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Quick-Step Largo "LPU1622 Dominicano Oak Natural"

  • Extra-Long and Wide Dimensions

  • 25-Year Warranty

  • Click-System Installation

  • Robust and Resistant (Wear Class 32)

£23.95 per m²
corresponds to
per package
incl. VAT
Shipping: £20.00 per order
Delivery time: 12-14 working days
Total price:£60.39
  • Minimum order quantity: 6 Packages = £362.34
Product highlights
  • Class 23
    Class 23
  • Class 32
    Class 32
  • Antistatic
  • CE mark
    CE mark
  • DS
  • E1
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
    Suitable for underfloor heating
  • Fastness to light
    Fastness to light
Quick-Step Largo "LPU1622 Dominicano Oak Natural"

With Quick-Step’s broad choice in laminate flooring designs, you can create a truly extraordinary home. Largo Quick-Step laminate includes an authentic look and finely crafted structure to your room, a luxurious and distinctive atmosphere. Quick Step Largo Laminate includes 14 different oak colours for you to choose from. Giving you the opportunity to find the perfect floor to match your décor. Some of the floors have a matt finish, while others have a silky gloss, giving even more variety to the choices. The collection ranges from a bleached white oak to a rich vibrant maple colour. This offers you the chance to go for a modern open décor or striking wooden character.

The format and structure contribute to the radiance of the floorboards. Quick-Step Largo collection gives the option for particularly long and wide panels (205 x 20.5 cm and are 9.5mm thick) are available, which are additionally provided with a circumferential groove. The optical effect of these structural characteristics reinforces the impression of having a massive wooden floor underfoot. The unique size allows the floors to open up spaces and fill large rooms. Quick-step laminate uses the latest technology to avoid decor repetitions, giving the floors an authentic wood appearance. Largo is not only durable and sturdy; Covered by a Scratch Guard, there is a superior resistance that will allow you to enjoy your floor for years.

Quick Step floors are 10 times more scratch resistance than floors without this coating. To add to the durability of these floors, there is an HDF core board at the centre of the makeup and an extra wear-resistant coating, making these floors resilient. This protective layer withstands damage from scratches, normal wear and tear, and keeps your floors as good as new. The HDF core helps to prevent damage from shocks, drops, and impacts, reducing the shock impact of falling objects. Largo is also is resistant to fading that is caused by the sun. it also has technically superior qualities.

The wear class rating of 32 allows the floor to be used in commercial areas and is suitable to be used in combination with underfloor heating. These laminate floors can also be installed without difficulty thanks to the Uniclic installation system. The system allows for fast, easy and simple installation by anyone. Largo provides all the benefits and designs, with added benefits. Quick-Step is a high quality laminate flooring and is backed by a 25-year warranty, ensuring their durability and resilience. Quick-Step takes the environment and earth very seriously, They understand the strain that manufacturing and production process can have on the environment, and they strive to have a respect for the natural environment and to preserve it. We offer a free sample service that will allow you to take a better, closer look at the products before you buy them. BRICOFLOR provides the best quality products at low prices, insuring that you get the best deal possible.

Data sheet
Minimum Order
Cottage finish
Wood Look
Medium wood
Amount per Box
6 Panels = 2.5215 m²
20.5 cm x 205 cm
Total Thickness
9.5 mm
Total Weight
8.2 kg/m²
Wear Class
Circumferential bevel (V-4)
Fire Behaviour
Cfl-s1 (B1)
Impact Noise Reduction
18 dB (3 mm PE Uniclic)

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