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Gerflor Senso Rustic: Self-Adhesive Vinyl Planks that Looks Just Like Real Wood

This self-adhesive vinyl flooring is perfect if you want the look of wood in your home, but don´t like the price or the drawbacks. The Gerflor Senso Rustic collection is about bringing the real look and feel of wood into your home but in a more budget-friendly and durable way. 

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Gerflor Senso Rustic

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With this flooring, you don´t have to worry about spills, stains, or scratches. This is a vinyl flooring product that is easy to install by anyone. If you´re thinking of giving your home a makeover on a budget, this is the flooring for you!

Gerflor Senso offers a wide selection of ultra-realistic designs in self-adhesive vinyl flooring, imitating the rich and relaxing nature of wood. in a superb fashion, without imitating the high price. These highly durable, stylish, resilient designs are more than capable of fulfilling any flooring aspiration you may have!  These self-adhesive vinyl planks are the perfect natural-looking flooring to provide a comfortable and stylish environment in your home. The Senso Rustic collection brings you a realistic looking and a highly functional floor that´s at an affordable price. Embrace the excellence of the Gerflor Senso Rustic range and find the ideal stick on vinyl flooring to suit your space and your budget.

Gerflor, a manufacturer from France, is well-known for being one of the top companies that produce high-quality vinyl flooring. They have had a worldwide presence for more than 70 years, and have become a fundamental player in the flooring industry. They have built their reputation on professionalism and their ability to offer different styles and collections.

These self-adhesive vinyl planks from Gerflor are available in wood and stone styles and can be used either in domestic or commercial environments. The flooring is highly resistant and can withstand heavy amounts of wear and tear. Even though it´s extremely durable, it´s also smooth, comfortable, and stylish. The Senso self-adhesive vinyl plank flooring collection brings together the finest elements in design and style to provide you with a floor that truly makes a lasting statement.

Beautiful Natural Wood Textures and Designs

The Senso Rustic collection by Gerflor imitates the look of natural wood perfectly, and we bet you won´t be able to tell the difference! It has textures and grooves just like real wood, but with added durability. It comes in gorgeous shades such as dark grey Hudson Perle, neutral Candlenut, dark brown Cacao, and our most popular shade, Pecan. This flooring would fit great in any home, and you can place it in areas such as your bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, hallways, basement, laundry room, or kid´s room.

Durable and Stylish Selgy-Adhesive Vinyl Planks for your Home

The Senso Rustic collection flooring is extremely resistant to wear and tear. The self-adhesive vinyl planks are sealed with a PUR treatment, making it resistant to dirt and other common complaints such as scratches. The product´s excellent workmanship makes it so that it´s suitable for installation in wet rooms and it can be used with in-floor heating as well.

Everyone knows that during the cold winter months, there´s nothing better than a warm floor! To increase safety in your home, this self-adhesive vinyl plank flooring is also slip-resistant with as rating of R9/R10.  You can say goodbye to noisy footsteps in the morning also as this floor is equipped with acoustic impact reduction of 3 dB.  Available with an overall construction of 2.00 mm, these floors are durable and lasting. You can rest assured that you will be able to enjoy the sleek design of your self-adhesive vinyl planks for a long time coming, this product has a 10-year domestic use guarantee.

Protecting the Environment with Stick On Vinyl Flooring

This vinyl flooring is perfect for a family home since it contains no harmful chemicals like heavy metals, lead, solvents, or toxic plastics. It´s been awarded an A+ emission rating of less than 100 µg/m³ and it´s also 100% recyclable. Gerflor takes pride in producing natural products and having a sustainable production process. You can buy some beautiful vinyl flooring and do your bit for the environment.

Quick and Easy Installation

Installing your new stick on vinyl flooring has never been easier, thanks to Senso Rustic´s self-adhesive backing. You also don´t need any special equipment to install it, so this means that anyone can do it, no matter their level of experience, all that is required is a simple Stanley knife and a ruler. Due to the fact this product is self-adhesive, this means that you don´t need to purchase expensive and messy adhesives to install it.

All you need to do is remove the protective film from the back of the flooring and lay it down on your floor. This floor is also easy to maintain and does not require any special chemicals in order to clean it, a damp mop is all you need to keep your floor looking as clean and healthy as the day you laid it! Avoid using chemicals such as acetone or chlorinated solvents as doing so may damage your floor. It is recommended that plastic coasters should be placed under the legs of furniture or other heavy objects.

Gerflor Senso Rustic Now Avilable at BRICOFLOR

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