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Tarkett Starfloor Classic: Elegant Self-Adhesive Vinyl Planks

Starfloor Classic from Tarkett is an elegant flooring collection made with features of authentic wood designs to create a classic and stylish interior. The self-adhesive nature of Starfloor products makes it exceptionally easy to install and enjoy this unique flooring.  

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Tarkett Starfloor Classic

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The self-adhesive vinyl flooring is designed to be comfortable underfoot and slip-resistant. Additionally, Tarkett is designed to absorb noise, making this stylish floor quiet. The Extreme protection surface treatment makes this long-lasting floor not only tough but also incredibly easy to clean and maintain. This protective layer, combine with the 0.22 mm wear layer makes it more durable than ordinary vinyl flooring.

These self-adhesive vinyl planks are environmentally friendly and are produced in a no waste manufacturing process with some of the lowest emissions rates in the industry. Tarkett strives for environmental sustainability and makes all of the products 100% recyclable. This stick-on vinyl flooring meets all the requirements that are useful and necessary in modern life.

Self-Adhesive Vinyl flooring with Realistic Wood Designs: Tarkett Starfloor Classic

Starfloor Classic by Tarkett allows you to have the charm of natural wood without the hassle and expenses. This vinyl floors full-bodied, warm colourations and a natural realistic look is a perfect solution for every flooring need. With variations in colours and textures, you can create a cosy atmosphere and classic simplicity in your space, there is something for everyone and every style. Tarkett Starfloor Classic perfectly replicates the appearance of natural wood. These vinyl floor planks are produced in Germany, bringing their well-known practicality to their design and production. Tarkett Classic is classified by their classic, elegant and stylish wood designs.

Over the years, Tarkett has mastered an indisputable expertise and resulted in the creation of the Starfloor self-adhesive vinyl plank flooring collection to turn your home into unique space while awakening your senses. Starfloor Classic is suitable for quick and efficient renovation. The laying of Starfloor Classic self-adhesive vinyl planks is easy; the product structure enables an immediate grip on the floor after removing the protective film. 

A Responsible Choice for your Home and the Environment

Sustainability is a rising concern for most companies, but it has always been one of Tarkett's priorities. Starfloor Classic is a responsible choice for your home and the environment. Tarkett goes to great lengths to ensure their flooring designs are sustainably produced and environmentally friendly. Starfloor is produced in a low emissions factory, with emissions significantly below the European standard. Additionally, this self-adhesive vinyl flooring is made using recycled materials and is 100% recyclable at the end of its life. These numerous technical qualities prove Tarkett cares about your health and the environment.

Self-Adhesive Vinyl Flooring Planks Quality Characteristics

With an exceptional amount of qualities to further enhance the Starfloor Classic collection, it is an exceptional vinyl flooring choice. The self-adhesive vinyl plank flooring is equipped with anti-static properties, fire resistance and even slip resistance, making these floors safer for you and your home. A durable and protective Extreme Protection layer increases the floorings resistance to everyday wear and tear and provides a tough and long-lasting floor. This extra coating also simplifies the maintenance required. Light regular cleaning is enough to keep your floors looking new for years to come. Tarkett is designed to absorb noise, making the flooring pleasant for any room in the house. With a wear class of 22, Starfloor can be used in residential areas and is optimally adapted to the challenges of daily living.

Quick and Simple Installation: Stick-On Vinyl Flooring

DIY activities and projects have become a revolution, including more and more traditionally professional jobs. With the self-adhesive vinyl flooring, installing your new floor can become a DIY task. You no longer need to hire a fitter or spend money on expensive tools. Tarkett Starfloor Classic can be installed by anyone, experienced or not, it is as simple as peeling off the protective film backing and placing the flooring in the appropriate place. There is even a simple preparation process, simply make sure the ground is even and clean.

Tarkett Starfloor Classic offered by BRICOFLOR: High Quality & Affordable

The self-adhesive vinyl flooring, Tarkett Starfloor Classic Collection, is absolutely convincing of its high-quality nature: In addition to classic designs and a pleasant appearance, the vinyl flooring has a renovation-friendly installation method and high-quality features. With Tarkett Starfloor Classic products, you can dress up your home in a new fashion, and is creating a new ambience easy. You can choose from a variety of natural realistic styles that open multiple design possibilities. Despite the many benefits that come with Starfloor, you can purchase the design flooring from BRICOFLOR at competitive prices. BRICOFLOR has over 40 years of experience in the flooring industry, ensuring you get the best quality products available. To get in touch regarding your order, please get in contact with our experts via telephone, email, or complete our contact form! We look forward to hearing from you!