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Amtico LVT Flooring: Outstanding Quality And Design

Amtico is a British manufacturer and an expert in LVT flooring. The company designs manufactures and supplies a wide range of luxury vinyl flooring that is incredibly durable and robust.  This strength comes from several heat-compressed layers, which form one tile with varied features. These vinyl tiles have flexible designs and are easy to clean, maintain, repair and replace.

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Luxury vinyl flooring is perfect for busy areas and many hotels and restaurants choose Amtico because of the hard-wearing benefits, coupled with beautiful designs. It is engineered to withstand busy family-life environments and maintain a new appearance for years. Amtico help to provide the very best in LVT, from relaxing and warming woods to sleek and understated stone, whatever your design need, you'll find the right solution with Amtico. 

Stone, Wood Or Abstract: Amtico Luxury Vinyl Flooring

With an unrivaled choice of flooring and combination possibilities, Amtico allows you to effortlessly introduce colour and pattern to your home. Amtico offers two collections of luxury vinyl tiles- Amtico Spacia and Amtico Signature. With low maintenance, high durability and a wide range of styles, there is a floor to suit any decor. From worn-out rustic timber to shimmer statement floors, the distinctive surfaces and beautiful textures of Amtico vinyl flooring set it apart. With the possibility to choose between wood, stone and abstract designs, you can choose the right design for any room in your home or office. Amtico has created vinyl flooring with an outstanding design and great cutting capabilities, as an alternative to conventional flooring options.

Amtico Spacia: Designed To Last

You can bring style and creative flair to your home with Amtico Spacia, a collection at the forefront of craftsmanship and interior fashion. This classic, pre-designed collection offers a mix of styles that beautifully complements the way you live. Choose from a stunning colour palette in Wood, Stone or Abstract products, laid in a way that completes the look with chic and effortless style.

Solution For Your Home And Office: Amtico Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Amtico vinyl flooring offers quality and style combined with resilience and easy maintenance. What makes Amtico highly durable and extremely hard wearing is the multiple heat compressed layers. Besides the high endurance, Amtico design floors will bring elegance and aesthetic appeal to your home or office. With so many different styles and laying patterns options, you can create unique designs to fit your décor. Amtico glue down vinyl flooring is designed to last. The 0.55mm wear layer in combination with the PUR surface layer, and the durability of vinyl makes Amtico glue down vinyl flooring, a great choice when looking for a long-lasting solution. Amtico glue down is suitable for commercial use, ensuring that it can stand up to heavy wear and use. Wear and surface layers ensure that your flooring remains free from scratches and dents. You can count on the great appearance of your floor withstanding fading, as this high-end flooring is colourfast and fade resistant. Get the splendour of a wood or tile floor without the expensive installation or upkeep.

Amtico LVT Flooring: Installation Made Simple

Behind every beautiful floor is the right preparation. Amtico products have been designed for easy and quick installation. To ensure that you will get the best results, good preparation is key! The base should be hard, smooth, clean, dry and most importantly even. Any irregularities on your subfloor can have influence over the installation process and the final result. The installation of Amtico vinyl flooring follows the guidelines of application for all quality glue-down vinyl floors. It can be installed in both heavy commercial and residential areas due to its high quality and durability. For the installation, it is recommended to use Amtico adhesive products, which must be distributed evenly before laying the LVT flooring. Amtico vinyl flooring can be laid over underfloor-hearing, under the condition that the floor does not exceed 27°C. An additional step to the installation process is to use a 45kg roller to flatten the floor and prevent the formation of any uneven areas. This process can be repeated 20 min after the initial rolling. Do not forget to clean any adhesive excess before it dries, which can be done with adhesive remover on a soft moistened cloth.

Easy Care And Maintenance: Amtico Vinyl Flooring

Amtico vinyl flooring is designed to last, but it will look better if it is handled with care. For regular cleaning, it is recommended to use Amtico Floorcare Maintainer for best results. The specialised detergent will remove any marks that cannot disappear with a gentle sweep and for tougher scuff marks you can use a nonabrasive or nylon pad. There are times when your flooring may require a deeper clean. Amtico has the perfect products to get the glisten back. For an occasional spring clean, use the Amtico Floorcare Stripper and Floorcare Dressing products. The Floorcare Stripper is designed to remove ingrained dirt whilst the Floorcare Dressing protects the floor and gives a beautiful satin finish. It also gives added protection against scuffing and scratching. Apply the prepared Floorcare Stripper, mop the floor, leave for 10 minutes and finally rinse clean. It is suggested to rinse twice for a fabulous finish. Unlike a natural floor, Amtico vinyl flooring doesn’t need regular refurbishment. The beauty of Amtico products is that there’s little maintenance and it’s easy to keep your floor looking as good as new.

Amtico Vinyl Flooring: The Sustainable Choice

Amtico is committed to manufacturing products which comply with the environmental responsibility regulations. Their goal is to create low-level environmental impact products, which can deliver maximum performance to the client and minimum damage to the environment. Amtico has a no phthalate policy in regards to the production of their products, ensuring that no harmful substances are included and best materials are used for the manufacturing process. This supports the claims of an environmentally aware production process, Amtico received an A+ BREEAM/BRE Green guide rating, awarded only to products with the lowest environmental impact.

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