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Tarkett Starfloor Trend: The latest in Self-Adhesive Vinyl Planks!

The contemporary look of the Starfloor Trend by Tarkett, as the name implies, keeps up with the latest trends in vinyl floor tiles and vinyl floor planks. These high-quality vinyl floors authentically mimic the look of wood and metal flooring. Unlike many other flooring solutions, Tarkett Starfloor Trend is designed to minimize general and impact noise. 

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Tarkett Starfloor Trend

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The surface of these exquisite self-adhesive vinyl planks is protected by Tarkett’s Extreme Protection surface, which makes the surface stronger than ordinary vinyl flooring. This protection is in addition to the 0.20 mm thick wear layer, which protects your flooring from scratching and indentations. Not only is this stylish flooring incredibly durable, it is also comfortable underfoot and slip resistant. The design of this vinyl flooring leaves little to worry with its low maintenance and easy to clean properties.

Tarkett Starfloor has been designed to keep up with Europe’s latest trends and is manufactured in Germany. This ensures you get the best in style as well as the exceptional practicality that Germany is known for. Starfloor Trend is ecologically responsible, with its manufacturing process producing low emissions and little waste and the vinyl floor planks themselves being 100% recyclable. If you are in the market for a high-end flooring that is not only trendy but also practical than the Tarkett Starfloor Trend is the ideal self-adhesive vinyl flooring for you.

Over the years, Tarkett has mastered an indisputable expertise and resulted in the creation of the Starfloor self-adhesive vinyl plank flooring collection to turn your home into unique space while awakening your senses. Starfloor Trend is suitable for quick and efficient renovation. The laying of Starfloor Trend self-adhesive vinyl planks is easy; the product structure enables an immediate grip on the floor after removing the protective film.

Tarkett Starfloor Trend: Modern and Contemporary Self-adhesive vinyl plank flooring

Tarkett offers a range of colours that can suit any atmosphere. These modern and trendy designs attend to every desire, from classic oak to modern red tints. Combining the styles with their durability makes for a perfect floor. The self-adhesive vinyl planks are a light and resistant compound with a total thickness of 2 mm. The total thickness includes a 0,2 mm wear layer, giving the floor a stronger and more efficient surface. In addition to the durable surface, Tarkett Starfloor is resistance to fire, protect against sun damage, slip resistant and has antistatic properties. Tarkett trend is the perfectly realistic natural stick on vinyl flooring.

Installation: Quick and Practical Self-Adhesive vinyl plank flooring

Tarkett Starfloor Trend is a high-quality self-adhesive vinyl flooring that is available in self-adhesive planks. The planks are incredibly easy to install and require no special tools or professional assistance. The German made flooring combines practicality with design and durability. Needing only minor preparations, your flooring can be installed with ease and can save you both time and money. The installation consists of clearing the subfloor, removing a protective film backing, and placing the self-adhesive flooring in the appropriate place. It is even possible for one person to install an entire room without any extra help. These self-adhesive vinyl floors are designed with you in mind, keeping the quality high and the hassle low.

A responsible choice for both your home and the environment

Starfloor Trend is a responsible choice for your home and the environment. Tarkett goes to great lengths to ensure that their flooring designs are made in a sustainable way. Produced in a low emissions factory, Tarkett’s emission rates are well below the European standard.  As well as being produced sustainably, the flooring itself is 100% recyclable at the end of its life. Self-Adhesive vinyl planks from Tarkett are made without the use of any phthalates or harmful chemicals, making it even safer to be used in your home. The flooring also has an A+ emission class, emitting virtually no toxic substances into the air. Starfloor trend is a perfect sustainable vinyl flooring product for your home.

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