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Parador Vinyl Flooring - Versatile LVT for an All-Rounded Performance

Parador’s luxury vinyl flooring truly inspire with high functionality and sustainable innovations. presented in a variety of natural optics available in various structures. The high quality LVT produced by Parador are available in numerous installation methods, to suit multiple applications. What’s more, whilst also meeting demands in many applications, Parador also hold a high commitment to sustainability.

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Vinyl Click Flooring by Parador - The Friendly Renovation Partner

Vinyl click flooring is particularly popular nowadays thanks to the innovative click mechanism by which the vinyl planks and tiles are connected and securely installed. This simple click system no longer makes vinyl flooring exclusive to only experienced installers, but rather, it's an ideal renovation partner for even DIY’ers and hobbyists. Parador offers its luxury vinyl flooring with two different click systems; the Safe-Lock PRO and the Comfort-Click system, each with their own unique advantages.

Vinyl Flooring with a HDF support plate - Easy laying with the Safe-Lock PRO

Many of the click LVT flooring by Parador are equipped with an HDF carrier plate with the click connection. With this, the vinyl planks and tiles are installed fast and hold strong dimensional stability, even on uneven subfloors. Once installed, the flooring presents a stable and optically seamless surface. The integrated cork layer serves as an acoustic insulator, reducing impact sound whilst also providing a warm underfoot feeling. The click LVT plank is also equipped with a layer that provides resistance from moisture. What’s more, the vinyl flooring features a durable UV wear layer for abrasion resistance and easy cleaning. The extremely high connection stability provided by the Safe-Lock PRO system ensures a permanent fit and a long-lasting floor.

Trust in the Long-Term Classic - The Comfort-Click System

The Comfort-Click mechanism by Parador guarantees a simple and tool-free installation. The secure connection is very robust and holds many different loads. The Comfort-Click system is available in two different collections. Found in the Parador Basic 5.3 collection, Parador uses the Comfort-Click mechanic primarily with an SPC (solid polymer core) support plate . This support plate compensates for any unevenness in the subfloor and is ideally suited for renovations as it can restore balance in spaces. Due to the increased dimensional stability, the vinyl flooring is suitable to be installed over underfloor heating and needs no acclimatisation time thanks to its high thermal resistance which ensures no expansion and contraction in the planks. An integrated impact sound insulation ensures pleasantly quiet room acoustics. What’s more, this collection is also water resistant making it suitable to be installed in bathrooms and kitchens.

In addition, Parador also has a full vinyl collection with an impressively low construction height which has the advantage for renovations as existing doors do not need to be sanded down. However, the substrate needs to be completely level and even for installation to be smooth. The slightest bumps can become apparent in full vinyl and uneven indentations can show.

Vinyl Flooring for a Full Surface Bonding

Enjoy greater resilience from the Parador glue down vinyl flooring. The Parador Basic 2.0 collection consists of solid vinyl material intended for full surface adhesion which features many advantages over the click variants. Acoustically, since the flooring is not a floating installation, you receive a more sound result, the impact noise is directly transmitted into the screed. In addition, glue down vinyl flooring is beneficial for areas that face high demands and heavy loads as it’s full surface bonding provides a strong and resilient surface.

Parador Modular One - All Advantages in A Single Collection

The Parador Modular One range combines authentic wood optics with all the benefits of luxury vinyl flooring. The decors of the collection are available in two different formats. The classic planks is universally applicable with a length of 1285 mm. The other plank variants have a total length of 2200 mm is a unique eye-catcher creating an interesting aesthetic. The entire series is equipped with the patented Safe-Lock, which makes laying the vinyl flooring even easier. Additionally, the vinyl planks have a multilayer composite that consists of a modern polypropylene carrier plate that makes the floor a versatile allrounder. This layer is abrasion, moisture and temperature resistant allowing its suitability for wet rooms and underfloor heating. A striking advantage is that the vinyl flooring of the Parador Modular One series is an all-round healthy living and free from any plasticizers. The collection Parador has been awarded the accredited environmental certificate "Blue Angel". All in all, Parador has created a sustainable LVT flooring that meets all the requirements for a healthy environment.