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Oilily wallpaper – Bringing joy to your home with vibrant and cheerful designs

Oilily is a Dutch brand, which is known worldwide for their colourful products. It was founded in 1963 and started as a brand for children’s clothing. Today they still produce clothing for children but now they also offer clothing for women, accessories and a home collection. They are known for their floral patterns and the lots of colours they use to decorate their products. Every product that wears the Oilily name is colourful and adorned with flowers. The wallpaper designs they created are as colourful and joyful as the rest of their products. They will bring joy to your home in every possible room. The patterns are made up of a lot of different colours and a lot of the designs are very floral. There are soft and bright shades that will be a sunshine to your home, and plain shades to mix and match with the busy patterns are available as well. This in order to prevent your décor being to chaotic.

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Floral wallpaper – Oilily and their colourful products for every room

The cheerful mood Oilily brings to their products is now available as a decoration in your home. You can brighten up a children’s bedroom, your living room or any other room you wish to bring joy to. The colours used in this collection are mainly blue, pink, yellow and green. The floral wallpapers are cheerful and you can combine them with the stripes or one of the plain colours. The 35 different wallpapers in this collection are divided into four themes. These themes are four cities in the Netherlands. The colours are matching the cities’ feel and atmosphere. These are Marken, Delft, Bergen aan Zee and Dwingeloo. With these cities and their unique mood and feel the different patterns and colours are created. Delft is known for their Delft Blue Porcelain, the white and blue coloured dinner set is an inspiration for blue striped wallpaper. Dwingeloo is known for blooming plants in late summer. This was the inspiration for a set of wallpapers with a flower in three different shades.

Oilily Atelier – colourful wallpaper for every room you want to bring sunshine to

The plain wallpapers offered in this collection are calm and have pastel like colours. This makes it easier to combine them with the vivid colouring in the patterns. The striped wallpapers have wide stripes with the same pastel shades as the plain colour products. They are all combined with white or a lighter version of the stripe’s shade. Oilily also offers a striped wallpaper with a combination of more colours. These are mostly shades of green, blue and yellow. You can combine these easily with the plain colours or even with the floral patterns. Combining these with the floral pattern will create a happy atmosphere in your home. There is another striped pattern but this one is a little different. It has little stripes all over, but this time both horizontally and vertically. It is a small pattern, and if this is put on a wall you can see a beautiful design and the enriching effect is has on your space. Oilily has this design available in amazing pastel colours. Oilily also offers a pattern with a hexagon shape, these are available in pastel shades and a lighter shade of the background colours the shape. The floral patterns are divided into two main categories, and are available in two, or with a lot of different colours.  The two coloured patterns are for example with a blue background and a white flower, or a beige background with a crème flower, or a blue background and a lighter blue colour. The flower pattern with more colours are available in blue and white background. These flowers are the trademark pattern from the brand and you can find them on many of products made by Oilily. Also an old pink coloured wallpaper is present, which has a little pattern in it with a darker pink.

Pattern wallpaper – How to deal with the pattern and create the perfect design

Oilily offers a lot of pattern wallpapers. If you are redecorating with this you want to be sure the whole pattern looks good on the wall. You need to take a few things into account in order to start papering with patterned wallpaper. The icons on the packaging shows you these conditions. The free match logo means that you do not have to consider the pattern: it will be just right when you apply it, regardless of the position of one strip relative to the next. The straight match means you have to align the next strip of wallpaper at the same height as the previous one because the pattern of the wallpaper need to be aligned at the side. The offset match means that there are a certain amount of centimetres you need to take into account in order for the pattern to match. These centimetres are always mentioned on the packaging. The pattern goes until the side of the strip that is why you need a few centimetres to match them.

Eco Friendly and high quality products – responsible happiness for your home

The Oilily collection consists entirely of non woven wallpapers. These materials are all of high quality and produced environmental friendly. The fact that it is non woven wallpapers makes papering easier. Instead of putting glue on the back of the wallpaper and waiting for it to soak, with non-woven materials you can put the glue on the wall and apply directly. After papering you want your wall to look as nice as possible. This is washable wallpaper so that will be easy. You can clean off light stains with a brush or sponge, the specifics of which will always be mentioned on the packaging. Also specified on the packaging is how well the colour will hold. Especially with the colourful wallpaper from Oilily, it is important that the colours will not fade. Non-woven wallpapers have a good colour fastness. When you are looking to redecorate, this wallpaper is easy to remove. You can tear it off easily and will not leave any residues.

BRICOFLOR UK – Bringing the colours of Oilily to your home for the best prices

In our web shop, you can buy Oilily products online. While you are looking at this beautiful assortment, take a look at all the other collections we have. BRICOFLOR UK offers a free sample service. If you want to mix and match different colours and patterns you can order a small sample to have a look if they match. We also present a roll calculator online, that will help you calculate how many rolls of wallpaper you need, in order to decorate your entire wall. Please contact us if you have any questions. So take a look in our web shop and find your perfect new wall covering.  

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