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Gerflor Creation 30 X'Press loose lay vinyl flooring - installation as if by magic

The complete package of features that is the Gerflor Creation 30 X'Press collection not only inspires with its natural and realistic wood and stone decors that transform any room into an oasis of good feelings but also with its set of desirable technical features an extremely user-friendly installation system.

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Gerflor Creation 30 X'Press

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This exclusive, "self-laying" vinyl flooring solution by Gerflor turns heads with its integrated, pressure activated adhesive layer that not only makes the floor extremely easy to install, but it does so without compromising the safety and stability of the floor, as it ensures a secure, tight hold onto the ground. Thanks to the Gerflor Creation 30 X'Press collection you can not only choose a magically beautiful vinyl flooring solution with a variety of great technical features, but you can also easily install it yourself, without special tools or adhesives. Give it a try today!

Self-laying vinyl flooring from which all spaces profit - Gerflor Creation 30 X'Press

The Gerflor Creation 30 X'Press LVT flooring with loose-lay installation is a true multi-talent that is suitable for a variety of rooms. This is because it's not only suitable for use in even the most heavily frequented rooms in domestic applications, but also in lightly used commercial or project applications. This is clearly shown by the wear class indication of 23/31. This means that without worrying the floor can be installed in, for example, bedrooms, living rooms and corridors. In commercial or project applications, suitable spaces include hotel rooms and small offices.

The Gerflor Creation 30 X'Press is a reliable renovation partner in all these areas of application. And thanks to its low structural height of a mere 4 mm, renovation is even easier, as normally neither the ground has to be structurally changed, nor do doors and the like have to be shortened at the bottom to accommodate the floor. This is a common issue with conventional parquet and laminate flooring solutions. The floorboards are equipped with a 0,3 mm thick wear layer that, in combination with the PUR+ polyurethane surface coating, protect the floor from wear and tear, scratches and abrasions, and make the floor extremely easy to clean and maintain. A good example of the latter is that the floor can be cleaned with conventional, household products. These are effective without damaging the floor. For the most persistent of stains, a cleaning agent suitable for use on polyurethane coated floors is needed.

Loose-lay vinyl flooring- the realistic designs of the Gerflor Creation 30 X'Press collection

If one has to pinpoint a single element of style that can singlehandedly enhance any space, it would have to be the timeless elegance of a natural floor. But where a solid stone or solid wood floor is inevitably accompanied by a lot of hassle and expenses, an easy, affordable, and hassle-free alternative has appeared. Every single design you'll find in Gerflor's Creation 30 X'Press collection is characterised by natural and realistic design, that is nearly impossible to distinguish from an actual solid stone or wooden floor - at first glance, but also at the second and third glances.

This true-to-nature realism isn't even limited to a single or a few different wood or stone designs. A wide array of options are awaiting you, so you can choose the exact shade that complements your interior perfectly, and fits seamlessly into your personal taste and style. The entire spectrum of shades and decors of the Gerflor Creation 30 X'Press collection, formerly know as Gerflor Insight X'Press can be found at BRICOFLOR!

LVT that inspires - get your favourite decor today!

With the Gerflor Creation 30 X'Press collection you have the chance to give all your spaces the exact look and style you're looking for. You're given a choice over a dozen different decors from which you can pick your favourites. Discover, for example, the Creation 30 "Breakdance". This middle-brown decor is adorned with a highly detailed surface that mimics every aspect of real, natural wood grain. Through the combination of the true-to-nature surface and graceful colour scheme, the design inspires an urban charm.

For those looking for a more rustic ambience, however, the Creation 30 "Bebop" has been created. This decor with a natural surface finish and pronounced grain, that is in part thanks to the "sanded wood" look, gives your space a bright and cosy, but rustic atmosphere. But it is suitable for a more modern interior design as well, depending on the choice of wall colour and furniture. These are just two of the many designs available. Have a look at the Gerflor Creation 30 X'Press collection and pick your favourites!

The self-laying Gerflor Creation 30 X'Press collection - a treat for every renovation

With loose-lay vinyl flooring renovation or furnishing becomes a piece of cake. The self-laying properties, combined with a pressure activated adhesive, makes installing this vinyl design flooring solution a walk in the park for even the most inexperienced layman or hobbyist. Now you can finally renovate your home yourself! The self-laying properties mean that the individual floorboards can be laid individually, side by side, without having to be joined together or glued in place. This is because the floor weighs a hefty 7,6 kg per m², and has an anti-slip, pressure activated adhesive backing. This causes the floor to tightly grip the ground or underlay, preventing slipping, sliding and moving about. This makes installation easier than ever, thanks to Gerflor Creation 30 X'Press' convenient installation system.

Gerflor Creation 30 X'Press loose-lay vinyl flooring - the easiest to install flooring solution

With a design floor with a pressure activated adhesive backing such as the Gerflor Creation 30 X'Press collection, every renovation is quick and easy. Installation takes only a few, simple steps, that all follow the same principle. The only tools you need are a broom, a ruler, and a carpet knife or heavy-duty hobby knife. First of all, make sure the ground is even, permanently dry and free of dirt, grease, debris, and so on. Cracks, holes and unevennesses must be compensated and repaired before installation so that the best possible final result can be achieved.

Bumps or holes in the substrate will clearly show up in the final result. Once these basic measures have been taken, the only thing left to do is cutting the floorboards into shape to fit the room, and put them in place. Use the knife and the ruler to adopt the planks or tiles to the shape of the room, and fixed obstacles such as heating pipes and support pillars. A good rule of thumb to live by here is "measure twice, cut once". Then simply place the planks or tiles on the floor, press on them to activate the adhesive backing, and continue like this until the floor is completed. A major advantage of this installation system is that the floor can be used the moment the last plank or tile is put in place.

Gerflor Creation 30 X'Press - loose-lay vinyl plank flooring that convinces across the board

The design flooring in the Gerflor Creation 30 X'Press collection is not only visually eye-catching and easy to install, it also inspires confidence with its long list of desirable technical properties. These ensure optimal safety and comfort in daily use and contribute to a long technical lifespan. In other words, a quality that pays for years. The technical highlights of this flooring collection include, but are not limited to, a fire safety rating of Bfl-s1, wear behaviour group T, and an RS slip resistance. This means it's difficult to ignite and limits smoke formation, is wear resistant for a long period of time, and is slip resistant on oblique planes up to an inclination angle of up to 10 °. For the use in office rooms or children's rooms, it comes in particularly handy that the floor has a castor chair suitability of type W, meaning that castor chairs are highly unlikely to cause permanent damage to the floor. Discover this high-quality self-laying design flooring today!

Naturally at BRICOFLOR - Gerflor Creation 30 X'Press

Here at BRICOFLOR, we have always had good experiences with Gerflor Creation 30 X'Press floors. So we wholeheartedly recommend you to have a look at this exciting collection! If you're not yet sure which exact decor suits your style best, feel free to order one or more free samples. Once you're ready to place your order, enjoy our lowest price guarantee, so you'll never spend a penny more than you need to. If you have any questions or concerns you can always contact our friendly and competent customer service. Are you looking to purchase a larger area of the floor for a big project? Contact us for a tailored offer, free of charge and with no strings attached. We're on standby to help you out, and looking forward to your enquiry!