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Schöner Wohnen wallpapers: Decorating ideas and inspiration accompanied by German quality

Schöner Wohnen is the biggest lifestyle magazine in Germany. Schöner Wohnen means Beautiful Living, and that is exactly what you can achieve with these collections. The designs are modern and the wallpapers will fit into any room. They are up to date with the latest trends and even precede new trends. Schöner Wohnen has been advising readers about design, decoration and interior design since 1960. Now they publish the newest wallpaper collections. Schöner wohnen strives for modern designs and high quality wallpapers.

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Schöner Wohnen

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For every room a different style and another ambience with the designs from Schöner Wohnen

The eight and ninth collection from Schöner Wohnen is even more creative than the previous collections. They incorporated a lot of different colours and patterns. These two stylish collections will brighten up your home with the different plain wallpapers, or with patterns, and they even include wallpaper borders in this collection. This is a perfect tool to mix and match different styles. You can combine endlessly with all these different patterns.

Schöner Wohnen 8 – Endless combination options of designer wallpapers to create your personal style

The eighth line designed by Schöner Wohnen incorporates a lot of different colours and patterns. The patterns are modern and even floral. They are available in crème and beige colours. A bright red colour jumps out and this will be an eye-catching wall decoration. There are two different striped designs. One of them has a very specific design with thicker and thinner stripes. The other design stripes are big stripes with a white stripe. They come in the same colours as the plain wallpapers. The floral pattern has a big flower with a light colour; they are in pastel green, light pink, dark and light grey. The plain wallpapers are pastel like colours and have an eye-catching colour as well as a dark teal shade. The last floral patterns are in bright colours on a white background, which makes them jump out and they look lovely. This line also has four borders. The design of these borders is the same as one of the floral patterns. This will give a beautiful effect if you combine those two. For example with a striped wallpaper or a plain wallpaper.

Schöner Wohnen 9 – Three different themes and numerous design choices for your home

This ninth collection brings joy is modern and will perfectly fit into your home in any room you want to redecorate. There are three themes in this collection: Arts & Crafts, Flora and Graphic & Colours. It is very easy to mix and match with this collection because of the large offer of plain design wallpaper in different shades. The Arts & Craft theme incorporates a wood effect wallpaper. This is offered in three different colours with a real life like design and will look like a real wooden wall in your home. The other design in this theme is the linen effect wallpaper. Therefore, it has the cosy and beautiful look of linen but the advantages of non-woven wallpaper. The linen effect wallpaper is available in pastel and earthy shades. This will give a calm feeling in your home. The pastel colours are happy and calm at the same time. The Flora line incorporates of course floral designs. These flowers look like they are hand drawn on the wallpaper. They are offered in beautiful shades of blue, pink and beige. Striped wallpaper is also included in this line. The colours are all soft shades and with a small detail of a horizontal lining in it. This will make the room look modern and bright. The last theme of Schöner wohnen 9 is Graphic & Colours. This theme is all the plain wallpapers in this collection. These plain colours are very diverse. The pastel like colours are calm and joyful. The earth shades are calm and simple, which will make it easy to mix and match. The five darker colours are powerful and thus eye-catching. This is perfect to combine with the beautiful wood effect wallpaper. Also included in this theme is a beautiful pattern with triangle shapes. Even though it is a very subtle design, this will be an eye catcher wall in your home. The triangles that are coloured differently in the different designs will look stunning.

The best of both worlds with Schöner Wohnen: High quality and beautiful designs

We can call this the best of both worlds because the beautiful designs of Schöner Wohnen are also made using non-woven wallpaper. This is a relatively new way of manufacturing wallpaper, but since the invention of using non-woven materials for wallpapers, it has become more and more popular. That is because it has so many advantages. During papering, the material is especially loved because it is easier and quicker than the other materials. You can put the glue on the wall; it does not need any soaking time because it will not change size when wet. Non-woven wallpaper also has a high colourfastness, which means that it will not change colour over time. Also, when light stains occur, you can clean them with a light brush or a sponge. Some of the wallpaper can even withstand a mild soapy solution. This way you can clean heavier stains. This washable wallpaper, as it’s called, comes in handy when you place it in rooms where you eat or where children play. When you are looking to redecorate after some time this material is easy to remove. You can just strip it off while it is dry, and will not need any tools or chemicals. It will not leave any residues on your wall, and it will not damage the wall it is applied to.

Aesthetics and sustainability in one product: Eco-friendly wallpaper designs by Schöner Wohnen

All the products designed by Schöner Wohnen are eco-friendly. They do not harm the environment during production, and the wallpapers are all made from materials using responsible sources. This is made clear by the FSC label. This label is only given to companies who are environmentally responsible. Schöner Wohnen is always trying to better the environment. In the Schöner Wohnen magazine, they are environmentally responsible in their suggestions and clearly want to save our precious planet earth.

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