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Polyflor Vinyl Flooring – Nature-Inspired Designs with Outstanding Resistance

 As a renowned UK manufacturer of high-quality vinyl flooring, Polyflor offer an exciting range of LVT flooring collections that cater for multiple areas of applications. With each range, you can find impressive replications of genuine wood and stone designs accompanied with superior technical qualities. Particularly when it comes to slip resistance properties, Polyflor have developed collections that maximise resistance in ‘wet’ areas.

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Excellent Replicas of Natural Wood and Stone Designs

Polyflor offer luxury vinyl flooring with a creative edge. Developed with extensive trend and performance research, the collections of glue down vinyl flooring offered inspire with outstanding function and high clarity aesthetics. Designed to replicate the natural look and uniqueness of real timbers, oaks, natural minerals and stone compounds, each collection emits authenticity. Each individual vinyl plank and tile feature a unique surface embossing which varies from smooth to heavier effects as well as slight tonal variations. This heterogenous effect enhances the realistic appearance of the flooring, a truly impressive effect!

The Affinity flooring collection of wood designs features a bold mix of cool and warm tones, to help you achieve a timeless or contemporary interior style. You get a true essence of nature with the rich hues of colour from the Polyflor Affinity collection. The stone designs of the Polyflor Camaro flooring collection add an extra dimension of sophisticated depth to your rooms. Displaying multi-tonal graphics, the designs playfully interact with the room lighting. Available in multiple plank sizes and formats, there are endless laying arrangement possibilities for every interior.

Designed for a Range of Commercial and Residential Applications

Polyflor LVT collections were developed to provide enhanced durability thanks to the skilfully constructed designs which feature a PUR surface treatment. This special coating provides a layer of maximised resistance to slip, for areas that face exposure to ‘wet’ conditions. This not only provides sustainable resilience, but also eases the care and maintenance of the vinyl flooring collections, a must-have feature for commercial areas, not to mention for our busy day-to-day lives at home! With usage classes of 23, 33 and 43, all the Polyflor LVT flooring collections are suitable for rooms throughout the home. Those collections with the performance classes 33 and above are particularly well equipped to withstand the heaviest of demands in commercial and industrial spaces. Including the health care sector, offices, department stores and much more! With Group T abrasion resistance, suitability to be paired with underfloor heating and various wear layer thickness which are extremely dense, you are assured of a high-class luxurious choice of LVT flooring.

Environmentally Preferred Flooring Solutions from Polyflor

Throughout its many years of experience, Polyflor have established a high level of commitment to the environment. Polyflor have achieved recognition from numerous certified bodies including the BRE Global Ratings A+ as well as acknowledgement for is reliable sourced materials. At least 40% recycled content are used to produce each range of LVT flooring, with each collection being 100% recyclable through the Recoflor scheme. Whats more, each product is a Eurofins certified product achieving GOLD in Indoor Air Comfort, ensuring high quality air conditions for its customers. Polyflor take pride in the fact that they produe environmentally preferable products with absolutely no compromise on function or performance.

Installation – Choose Glue Down Vinyl Flooring for Long Lasting Installation

Featuring an adhesive installation method, enjoy the benefits of the full surface bonding of the Polyflor LVT flooring. With great dimensional stability, the vinyl flooring minimises the effects of surrounding influences like temperature fluctuations. It is suitable to be installed over underfloor heating systems. Before doing so, it is advised that you allow the vinyl flooring at least 24 hours to acclimatise to the room temperature ideally between 18°C and 27°C. Additionally, ensure the underfloor heating is turned off at least 48 hours prior to installation to allow the system to cool down completely. It is also important to thoroughly prepare the subfloor before laying, this involves eliminating any scuffs, dirt or grease and ensuring the surface is completely even for optimum results.

Once the substrate in the ideal condition for laying, it is important to measure the dimensions of the room and ensure the vinyl planks or tiles are adjusted to fit the room requirements. It may be beneficial to dry lay the planks or tiles to assess the laying arrangements. Once this has been confirmed, add the adhesive to the substrate and start applying the vinyl planks and tiles. Starting from the centre of the room and working outwards. A great advantage of the adhesive installation method is that it ensures robust and long-lasting installation.

Polyflor LVT Flooring – A Multitude of High Design Collections Available at BRICOFLOR

Explore the beautiful collections by Polyflor and be inspired by the authenticity and accuracy of its designs. Choose from collections specifically designed for your home, or if you’re searching for a range with high durability to suit the demands of commercial spaces, there are a variety of collections to choose from. If you would like to receive Polyflor samples, we can offer this to you via our free sample service! What’s more, if you would like to get in touch with our customer service team regarding placing a large order, we may be able to offer you a customised offer! With any other queries or questions regarding the vinyl flooring, simply contact us via telephone, email or complete our contact form and our friendly experts will be happy to assist! We look forward to hearing from you!