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New Orleans

A.S. Création – top quality wallpaper from Germany – inspired by New Orleans

A.S. Création is a relatively young German manufacturer of wallpapers. And not just any, but one of the biggest around. They continue to build on great know-how, a good reputation, and a huge catalogue of wallpapers on sale. It comes as no surprise that they are renowned worldwide for the production wallpapers of exceptional quality, affordability and diversity. A diversity that's huge even by the standards of the wallpaper industry. Each year A.S. Création has more than 6000 different wallpapers in their extensive catalogue, among which a plethora of brand new designs. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that A.S. Creation is a leading figure in the wallpaper industry. The various lines that make up their catalogue are greatly varied, and tailored to suit everyone’s style and taste. One such collection is the New Orleans collection. This selection of wallpapers combines classic floral designs with rich plain colours into a single, affordable package, that's still of exceptional quality.

Many designs and colours – the mood you’re looking for

Light-heartedness and pure joie de vivre. Those words come to mind when looking at the compelling designs in the New Orleans collection by A.S. Création. Thanks to the many different patterns and colours on offer, you’ll surely find something that suits your taste. The various floral patterns, ranging from expressive and prominent to calm and understated, are available in a multitude of colours. Therefore, you can find the exact shade you’re looking for, to perfectly complement existing elements in your interior. And while the floral and other patterns are beautiful, using them exhaustively can become visually “noisy”, which is particular unpleasant in, for example, bedrooms or children’s rooms. Luckily, the different available shades are carefully picked to beautifully complement each other. So you can mix, match, and combine to achieve a look that’s not only truly unique, but also perfect for the chosen room.

High quality products – wall coverings to last

A company with a reputation of quality like A.S. Création can’t afford to let their guard down when it comes to closely monitoring the quality of their products. And this is clearly visible when you let your eyes wander over A.S. Création wallpaper. The pleasant textures and colours give you a homely feeling, even before being applied to the wall. But it’s after application to the wall that the quality of these products truly shines. Because not only is the light fastness good, with lasting colours for up to 40 years in normal conditions, also cleaning and maintenance of these wallpapers is easy. Thanks to the vinyl surface the wall covering is very resistant to water and can easily be cleaned with a damp sponge or rag. When the time has come to remove the wallpaper, you will, again, be glad you chose for one of these A.S. Création products. Because the wallpapers in this category are peelable, meaning that they leave behind a neat, homogeneous layer upon removal, which protects your wall and serves as a good foundation to apply a new wallpaper on.

Application and maintenance

A pretty design on a wallpaper is worthless if you can’t apply it to your wall. Luckily, putting A.S. Création’s New Orleans collection is as easy to install as it’s pleasant to look at. Lay the strips of paper on a flat surface, apply glue and leave it to rest for a few minutes while preparing the next roll. Then carefully apply the paper to the wall. Keep in mind that, for optimal results, the pattern should be kept in mind. While the plain wallpapers are “free match”, meaning that there’s no pattern to look at, the “straight match” patterned wallpapers take a bit more planning. The pattern should be matched by applying the strip of paper on the same height as the previous one.  “Offset match” wallpapers should be applied with a vertical offset, which is indicated in centimetres on the package. And while it might sound like a challenge at first, it really shows itself after brief examination of the pattern. When in doubt, you can always test the matching first, before applying the glue.

Day to day maintenance is easy as well. Thanks to the material of which the wallpaper is made, it can be withstand water fairly well. This means that the wall covering can be cleaned with a damp rag or sponge in case stains occur. A property like this one is particularly useful in highly frequented rooms or rooms where children play.

When the time has come to redecorate, you’ll again be glad for choosing these wallpapers over the many other options. This is because removing is easy as well. Upon removal, the wallpaper leaves behind a neat, homogeneous layer which serves to protect your wall and present itself as a perfect base for the new layer of wallpaper.

Beautiful wallpaper, ecologically responsible

In this day and age no company can be truly successful without genuine concern for the environment. A.S. Création, too, has perfectly understood this. Therefore, they make sure their factories pollute as little as possible, that any waste is recycled, and that raw materials are resourced responsibly. This is clearly visible thanks to the FSC logo you’ll find on their website and the packaging of every single roll of wallpaper. Now you can enjoy your beautiful new wallpaper knowing that it has been an ecologically responsible decision.

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