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Gerflor Creation 55 X’Press - renovating was never before this easy!

The design flooring in the Gerflor Creation 55 X’Press collection makes any renovation project easier than ever before. This is thanks to the self-laying properties of the floor, as opposed to a click system or installation with glue. But not only the unpreceded ease and comfort during installation make this flooring solution a real treat. 

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Gerflor Creation 55 X'Press

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In addition to that, there are carefully chosen decors, wood and stone designs, touch-realistic surfaces, numerous desirable technical properties and much more, to make this design flooring a particularly popular choice for renovation projects around the world. Take the refurbishment of your space into your own hands, and let yourself be enchanted by the impressive Gerflor Creation 55 X’Press collection. It was formerly known as Gerflor Insight X'Press, but still available at BRICOFLOR!

Countless applications - use the Gerflor Creation 55 X’Press flooring solution in many areas

The Gerflor Creation 55 X’Press loose-lay LVT flooring collection is very versatile. Thanks to its high wear class off 23/33/42 this design floor can be used in countless rooms and areas. And even though it's only 4 mm thick to make installation easier, it features a strong and robust 0,55 mm thick wear layer, to which this floor thanks its reputation of being very hardwearing.

The wear class shows mainly its suitability for use in heavily used project or commercial areas and moderately used industrial areas, but that means that the floor also is suitable for any living space. From the lightly used spaces such as bedrooms, all the way to the areas where the floor experiences the most stress, such as the hallways. This means that the Gerflor Creation 55 X’Press collection can be used in virtually any space you can think of. For example children's rooms, a gallery, or a supermarket.

Expressive wood and stone decors with great attention to detail - Gerflor Creation 55 X’Press vinyl flooring

The Creation 55 X’Press collection by Gerflor, formerly known as Gerflor Insight X'Press, has numerous designs, all of which have a detailed and sophisticated surface finish. The selection of decors is made with tremendous attention to detail and realistic textures. Wood and stone decors are available for choosing for your new design flooring.

The refined visual design is further enhanced by making subtle but feelable grooves in the surface that follow the grain of the wood or the texture of the stone. This haptic imitation enhances the visual performance as well as making the floor feel realistic and pleasant to the touch. The only challenge this presents is choosing just one decor for your space, as all area beautiful and extremely realistic.

Creation 55 X'Press by Gerflor - discover different shades of realistic stone and wood

This selection of loose-lay vinyl flooring that is available at BRICOFLOR, comes in several natural, realistic designs whose authenticity makes choosing just one difficult. For example, the "Amarante" design is one of natural wood, that's slightly desaturated to be more grey-toned. This makes the design authentic and slightly understated, while still having a rustic charm. On the mineral side of things, you'll find, for example, the long-time customer favourite "Parker Station". This decor has a simple but elegant colour scheme with rich shades of anthracite. The delicate, cloudy design looks strikingly realistic and particularly enhances an interior design with a modern or industrial touch. With its appealing surface, this design will transform your space into a comfortable oasis of wellbeing. Discover these and many more designs from the Gerflor Creation 55 X’Press collection in BRICOFLOR's vast catalogue.

The self-laying LVT by Gerflor - a treat for any renovation project

With loose-lay vinyl flooring, renovation becomes child's play. The times when installing a new floor was something for which, under every circumstance, a professional layman had to be hired are long gone. All thanks to easier installation systems, the undisputed crown piece of which is loose-lay vinyl flooring. Loose-lay flooring thanks its designation as "self-laying" from the extreme ease with which the floor is installed. The flooring elements are simply laid in place, without permanent connection to each other or the substrate.

This makes the floor quicker and easier to install than a glued-down floor, without the need for a cumbersome and often fragile click system. But despite not being fixed permanently, the Creation X'Press floors are safe and stable. This is thanks to a high weight of 7200 g/m², as well as a special, patented backing that Gerflor calls "Tackify". The backing has a pressure activated adhesive, that "sticks" to the floor simply by its own weight. Replacing an individual plank or tile is easy, as you only have to lift them out with a careful wiggle. This makes maintenance a lot easier, and the floor can be removed, packed up and transported when you move out.

The easiest installation in flooring yet - Gerflor loose-lay vinyl flooring

Self-laying vinyl laminate flooring, such as the Gerflor Creation 55 X’Press collection, is installed in a few, easy steps. All you need is a suitable substrate, a broom, a ruler, and a carpet knife or heavy-duty hobby knife. The most important part is arguably preparing the substrate. This includes removing all dirt, grease, and debris. In addition, the substrate should be level, even, and permanently dry. Cracks or holes must be sealed, as these will have a negative impact on the final result. Then the planks or tiles can be cut to size to fit the room. Also, adapt the planks or tiles to fixed objects such as support pillars or heating pipes. Then installation is nothing more complicated than laying the planks or tiles in place. As soon as the last floorboard is put in place, the floor is ready for use. This presents itself as a major advantage over other flooring solutions.

Gerflor Creation 55 X’Press (formerly Insight X'Press) - a quality that convinces

The vinyl flooring in the Gerflor Creation 55 X’Press collection is not optically an absolute highlight and easy to install, but it also has numerous desirable technical quality features that ensure high comfort and safety in everyday use. Thanks to these technical features the self-laying vinyl flooring is an extremely durable and reliable partner for many years to come. The surface is characterised with technical quality features such as the fire safety class Bfl-s1, the wear behaviour group T, and a DS slip resistance of R9/R10.

This means that the vinyl laminate flooring solution is difficult to ignite and limits smoke formation, is very hard wearing, and offers optimal safety by preventing slipping and falling. In addition to that is the lightfastness high, which means that the colours won't fade, even after years of use. A castor chair resistance rating of type W means that the wheels of castor chairs are very unlikely to do permanent damage to the floor. The surface is further enhanced by a PUR+ polyurethane coating that further increases the hard-wearing properties as well as making cleaning and maintenance easier. This is because dirt and grease have a harder time sticking to the surface, and is easily cleaned off with normal household products. These clean effectively without damaging the floor. For the most persistent stains, a cleaning agent that is suitable for polyurethane floor coverings should be used. Altogether the Gerflor Creation 55 X’Press loose-lay flooring collection is robust, durable, easy to clean, and a joy to look at. Bring this revolutionary floor into your home now, and enhance its every space!

Naturally at BRICOFLOR -  Gerflor Creation 55 X’Press

The Creation 55 X’Press collection by Gerflor is one of the many high-quality flooring collections available at BRICOFLOR. Feel free to take a virtual stroll through our vast catalogue and have a look around. If you're not yet entirely sure which product suits your style, taste and application best, don't hesitate to order a free sample. For any questions you might have our friendly and competent customer service is always on standby to help. Customers looking to purchase a larger quantity can always request a personal quote, free of charge and with no strings attached. We're looking forward to your enquiry!