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Product advantages

  • 15 monochrome Dekore
  • umweltfreundliche Produktion
  • für Allergiker geeignet
  • kombinierbar mit einer Warmwasser-Fußbodenheizung
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2. Vorwerk Passion 1021 Bingo "5Q01"

The new Vorwerk Passion 1021 collection is an ideal solution for anyone who wants a discreet yet visually appealing floor for their home. The plain carpet offers not only traditional earth tones for a classic ambience but also refreshing decors in petrol, terracotta and lilac. With this large selection of colours, individual interior design is a piece of cake! Vorwerk has provided the carpeting with a slight shimmer so that it does not get boring despite the standard colour scheme. The surface captivates with a soft velour texture. If you want to make the walking experience even more comfortable, you can use the collection in combination with underfloor heating. This provides a cosy and relaxing warmth that you won't want to miss anymore!


Thanks to its service class 22, you can use Vorwerk carpet in many areas of your home. All rooms from the low to the average frequency of use are suitable - for example, bedroom or guest room, but also the dining area and the living room. Even for use on stairs, nothing stands in the way due to the durable pile material polyamide! There the flooring material impresses with its non-slip surface. Due to its suitability for use with castors, it is also ideally equipped to withstand damage from office chairs. You will enjoy this floor covering for a long time! And your electrical gear will also thank you - the antistatic finish of the collection protects it from the effects of electrical shock.


Passion 1021 not only proves its modern character with its simple design but also with its green features: The carpet has been awarded a number of different eco-labels. These include the GuT label, which tells you that your new flooring contains no harmful substances and has a neutral odour. The flooring is even suitable for people with allergies, as the Life Balance label proves. This special feature is made possible by the fact that the dust is bound to the fibres so that it can no longer spread freely in your rooms. Therefore, with Vorwerk Passion 1021 you can not only look forward to a pleasantly soft surface but also to better air quality!

3. Technical data

Main features

  • Backing Ecoback
  • Surface Velour
  • Total Weight 1150g/m²
  • Width Available 4m, 5m
  • Pile Weight 420g/m²
  • Total Thickness 6.6 mm
  • Gauge 5/64"
  • Thermal Insulation Resistance 0.098m²K/W
  • Underfloor heating Suitable
  • Usage Domestic
  • Pile Height 3.5 mm
  • Impact Noise Reduction 24 dB
  • Tuft Density 2900 dm²
  • Comfort Level Luxury Class 1
  • Pile Material 100% Polyamide