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B.B. Home Passion - Wallpapers with a natural touch

B.B. Home Passion is designed by Barbara Becker, a famous German influencer. Barbara Becker likes to be creative and started designing her own Home Passion lines in 2011. In this wallpaper line she used a lot of colours with natural hues, which will give that little bit of extra to your room. For Barbara Becker the quality is really important, which definitely shows in this outstanding collection. In the three lines, launched in 2016, we can also see a lot of creativity. With this collection Barbara Becker wants to bring beautiful patterns and colours to your home. 

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B.B Home Passion

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Barbara Becker designer wallpaper – beautiful designs

This collection is personally designed by Barbara Becker and produced by B.B. Home Passion. Together they present the B.B. Home Passion collection for 2016. Barbara Becker designed a beautiful collection with floral, plain, and natural wallpapers. This collection will give you a natural and calm feeling in your home. The colours used are mostly natural, and some beautiful colours like gold, red and purple are used, to make this line fun and playful. Thanks to the endless possibilities of mixing, matching, and combining, there’s a virtually infinite number of options available for you and your house! This collection consists of three different lines: Moana, Schehrezade and Aponi.

Moana – Exotic paradise – Beauty lies in details

The patterns in this line are all natural: leaves, flowers and feathers. With the flower pattern wallpaper you can choose from crème colours and an off white background. Or you can choose the more colourful flowers, with leaves available in crème, white and green, to complement existing elements in your interior. These beautiful patterns are easy to combine and to use as feature wall wallpaper. Or make a bold statement with the colourful feathers pattern. The plain wallpapers all have a very natural feel, and combining these with the patterns will create a beautiful and nice atmosphere in your home. Some “plain” wallpapers have a little stipe in them. This is subtle and creates even more possible combinations to make your space truly stand out.

Schehrezade – Oriental delight  - Sensual Arabian tales

This next line is based on the Arabian exotic beauty. The patterns have a beautiful lining and look like Oriental ornaments. These patterns are filled with beautiful colours: Crème and white, beige and crème, grey with anthracite, and are all true eye catchers. The most striking of all, however has to be the combination of purple and gold. Yet another contemporary wallpaper design combines red, white and a golden colour. The last pattern is subtle with light golden stripes. The plain shades in this collection are beige and crème like, as well as  some very bright colours like purple and orange. All these wallpaper can be freely combined, so the only limit to the number of options is your imagination.  

Aponi – Natural spirit - Ethnic patterns, strong fabrics and earthy shades

The last line in this collection is filled with natural and earthy shades. The feather pattern from the Moana line are also included, but in this line they are coloured with natural shades. The other patterns have a beautiful ethnic design. These are combined with crème colours, beige and brown, as well as shades of gold and blue. A beautiful and colourful striped wallpaper is also included in this line. Hues with cold and brown will be a beautiful combination in your home. The plain wallpapers are all in earthy colours, and will give a calm and warm effect in your room.

B.B. Home Living wallpaper - The advantages of non-woven materials

The last few years wallpaper made from non-woven materials became more and more popular, largely because it's so easy to install. All the wallpapers in the B.B. Home Passion collection are made of non-woven materials. However, it’s not only easy to install but it has a lot more advantages. The materials are made with eco-friendly and recycled materials, and therefor is this line completely environmental friendly. The material is especially loved for its user friendliness, as it will save you a lot of time and frustration. The non-woven wallpapers are lightweight but still maintain a strength and structural integrity that rivals traditional materials, or even surpasses them. It will not tear during decorating and does not need any soaking time, because, unlike traditional materials, it does not change shape or size while it’s wet. This is why non-woven wallpapers are way quicker than other materials to apply. Moreover, you apply the glue on the wall instead of on the back of the wallpaper, which is a lot easier, and yet another timesaver. When you redecorate your room, you want it to look forever like you just installed it: clean, neat and nice. Non-woven wallpaper is the perfect product for you because the material is highly water resistant. When light stains occur you can clean them with a sponge or a damp cloth. This “washable” wallpaper is ideal for in rooms where you eat, where children play, or other spaces where walls run a high risk of getting dirty. We advise you to follow the recommendations from the manufacturer before use.This material is also very breathable. This will prevent mildew and other complications that will damage your wall. The wallpaper from this line have a high colour fastness, which one of the signs that it is very high quality wallpaper. The high fastness means that the colour on the wallpaper will not fade over time. In normal circumstances, the covering will be as bright and beautiful as when you installed it.  These circumstances are indoors and not in direct sunlight. If you are someone who redecorates a lot this also is the material to use for you. If you want to change the atmosphere in your home, these wallpapers are strippable and will come off easy. No tools or chemicals are needed to remove this wallpaper cleanly from your wall. The wallpaper comes of completely, it will not leave any residues and it does not damage the wall underneath. Now you know why you should buy non-woven wallpapers!

Pattern wallpaper – B.B. Home Passion

To aid proper placement during decorating, the manufacturer has different symbols to help you put  the wallpaper right on the wall, to have the pattern lining up perfectly. The free match means that you do not have to take the pattern in consideration, and that you can just decorate without worrying about the pattern. The straight match means that the pattern repeats on the side so the wallpaper needs to be applied on the same height as the previous strip. The offset match means that you need to take some centimetres in consideration. The next strip of wallpaper should be a few centimetres higher or lower to continue the pattern. The reverse alternate lengths means that every other strip of wallpaper should be applied upside down.

Durable and quality wallpaper

All the B.B. Home Passion wallpapers are from high quality this is noticeable in a few things. The fact that it is washable wallpaper is a strong indicator to begin with. Also the high colour fastness is a very clear indication of high quality. The Made in Germany , which only German top manufacturers get, is there to ensure you of the quality, as well as the ethical integrity of the company. For example, these wallpapers are also marked with the CE logo which means they are tested in accordance to safety regulations in Germany. The FSC logo means that B.B. Home Passion are eco-friendly and make use of responsibly sourced wood.

B.B. Home Passion at BRICOFLOR UK

This is a very versatile collection with beautiful patterns and colours. If you are looking to combine these colours, patterns and your current interior but do not know if it would all fit together, we at BRICOFLOR UK offer our customers a free sample service. Order your favourite designs as a sample and mix and match. We also offer an online calculator to calculate how many roles of wallpaper you need to decorate your home. Take a look on our online web shop and discover all the other collections by B.B. Home Passion and many more!