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Joka Design 555 XXL Glue-down vinyl Flooring - Larger Always Means Better!

The glue-down vinyl flooring of the Joka Design 555 XXL collection is not just a floor, it's a revelation in design and a delight for the eyes! These designs appear to near-indistinguishable from real wooden floors and will be the envy of all your guests! Featuring excellent technical characteristics, the collection not only looks the part but also acts it also!

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Joka Design 555 XXL

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Why not find out for yourself the great advantages of choosing a Joka Design 555 glue-down vinyl flooring and turn your room, not just in a space but a lasting statement! The Joka Design 555 XXL glue-down collection can offer a new lease of life to your space and help to really bring yourenovation vision to life!

Joka Design 555 XXL - An LVT Floor That's Larger than Life!

At BRICOFLOR you can find glue-down vinyl flooring in a wide range of patterns and styles. Whether it is stone, wood or abstract designs. For example, wood design is a timeless classic that has become indispensable in the market for vinyl flooring. Thanks to innovative technologies, there are always more realistic designs. Here the surface corresponds in relief to the natural counterpart. So the veins of the different types of wood are reproduced authentically. This feature also features the vinyl from the Design 555 collection from the Joka manufacturer. The selection of natural wood designs has a wide variety of wood types that form living spaces in different ways.

Natural Realistic Wood Styles Matched with Great Glue-Down Reliability

Joka Design 555 XXL glue-down vinyl flooring collection impresses with numerous wood designs with authentic reliefs. Fresh, rustic and noble designs are all in this collection. The colours are just as realistic as the wood designs. Take for example a light elm design such as Joka Design 555 "413G Bleached Elm", which is impressive with a rustic surface drawn by the weather. You will also find dark walnut styles such as Joka Design 555  "401G Antique Walnut". This variant based on walnut wood gives the room an elegant and rustic charm, which especially excels in combination with modern white furniture or colourful decorative elements. This way you can create contrasts between the glue-down vinyl flooring and the furniture or decoration that will always amaze you and every guest!

Vinyl Flooring for Both Residential and Commercial Use: Joka Design 555 XXL

The glue-down vinyl floors in the collection of Joka Design 555 XXL are suitable for a variety of rooms in the private sector and in the commercial sector. With a usage class of 42, it is suitable for residential areas with lots of traffic and offices or other commercial spaces, making the floor excellent for most rooms. The 5 mm thick vinyl flooring makes it suitable for the hallway or in offices. Because the wear layer on this floor is no less than 0.55 mm thick, it makes this floor reliable for all these purposes as a renovation. This collection of Joka is insensitive to scratches and bumps, and the surface can be cleaned quickly and easily with conventional household cleaning products. The robust and easy to maintain glue-down vinyl plank flooring is optimally designed for most rooms.

Joka Design 555 Glue-Down - Easy to Install

There are several leg systems on the current market for vinyl flooring. In addition to the classic methods such as adhesives, loose-lay and self-adhesive vinyl floors, glue-down has also become a classic on the vinyl flooring market. This floor convinces with its durable properties and can still be used without requiring experience. Such a system is also available on the vinyl of the Joka Design 555 XXL glue-down collection. With just a few simple steps, you can transform the space into a stylish environment!

Easy to install vinyl flooring

Unlike with other types of vinyl flooring, the glue-down installation requires a few extra materials, such as special vinyl glue and a heavy roller for smoothing out and fixating the planks. Once the adhesive is laid on the prepared subfloor, the vinyl tiles or planks can be placed tightly next to one another on top of the adhesive bed. The layer of glue then fixes the vinyl tiles and planks on the ground, so that, when dry, nothing will slip or move. It is suitable to use glue down floors with underfloor heating and is water resistant. Once the installation is finished and the glue is completely dry, the vinyl plank flooring is guaranteed to last and support even the heaviest of loads. It is possible to lay these floors as a DIY task, meaning there is no need to hire a professional. Though it is advised to take your time, read all the directions thoroughly and to be sure to double check your work.


Different designs make this vinyl flooring a real eye-catcher. But especially the technical characteristics make this a well-considered choice for the application. The vinyl flooring from the Joka Design 555 XXL glue-down collection has both: a high design standard and high technical quality features. The latter includes, for example, the fire behaviour of bfl-s1, which stands for difficult ignition. In addition, these floors are suitable for underfloor heating. Also, the use class is 42, this means that it is even suitable for commercial use. Thanks to these and many other quality features, the vinyl floor is extremely suitable for the many challenges it will face!

The Perfect Match Between Design and Technology in Joka Design 55 Glue-Down Vinyl Flooring

Now you can make a sustainable choice for your renovation with the Joka 555 XXL system. The collection, which focuses on wooden looks but also has some stone looks, has a wide range of wood effects and different colours that are particularly convincing thanks to the authentic design and feel. In addition, the glue-down vinyl has valuable technical features that provide valuable properties. This results in a perfect interaction of these factors. This Design 555 XXL collection from Joka can now be found in the BRICOFLOR online shop. This vinyl flooring is also available in the variant to be clicked.