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Wineo Ambra glue-down vinyl flooring: authentic and natural

The Wineo Ambra vinyl flooring collection comes in two versions: Wineo Ambra Wood and Wineo Ambra Stone. However, please be aware that this particular collection has been discontinued and we are working with leftover stock. As the names suggest, the former consists of realistic and natural wood designs, while the latter offers authentic stone designs. The attractive and natural designs present a broad design palette

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Wineo Ambra Wood & Stone

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No matter which stone or wood decor you're looking for, chances are you'll find the perfect flooring solution in this collection. Because the Wineo Ambra collection not only impresses with its surface designs, it also shows technical quality and innovative design at its best. Have a virtual stroll through our online catalogue, and have a look at the Wineo Ambra glue-down vinyl flooring collection.

Wineo Ambra glue-down vinyl flooring: state-of-the-art technology or maximum comfort

The Vinyl flooring in the Wineo Ambra collection is at a technically high level. The 3.0 mm thick wear layer with PU surface coating protects the flooring from scratches and abrasions, which could otherwise do lasting damage. Apart from being a guard against damages, is the PU surface treatment also a way to simplify maintenance. Dirt and grease have a harder time sticking to the surface of the planks and are more easily cleaned off. As a positive side effect, this also reduces the amount of time and resources spent on cleaning the floor. The flooring panels are also engineered to minimise slip danger, be antistatic, and increase safety in case of fire. With a fire resistance class of Bfl-s1, you can rest assured that you are safe. Because the floor slows down the spreading of the fire and reduces smoke development. An additional nice benefit of the Wineo Ambra floors is that they're highly resistant to castor chairs, and can, therefore, be used in offices without risk of permanent damage.

Wineo Ambra Wood: rustic and full-bodied wood decors

The design palette found in the Wineo Ambra Wood collection contains 16 impressively realistic and finely structured wood decors. In the subtle variations of different shades, you'll find authentic and rustic-looking products that cover the entire spectrum from gentle and light shades to dark, strong shades. Shades of brown and grey are both included, so no matter what you're looking for, there's a product that meets your style and taste. The faithfully and elaborately designed grain varies from decor to decor, and from plank to plank, which ensures maximal realism from this vinyl laminate flooring solution. Depending on the chosen decor, the grain can be discreet, extremely pronounced, or anything in between. 

Wineo Ambra Stone: shimmering stone decors

Similar to how the Ambra Wood products accurately reproduce the look and feel of wood, offer the Ambra Stone products a lifelike imitation of stone structures. This broad collection contains an extensive design palette of 6 different designs. The designs and surface structures are designed in such a way that the decors not only accurately reproduce the optics of stone, the feeling of touching stone is also carefully reproduced. The bright, beige-like shades of stone will brighten up your space, and give a wonderfully pleasant mood. The dark, nearly black shades of stone, on the other hand, will create a rich, classic mood that oozes with luxury. Shades in between those extremes, such as the grey concrete-like ones, will look timelessly classic but strikingly contemporary at the same time.

Endless combinations: Wood and Stone are fully compatible

If you're looking for something truly unique, you can consider combining two or more decors into a single space. Classic options include combining two shades of wood or stone to accentuate or visually change the shape of the room, but your options don't stop there. Thanks to the installation system that the Wood and Stone collections have in common, you can even combine those two into a single, unique room design. For example, use a dark shade of Stone for the largest part of the floor, but add a simple pattern in dark wooden planks.  Or create stone walking paths in a bright wooden floor design. The only limit is your imagination!

Easy, permanent installation: Wineo Ambra glue-down vinyl flooring

LVT can be installed in a wide variety of ways. Each system has its own unique set of drawbacks and advantages. The floor panels in this Wineo Ambra collection are of the type that is glued directly onto the subfloor. Thanks to the flexible nature of the material are installation rather easy. Paired with a low construction height of a mere 2 mm, you get a floor that's not only a joy to look at, but also an excellent renovation partner. For applications where a floating installation is desired, a version with a click system available. Naturally, you'll find this, too, in our online shop.

Wineo Ambra glue-down vinyl flooring at

See for yourself how great and versatile Wineo Ambra products are by browsing our vast catalogue. Haven’t found what you’re looking for in this collection? No worries, you will be able to find vinyl planks and tiles, in glue-down or another variant, that fit all your requirements. Be it wood or stone designs, for laying in residential, commercial or industrial environments, the ideal flooring solution is waiting for you right here. At BRICOFLOR, find products from countless collections and manufacturers online at your disposal. We have selected the best manufacturers and the best collections to offer the highest possible quality of products, at the best price you’ll find online. All collections boast an excellent quality/price ratio and are carefully chosen to offer you exactly what you’re looking for. If you have questions or want to request a tailored offer for a large area of flooring, don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We’re always on standby to help you out, and looking forward to your enquiry!