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ESPRIT Home Wallpaper – For every season

Modern wallpapers not only serve to decorate a room, they give it a special ambience as well. Wallpapers express your creative personality in the best possible way. The exclusive, modern and colourful wall covering you are looking for, you can find in the wallpaper collection of ESPRIT home. The ESPRIT brand is known for its many years of creativity, design and both following and setting the latest trends. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Esprit Home collection individually addresses these aspects in their wallpapers.

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The designs of ESPRIT Home collections

Here, you will find a large selection of designs by ESPRIT Home wallpaper. This collection has multiple beautiful wallpaper designs to decorate the rooms in your home. In the ESPRIT 11 wallpaper collection, several designs can be found in the themes of all the seasons. ESPRIT 12 also is themed with the four season and incorporates travelling as a theme. The ESPRIT Kids 4 wallpapers are especially designed for children and it will enlighten their rooms. All these designs are can be combined to create a fantastic style together with striped or plain designs.

ESPRIT 11 – A year in style

In the ESPRIT 11 collection, the theme is the four seasons: Urban Spring, Deep Summer, Artisan Fall and Winter Poetry. These fleece wallpapers are based on natural colours found in the different seasons. In Urban Spring the colours used are light, fresh, bright, and combined with flowers. Deep Summer uses water colours and a combination of warm and colder colours, and also utilises flowers. The Artisan Fall collection radiates the cosy time and shorter days in fall, with a light and modern touch. Winter Poetry gives a romantic look to your room with light, soft colours.

ESPRIT 12 – A journey to yourself

The ESPRIT 12 collection from A.S. Création again uses the seasons but now incorporates a travelling theme. Dream of Spring uses organic colours with bright nuances. Play in Summer uses the sunshine in their colours, bright blue and soft yellow. Fall in Love uses a contrast between brighter and darker colours to create a harmonious, romantic feel. Relax in Winter are calm and quiet colours to relax during these darker days in winter. The ECO friendly line uses recycled materials.

ESPRIT Kids 4 – All the animals of the world

Wallpapers, especially designed for children, can be found in the collection ESPRIT Kids 4. The theme of this collection is “All the animals of the world” and they bring fun to the walls of a nursery or kids’ room. These wallpapers are colourful and bright. For boys a lot of green and blue is used in combination with monkeys and birds. Bright hues  and butterflies bejewel the wallpapers for girls. Also in this collection, it is possible to combine the solid nuances with borders, and patterns in order to create a nice and colourful room for your kids. ESPRIT Kids 4 is of outstanding quality and is easy to clean.

ESPRIT in your home - Washable and ECO-friendly 

The available wallpapers in the ESPRIT Home collection are either non-woven or paper. The paper ones have the technical property of being washable. It eases the cleaning process and means that you do not have to worry about light stains. Because, thanks to the innovative material the wallpaper is made of, you can wash these light stains off with a damp cloth. This does not harm or damage the wallpaper because of this special material ESPRIT has developed. The non-woven wallpapers take this to a new level, as it’s extra washable. They’re made out of non-woven material so they are more water-resistant than paper wallpapers. Water-based stains can be removed with some weak soap solutions, which means that you can fight light stains and dirt more thoroughly and even get rid of stains that are more intensive. Obviously not every wallpaper has these fantastic properties because some of them are made out of other, more common materials.  As the grade of washability varies between the different collections, take care to be sure that the wallpaper has the right washable feature that you need. Also indicated with the labels is if the colour will hold over time. The label with the sun indicates that the colourfastness is high. This means that the wallpaper is from outstanding quality and will not change colour in the sunlight. This prevents you from having lighter wallpaper close to the window and darker colours in the rest of the room. The term “good colour fastness” means that in normal conditions of display, which will be in a normal room with indirect sunlight, can last for approximately 50 years without losing its colour.

Quick installation for immediate enjoying

ESPRIT constantly continues to innovate its products in order to achieve the easiest possible installation.  During the installation you will need to know how to apply them, because you sometimes will need to take the design into consideration. The labels will indicate how to apply the next strip relative to the previous one. The duplex embossed label means that the paper is double layered and the high quality layers will remain glued together during hanging. The embossed duplex layer is not only beautiful, but it is also of very high quality. The label indicating “strippable” means that the wallpaper is easy to remove. You can do this while the wallpaper is dry, and no extra water or tools are needed. After stripping, no residues of the wallpaper will be left behind on the wall. Neither will the wall be damaged, and you can apply a fresh, new wallpaper or layer of paint right away. All the wallpapers from the ESPRIT Home collection are durable and made in an ECO friendly way. You can recognize this by the FSC label, which indicates it is made with responsible sources of paper.

Now available at BRICOFLOR UK - ESPRIT Home wallpapers

BRICOFLOR UK allows you to buy wallpapers from ESPRIT Home collection online. Other collections, by other manufacturers, are also available in the online shop. So there are even more choices available in colours and also more designs. These collections are, just like ESPRIT Home, available at the best prices in the UK. As a special service to our customers, we offer free wallpaper samples, which you can get online. We also offer a roll calculator for you to see how much you will need to buy. So take a look around our online shop and find the perfect wall covering in order to decorate your home in your favourite colours!