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Quick-Step LIVYN Balance Glue Plus: The Elegant All-Round Flooring

The Quick Step Vinyl Balance Glue Plus collection is made with appealing, realistic decoration and durability. Balance Glue Plus is offered in 22 designs of highly exquisite wooden floor imitations. The planks come in a standard size of 125.6 x 19.4 cm. Offering you not only beautiful floors but also a range of designs that cover that latest trends and most advanced technology. Quick Step is a well-known manufacturer of vinyl flooring and always provides top quality collections. 

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Quick-Step Livyn Balance Glue Plus

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With the balance plus, Quick-Step have created the perfect "balance" between style and substance. 

Convincing Wooden Structures with Quick-Step LIVYN Balance Glue Plus

Thanks to its particularly matt finish, the wooden design of the Vinyl Balance Glue Plus from the series LIVYN by Quick-Step is so realistic that it can hardly be distinguished visually from a real wooden floor. The collection is available in 22 different colours, covering a wide range of particularly bright wood colours to powerful dark wood shades. But not only the quantity, but above all the quality, is convincing in this collection. Each of the colours offered has its own advantages of soft colour transitions or beautifully grained surfaces. However, Quick-Step also knows that it is not only the optics that are needed to convince you of its quality. The Balance Glue collection is equipped with a three-dimensional surface, which makes it nearly impossible to distinguish them from a real wooden floor. Therefore, you get the appearance and the structure of wood in combination with the technical advantages of vinyl flooring.

Robustness and Luxury Combined: Quick-Step LIVYN Balance Glue Plus

The high-quality standards of Quick-Step are by no means confined to the surface appearances. The technical aspects of the products of LIVYN Balance Glue Plus collection are also made to the highest standard and every detail was thought of. The Scratch Guard and Stain Guard coating protects the planks against damage such as scratches or imprints by furniture. It also ensures that the surface of the vinyl is 100% water-repellent. Therefore, these vinyl floorings are also suitable for use in rooms such as the kitchen or even the bathroom. The water-resistant surface also helps to make it easier to remove stubborn stains and to maintain and clean. The vinyl LIVYN Balance Glue Plus from Quick-Step promises a particularly soft and comfortable feel underfoot. Furthermore, the collection is made to be suitable for use with underfloor heating, if this does not exceed a contact temperature of 28 ° C. In addition, this collection is impact-resistant and sound reducing. This makes the Quick. Step Vinyl the ideal flooring option for any space. Quick-Step once again proves with these vinyl floor planks it is possible to have it all, by combining technical finesse with elegant designs.

Balance Glue Plus: Glue Down Installation Made Easy

The installation of glue down vinyl flooring can be intimidating to those who have never done it before. Quick-Step understands this and tries to make it as easy as possible for everyone. The vinyl tiles are thin and flexible (2.5mm) making them easy to handle and maneuverer. It also allows the tiles to be installed over some existing floors. This removes a long, hard and time-consuming step from the flooring process. With Quick-Steps detailed instructions, specialized glue and innovative titles, anyone can install Balance Glue Plus into their home without the hassle.

Environmentally Aware and Nature Conscious

Quick-Step takes the environment and earth very seriously, They understand the strain that manufacturing and production process can have on the environment, and they strive to have a respect for the natural environment and to preserve it. Quick-Step makes a conscious effort to minimize their impacts on the environment and to reduce their waste. They use raw materials and have invested in equipment to help actively reduce the energy used during production. The vinyl collections from Quick-Step also comply with multiple environmental standards and regulations to ensure they are doing their part in preserving the environment.

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If you order Quick-Step LIVYN now at BRICOFLOR, you will not only benefit from our best price guarantee, but also from the large selection of the complete Quick-Step Vinyl Flooring collections. Should you, thanks to this huge selection, have trouble deciding, this is not a problem. We offer a free sample service to help you get a closer look at the products. BRICOFLOR offers the best quality flooring options at unbeatable prices.