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Fiberglass wallpaper - durable and long-lasting wall lining

Glass wallpaper offers exceptional durability and certain functional advantages. For example, durable wallpaper impresses with its high scratch and impact resistance and low flammability. In addition, high-quality wallpaper can be easily painted, cleaned and even disinfected.

£127.46 per roll £89.50 per roll
corresponds to £3.58 / m²
£101.96 per roll £71.50 per roll
corresponds to £2.86 / m²
£127.46 per roll £89.50 per roll
corresponds to £3.58 / m²
£127.46 per roll £89.50 per roll
corresponds to £1.79 / m²
£186.96 per roll £130.95 per roll
corresponds to £2.62 / m²

Fibreglass wallpaper: for every occasion

The special feature of fibreglass wallpaper is its extreme strength and its versatility. This makes fibreglass wallpaper particularly suitable for heavily used walls. These robust wallpapers are also suitable for use in hospitals, doctor's offices or waiting rooms, as they can be easily cleaned and even sterilised. We also take care of your safety because, depending on the choice of glue and varnish, glass fibre wallpaper is flame retardant and does not emit toxic gases.

Special wallpapers are made of artificial mineral fibres, which are woven in different patterns. A special advantage is that you can paint the wallpaper in the colour of your choice and create a unique effect.

Manufacture and material of glass fibre wallpaper

To produce glass fibre wallpaper, raw glass is first melted and processed into thin threads, which can then be woven into different patterns.  You will mainly find classic patterns such as cross or double warp, but also the so-called herringbone, diamond or chipped pattern. Jacquard pattern is also particularly popular, which is a special weaving technique that can be used to create individual, larger and more varied patterns.

Fibreglass wallpaper with a non-woven carrier is also possible for easy installation. After plaiting, the wallpaper is finished. Here, the yarns are given a characteristic structure by mechanical finishing and the appropriate properties such as smoothness, gloss or strength are given.

Painting on fibreglass wallpaper

Fiberglass wallpaper can have the most diverse structures and patterns. The range of these wallpapers is not rich in terms of colour, but offers discrete and elegant shades of white, grey and cream. However, if you are convinced that you would like your wallpaper to be colourful, you can paint it up to ten times. So there is nothing to prevent you from changing the colour frequently. So this sturdy lining is even suitable for the children's room.

Painting can make your wallpaper shine vividly, depending on your choice of colour. For glass fibre wallpaper it is best to use a dispersion varnish, which is available in matt or glossy versions. It is also possible to use latex varnish, which makes glass fibre wallpaper completely diffusion-proof and waterproof. Ask paint and lacquer manufacturers about the advantages of particular products.

Fibreglass wallpaper: high standard wallpaper

Fibreglass wallpaper inspires not only by scratch and impact resistance, but also offers further benefits in terms of care and durability. For example, fibreglass wallpaper is ideal for the kitchen or bathroom because it is very resistant to water, rot and mould and very easy to clean. If you additionally varnish the wallpaper, it is almost sterile.

Fiberglass wallpaper is by nature flame retardant and does not contain toxic gases. However, these properties can be lost depending on the choice of colour and adhesive. A particular advantage, however, is that fiberglass wallpaper can be applied even on thicker surfaces because it covers cracks and other irregularities. And not only that, due to its mineral structure, wallpaper bonds to the substrate and can therefore prevent or inhibit the expansion of cracks in older buildings.

Fibreglass wallpaper installation

There are several things to consider when installing a new fibreglass wallpaper. It is particularly important to wear protective clothing when wallpapering, as fine glass dust can damage the airways, hands, eyes and skin. It should also be noted that glass fibre wallpaper is usually twice as wide and much longer than ordinary paper or non-woven wallpaper. Therefore, it is recommended that you use two wallpaper tables set up next to each other. A special glass-fibre wallpaper paste is also needed.

Cut the wallpaper strips according to the dimensions of the wall with scissors or a cutting knife and add three to five centimetres, which can then be cut off exactly at the edge of the wall. Make sure at the beginning that your walls are as smooth and dry as possible to achieve a perfect result.

When mixing the paste you have to avoid lumps. In addition, glass fibre wallpaper should be glued to the joint. This means that the individual strips should not overlap, but should be placed exactly next to each other. Always keep an eye on the chosen weave pattern. The paste should not yet be rolled over the entire wall so that the individual areas do not dry out prematurely. Since fibreglass wallpaper can be relatively heavy, look for a helping hand to apply it. Use a wallpaper brush, wallpaper spatula or pressure roller to start painting the wallpaper from top to bottom on the wall.  

Please note the manufacturer's instructions regarding the drying time of the adhesive and only after that apply a layer of primer to the glass fibre wallpaper. When this is dry, you can give the wallpaper the final effect, for example with latex paint or other paints, depending on your choice.

Fiberglass wallpaper from well-known manufacturers

In our online shop, you will find high-quality fibreglass wallpapers from renowned manufacturers. For example, the world-famous wallpaper manufacturer A.S. Création inspires with a solid glass-fibre wallpaper for every room, which is easy to install and has attractive structural profiles. In addition, A.S. Création attaches great importance to environmentally friendly production, the use of the best raw materials and constant quality control, so that your walls are decorated with extremely high quality wall coverings.

Buy a glass fibre wallpaper online!

In our online shop, you will find many glass fibre wallpaper from well-known manufacturers and you will also benefit from our practical services. You will receive high-quality and functional wall coverings at the best price. And if you are not sure about the woven pattern or colour, you can take advantage of our sample shipping service and get inspired by the new glass fibre wallpaper from the comfort of your home.

If you are planning a larger construction project, you have the opportunity to ask for an individual offer, specifying the desired glass fibre wallpaper and the required quantity, and we will try to adapt to your needs. 

If you have any questions, wishes or suggestions, you can contact our customer service department by e-mail, telephone or by using our contact form. We are happy to advise you on all aspects of glass fibre wallpaper and look forward to hearing from you!

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