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Athena Woven Vinyl – Robust and Resilient Woven PVC

Athena Woven Vinyl comprises of intricately woven PVC strands which form to make a highly durable and very comfortable flooring for both residential and commercial locations. The woven vinyl fashions a 3D appearance, creating a dynamic and visually unique look for every interior. The collection consists of both timeless tones and modern designs, to cater for every style and taste, suitable for most commercial projects as well as indoor and outdoor areas.

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Athena Woven Vinyl - Striped, Vibrant, and Futuristic Decors

The Athena collection of woven vinyl consists of three distinct collections, each with a unique design concept.  You can find a multitude of colour and weave designs that add a creative depth to any room. The dynamic designs of the Athena Sentoni collection feature striped and lengthy patterns. With this collection you can elongate many hallways and corridors, as well as arrange unique patterns for a creative space. The strong block colours of the Zoiros collection are bright and bold, named “Zoiros” meaning “vibrant” in Greek. With the Athena Zoiros range, you can form divisions in large spaces. You can even combine the colours and designs from the Athena Sentoni and Athena Zoiros range to create an even more bespoke design. For a more subtly sophisticated look, choose the classic and subdued colours from the Athena Klassikos. The timeless colour scheme is excellently suited for interiors like offices and foyers alike. The range is available in 10m, 20m and 30m lengths, and available in multiple shaped formats like square, hexagon, triangle and winged tiles.

Woven Vinyl for Your Interiors and Exteriors

The modern designs of the Athena woven vinyl collections were constructed with such durability that it explores the boundaries of flooring design. The woven nature of the designs makes it particularly robust, which enables it to be installed in outdoor areas, achieving the wear classes 23 and 33. The dense structure is constructed of PVC layers, woven PVC and fibreglass for added stability. The Athena collections are suitable for most commercial projects like hotels, restaurants, and even gyms and pool sides. It features water resistance as well as slip resistance, providing safety and convenience. It is a very smart and practical alternative to many conventional floorings, not to mention its futuristic visual appeal. Other safety features include its fire behaviour class Bfl-s1. You can also be assured of a sound and quiet environment thanks to its noise absorption properties. What’s more, the woven vinyl also provides a comfortable underfoot experience. Both soft and hardwearing, the Athena woven vinyl is truly a unique.

Installing the Athena Woven Vinyl

For optimum results when laying the Athena woven vinyl flooring, it is first important to transport and store the woven vinyl in dry and warm conditions. Allow at least 48 hours for the tiles or rolls to acclimatise to temperature conditions between 18-27°C. The woven vinyl should be installed over a solid, and completely even floor. Ensure that there is no moisture, or dust or grease that could disturb laying. Once the correct conditions are secured, you can begin spreading the recommended adhesive over the substrate and begin laying the tiles. Following the instructions provided by the manufacturer, install the tiles in the direction signalled by the arrow marked on the reverse of the product. Once installed, check the floor for any loose strands which can be removed with a pair of cropping shears.

Athena Woven Vinyl Collections – Available Now at BRICOFLOR

Explore the different collections of Athena woven vinyl and select your favourite designs for your interiors with just a few clicks! To help you make you selection. We offer a free sample service so you can assess your favourite designs before making the purchase. What’s more, for large projects and orders, we can offer customised offers, so you get your new flooring at the best price! Simply get in touch with our experts and we can assist you with any enquiries you have! Call, email or complete our contact form to get help and advice on your orders!