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Joka Design 330 glue-down vinyl flooring - LVT with high quality

The glue-down vinyl flooring in Joka's Design 330 collection is an excellent example of high-quality LVT that shows that LVT often is a choice that's at least as good as, if not better than, conventional parquet or laminate flooring. Besides the natural designs and realistic surface structure, has this glue-down LVT a whole array of technical reasons to convince you of its quality. 

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Joka Design 330

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Thanks to this unique combination of optical and technical quality, that are here connected into a single product, you can give your space a total makeover, easily.

LVT in Joka's Design 330 collection - one collection, countless designs

The Design 330 collection boasts many facets and designs, waiting to be scrolled through, looked at, and picked out by you. Each individual flooring design has its own style and mood, some of which combine multiple different designs onto a single plank. This makes the creation of a truly unique look easier than ever. On top of that, you'll also find stone designs in this varied collection, and some designs even have an abstract touch to them. The classic designs in this LVT collection may be classic, but are definitely not outdated, and will go equally well with a more contemporary room design. Therefore you can create a cosy but classy ambience while choosing from many timeless designs. Be invited by this homely feeling that comes from the glue-down vinyl flooring collection Joka Design 330.

Wood decors that can be used in countless interior styles - Joka Design 330

A varied selection of wood decors is what makes up one part of the Design 330 collection. With these many different options, you have everything you need to create the exact mood and atmosphere you're looking for in your room. The bright wood designs help you create a light-hearted mood, while darker shades of wood create a more toned-down, classic look. These are just two examples of the countless options you have within this flooring collection. Experience the realistic designs, with decors and textured wood designs.

Joka Design 330 - modern and pure stone designs for a contemporary look

Besides the part of this collection that consists of wood designs, there's the carefully picked selection of stone designs. You can use these to create an understated, tidy look. Classic applications of these floor designs are bathrooms, kitchens and hallways. But these, of course, are only a few of your options, as these floors are suitable for every room in your home. The stone designs are available in various shades including slate, ashlar stone and sandstone. This gives you even more options to finely craft the exact mood or style you're looking to achieve. The dark shades, such as anthracite, present you the possibility to create a refined and modern look. And combining multiple shades creates an even bigger palette of design options, waiting to be explored.

Joka glue-down vinyl flooring Design 330 - LVT for both domestic and commercial use

Nowadays, LVT is no longer a flooring solution exclusive to domestic applications. It can now also be used for, for example, commercial environments such as hotel rooms or small offices. The LVT in this Joka collection has a wear class of 23/31, meaning it can be installed in both every domestic application as aforementioned hotel rooms and small offices. This creates an even wider array of possible applications for this great LVT flooring solution. And thanks to its low structural height of a mere 2 mm and wear layer of 0,3 mm, it's not only hard-wearing and insensitive to scratching and denting, it's also very renovation friendly as an installation under doors no longer causes difficulties. This also means that less preparation of the ground is needed before installation can start. On top of the wear layer, you'll find a strong polyurethane (PU) coating that functions as another guard against permanent damage to your floor.

LVT for permanent installation - Joka Design 330 glue-down vinyl flooring

Not only in commercial applications must LVT continue to do its job under the high stress of daily use. In residential areas, it's just the same, where it's imperative to be lastingly resistant to playing children, family gatherings and many other situations that test a floor to its limits. Luckily, there's a good and straightforward solution for this: glue-down vinyl flooring. Thanks to its entire bottom surface being glued down and forming a permanent bond with the ground or underlay, the vinyl flooring won't slip, side, or move about. Regardless of it you're looking for glue-down vinyl flooring in plank format or in tile format, the means of installation remain the same.

Glue-down LVT, because it's permanently glued onto the ground or underlay with a special adhesive, will give you a lasting satisfaction from your investment. However, to realise this lasting satisfaction, it's important to take special care before and during installation. In the preparation phase, make sure that the ground is level and free of cracks or holes, as well as free of dirt, grease, and debris. By carefully levelling the floor you prevent the events of an uneven finished result, feelable seams, and similar problems. The next step is to measure the room and cut the planks or tiles into shape and size. This makes installation a lot easier. If you have static objects such as heating tubes or support pillars, carefully cut these out of the floorboards. This is for an uninterrupted installation, as it's a metaphorical race against the clock, as the glue is drying. Finally, lay the floorboards into the glue bed, seamlessly but without tension. Locally press the floor down with a hand roller, and press the entire floor with a heavy roller to finalise the installation. Make sure that the adhesive has thoroughly dried before placing loads on the floor.

Joka Design 330 LVT - essential technical properties that show quality

Besides the many optical advantages of Joka Design 330 vinyl laminate flooring, offers the floor many advantages thanks to its long list of desirable technical properties. For example, thanks to it's fire safety class Bfl-s1, fire spreads more slowly, and smoke formation is slowed down. Moreover, the planks and tiles have a wear class rating of group T, meaning that the floor, even after years of use, will continue to look like new. And thanks to its high slip resistance (R9), the floor is a safe option, too. In addition to that is the floor entirely free of phthalates, and does not contain any harmful plasticisers. This glue-down LVT flooring solution gives you satisfaction, every single day!

Of course available at BRICOFLOR - Joka Design 330 glue-down vinyl flooring

The Design 330 collection by Joka is, naturally, available at your favourite online flooring retailer, BRICOFLOR. These vinyl floors give you the best properties of vinyl flooring, with the gorgeous looks of real wood or stone, and without any hassle. BRICOFLOR offers services that will make your choice easier and more pleasant. For example, we have a best price guarantee, that will assure you that you never spend a penny more than you have to. In addition to that we offer a free sample service, so you can get the best possible impression of the product, right from the comfort of your living room. If you're looking to purchase a larger quantity of floor, please don't hesitate to contact us for a tailored offer. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact our friendly and helpful staff directly, via email, or via the phone number, you can find on the top right of our page. We're always on standby to help, and looking forward to your enquiry!