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Rasch Wallpaper: An experienced company producing high quality wallpaper for every room in your home

Rasch is a German wallpaper company, based in Bramsche, specialising in the conception and design of high quality wallpapers. For the last 154 years, Rasch has demonstrated the exceptional quality and attention to detail you'd expect from a German company. Their wallpapers incorporate high quality classic and modern designs to give your space a timeless look. 

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As such, it comes as no surprise that Rasch leads the European wallpaper industry, and has done so for many years. The many different collections have a lot of choice in different aspects; think about colours of plain wallpapers, different textures, patterns and materials. Rasch offers vinyl, paper and non-woven materials. The majority of the products are non-woven wallpapers. This new type of products benefits from high quality and many advantages.

Rasch Wallpaper: Practical and stylish solution for your renovation project

This year Rasch has released entirely new collections in addition to revamping the old. Rasch now offers an even wider variety of wallpaper selections including vinyl, paper and non-woven, with the majority being non-woven wallpapers. Non-woven wallpaper is typically regarded as the highest quality wallpaper due to its durability and ease of installation. Rasch wallpapers are typically designed to be easily strippable and washable, giving you flexibility when it comes to your home décor. Additionally, many Rasch products are also designed to be fire resistant. While Rasch offers a multitude of high-end designer wallpapers, they do not forget to incorporate quality materials and practicality into their designs.

African Queen II: Find yourself in an African atmosphere with this animal design wallpaper

The name of this collection perfectly suits all the wallpapers offered within. The imitations of wood, feathers, plants and skins are all present, and strikingly realistic in this line. You will feel as if you have just been transported to the jungle of Africa. The wood-like wallpaper is not like any other, as there are small and sophisticated details of grains and branches. They will look beautiful in your home, and help you to achieve a rustic feel. The stone structure in this collection is also unlike any other product on sale. The huge rocks give an old feel, with a distant hint of anchient civilisations. Your wall will be transformed into a huge stone surface, as one would find in a cave or temple. All these are, naturally, offered in various, realistic shades to fit with existing elements of your interior en help you achieve a specific mood. The plain wallpapers in this line are not completely plain, because they have a fine texture to create a subtle feel of Africa. The feather wallpapers are available in two different bright colours. The realistic design gives the impression that the feathers really overlap each other and gives a subtle 3D optic to your wall. Also available is a bird wallpaper, which will be a perfect finishing touch for almost any interior. There also is one plant design present in this line. The vibrant green colours are life like, and will look very natural in your home. On top of these beautiful structures, Rasch has many skin and fur imitations available to truly take the African mood to the next level. With this line, you can decorate your home with snakeskin immitation, or a light shade of leopard print, or zebra, to name a few. All the wallpapers offered in this line have a truly life like design. If you lost your heart to the African wilderness, the African Queen collection is for you!

Aqua Relief IV: A waterproof line is the ideal solution for your bathroom and kitchen

This collection of wallpapers is has a strong vinyl top layer on the material. This makes it ideal for your bathroom and kitchen because it is waterproof and moisture resistant. Combining this great fact with the beautiful motifs, Rasch created a perfect line for applications previously unheard of in the world of wallpaper. Some of the designs give a hint of one of the many applications they're suitable for. For example, the teatime design is a nice finishing touch for a kitchen or salon. The various shell design are a charming choice as bathroom wallpaper or for toilet applications. But Rasch does not only offer obvious designs, their designers decided to expand the scope of their products even further. Therefor has this line also wood motive wallpapers in different colours. The six different options feature, among other things, a motive which draws obvious inspiration from scaffolding wood, for a relaxed seaside mood.

Factory II: Giving your walls the urban and industrial feel of a loft with brick wallpaper design

This collection is all about "back to basics", and raw materials are in the centre of attention. Stone, wood, and cork designs fill  this line with beautiful motifs and different colours. Also many brick wallpapers are available in any colour you can imagine stone to be. Grey, beige, red, black and white brick wallpaper complete this line. These can transform your space into an oasis of rest, thanks to the familiar mood they give. Reminescent of old houses and childhood memories. The white and grey marble wallpaper is also unique, and are sure to make a great statement in your home. A luxurious and great atmosphere will ooze from your walls from day 1. Beside the brick and marble motifs in this collection, also many woodstructures are offered. These will give your house a familiar, rustic feel, for an ultimately homely comfort. In addition to these, the cork wallpaper will give you a lively, but warm atmosphere that's never boring.

Sophie Charlotte 2017: Wallpaper inspired on the art made by royalty

Rasch created and designed this line with the help of the art from a Duchesse from Oldenburg, Germany, who also lends her name to this fine collection. The many designs in this collection are all sophisticated and wonderful. Even the plain are more than meets the eye. From soft pastel like colours, all the way to earthy shades are available in this varied collection. And if you can't decide on one colour, you can always choose to combine various colours with eachother, or even with one or more of the various patterns this has in store. For example, one of the patterns is an almost plain wallpaper with a little flower detail. Combining this with with one of the plain colours can be either modest or striking, depending on your choice of colour. However, of course it's also possible to combine it one with of the many other pattern wallpapers. Thanks to the subtlety of this pattern, you it can be combined with virtually any other pattern, without giving an unpleasant, excessive mood to your space. For example, you could combine it with one of the many available striped wallpapers. Because of the great variety of striped designs, who complement themselves with a white or lighter stripe. Another point of focus of this line are the flower designs. Rasch offers beautiful floral wallpaper in a great variety to suit every need and taste. For example, you can choose for a colourful design incorporating birds, rather than having flowers alone. This gives a more lively mood, and is great for combining with a slightly more plain floral design for virtually limitless variation. The same designs are also available in slightly toned down versions, with grey and white. For a more modern feel without straying away from the floral theme, a floral pattern is available with incorporates more straight lines. If there's a best time to take these timelessly classic designs into your home, the time is now!

Villa Coppenrath II 2017: Children´s wallpaper for boys and girls an array of designs

Coppenrath is a German publisher for children’s books. Rasch worked together with them to create a playful and colourful line, especially for children. As such, this line incorporates the main characters from some of the publisher's most popular books. Using the seven plain wallpapers in this line, you can create a mood that's lively to fit right into a child's idea of home. Then combine these friendly colours with the borders and patterned wallpaper to create a playful and nice environment for your child. Add to this the countless variations that combining with the striped wallpaper creates, and your child will not only have the room of their dreams, but it will also be absolutely unique. These are available in pink, a grey shade, green, beige and yellow and all fit perfectly with the colours from the pattern wallpaper. Get creative, mix and match the different patterns, borders and plain colours in this cheerful collection. The only limit is your imagination!

Rasch: Exceptional designs and eco-friendly options of wallpaper designs

Rasch is an environmentally responsible company. For many years, Rasch has made significant efforts to produce their wallpapers in an environmentally friendly way. This effort has been rewarded with several certifications reflecting Rasch’s commitment to the development of eco-friendly wallpaper. Rasch’s goal is to produce an environmentally friendly product that does not compromise on quality. As a result, Rasch received the DEKRA certification for their low energy consumption during production from the German government. Additionally, Rasch has received a Noventiz award for their low CO2 emissions. All this guarantees that you can enjoy the highest standard of living while feeling at easy, knowing that your impact on our precious planet is as small as it can be.

Rasch is on the front edge of emerging trends – moisture resistant wallpaper for your bathroom

Rasch’s wallpapers are on the front edge of emerging trends. Not only aesthetically, but also with the technical aspects of their designs and products. Many of their wallpaper designs feature unique qualities such as raised texture and moisture resistance. For example, Rasch’s Aqua Relief IV features a unique moisture resistant quality making it ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, and other moisture prone rooms. Rasch also leads the industry with their unique textured wallpapers such as those in the African Queen II collection. The non-woven wallpapers have many advantages, the most beloved one of those probably is their easiness to decorate with. It is also called paste the wall wallpaper because of it's unique application system. Rather than the usual system of applying the glue to the paper and leaving it to rest of a few minutes, you can apply the glue to the wall and you do not have to worry about soaking time.

BRICOFLOR UK offers the best prices on Rasch Wallpapers

BRICOFLOR UK has been in the flooring and wallpaper industry for well over 40 years. This gives us years of experience finding the best quality products for your home. We offer a wide selection of Rasch wallpapers, ensuring you can find the perfect wallpaper for your décor needs. We only offer the highest quality floors and wallpapers, so you can be sure that your wallpaper is one of the best wallpapers available. If you would like to see the quality of the wallpapers for yourself, please make use of our free sample service. Your sample will be delivered to your door and you can see how this wallpaper will complement the interior of your home. We also offer a roll calculator online so you can calculate how many rolls you would need to decorate all the walls in your home. So take a look around our web shop and get your new wallpapers online!