, you can easily connect the second row of planks to the first one. Place the tongue and groove on top of each other at an angle of about 30 degrees with gentle pressure.

Then carefully work with a hammer to ensure a stable and secure connection of the planks. You can then continue to install the next flooring boards like the first ones until the whole room has been equipped with a new design floor. This system is not only easy and fast, it also ensures that you can start using the floor the moment the last plank has been clicked in place.

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In our shop, you'll find the complete Wineo 1000 range, including all wood and stone decors. Pick one of the high-quality design floorings, and order from us for the best price you'll find online. Guaranteed. If you would first like to have a look the design in real life, we offer a free sample service, so you can get the best possible impression and are 100% sure of the product you're about to purchase. If you're looking to purchase a larger quantity, we might be able to make you a tailored offer. Feel free to contact us with any questions, with no further obligations or strings attached. You can reach us via phone or email. We're looking forward to your enquiry!