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Tarkett Starfloor Ceramic: Self-Adhesive vinyl planks with a ceramic effect

The Starfloor Ceramic from Tarkett is an elegant stick on vinyl flooring collection, which features authentic concrete and stone designs to create an elegant and stylish interior. The self-adhesive design of the Starfloor Ceramic makes it exceptionally easy to install and enjoy this unique flooring. 

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Tarkett Starfloor Ceramic

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The self-adhesive vinyl flooring is a powerful product with a pleasant, incredibly smooth touch. The texture of Tarkett Starfloor Ceramic has a developed polished natural stone effect for an even more stunning impression.

With over 130 years of experience and an extensive line up including many integrated flooring solutions, Tarkett is one of the world's best known and most successful manufacturers of flooring for the commercial and private sector and the sports sector. Tarkett Ceramic Starfloor is the appropriate solution to illuminate your room. Tarkett is well aware of the importance of the aesthetic appearance of a floor covering, which is why the Tarkett Starfloor Ceramic is more than a banal imitation ceramic

Over the years, Tarkett has mastered an indisputable expertise and resulted in the creation of the Starfloor self-adhesive vinyl plank flooring collection to turn your home into unique space while awakening your senses. Starfloor Ceramic is suitable for quick and efficient renovation. The laying of Starfloor Ceramic self-adhesive vinyl planks is easy; the product structure enables an immediate grip on the floor after removing the protective film.

Tarkett Starfloor Ceramic Stick On Vinyl Flooring Combines Elegance and Practicality

The Tarkett Starfloor Ceramic is a high-end product available in self-adhesive vinyl planks. These planks are incredibly easy to install, needing only a few tools. By simply removing a protective film and playing the floor in the appropriate place, the installation is complete. There is no need to hire any professionals, instead, make it your own DIY project. This vinyl flooring is also exceptionally durable as well as easy to clean. These vinyl floor planks are designed to be slip resistant and resist wear and tear. These self-adhesive vinyl planks are produced in Germany, bringing Germany’s well-known practicality to their design and production. The designs of this self-adhesive vinyl plank flooring look great too, as they perfectly replicate the appearance of concrete and stone.

Self-Adhesive vinyl planks benefits: The list never ends

The self-adhesive vinyl flooring that makes up the Tarkett Starfloor Ceramic is designed to be comfortable underfoot and is slip resistant. Additionally, the Tarkett Starfloor Ceramic is designed to absorb noise, making this vinyl flooring stylish and quiet. The Extreme Protection surface treatment makes this long-lasting floor not only tough but also incredibly easy to clean and maintain. The Extreme Protection combined with this vinyl flooring’s 0.20 mm wear layer makes it up to 7 times more durable than ordinary vinyl flooring. These vinyl floor planks are environmentally friendly, as they are produced using a no waste manufacturing process with some of the lowest emissions rates in the industry. The Tarkett Starfloor Ceramic vinyl floor planks are 100% recyclable. These 2 mm thick vinyl floor planks are great for renovations as they are easy to install and even easier to maintain. If you are in the market for high-quality vinyl flooring, then the Tarkett Starfloor Ceramic self-adhesive vinyl planks are the flooring for you.

A Responsible Choice for your Home and the Environment

The Tarkett Starfloor Ceramic is a responsible choice for your home and the environment. Tarkett goes to great lengths to ensure that their self-adhesive vinyl plank flooring products are sustainable. Tarkett Starfloor Ceramic is produced in a low emissions factory, with emission rates significantly lower than the European standard. Additionally, their products are produced using recycled material and are themselves 100% recyclable. Starfloor is economical and environmentally waste free. The vinyl flooring is a sustainable product in addition to its visual beauty. Tarkett Starfloor Ceramic stick on vinyl flooring is guaranteed for 10 years under normal use. Being 100% recyclable and free of phthalates, Starfloor Ceramic protects your health. With emissions class, A + the floor emits virtually no volatile substance in the air inside your space. 

Tarkett Starfloor Ceramic Self-Adhesive Vinyl Flooring - Available Now on BRICOFLOR

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