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Versace II Wallpaper Collection

Versace II wallpaper offers more than 60 wallpapers with the themes depicting the classic Versace motifs such as La Coupe des dieux, Pompei, Giungla, #GREEK, and ‘Baroque and Roll’. This collection is a mixture of intricate design, elegance and tradition combined with modern aspects.

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Versace II

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The Collection Overview

Using blue, gold and crème colours, it gives you a calm feeling. In the Pompei collection, the theme is ancient Rome using gold, crème, white and a baroque print. Floral wallpaper and jungle leaves are displayed in the Giugla line. The famous palm leaf Versace wallpaper design has the traditional green colour or a variant with black leaves and a golden setting to create a sophisticated atmosphere. This year Versace applies the La Coupe des Dieux, which translates to Cup of the Gods, to a border design for a touch of grandeur to the room.

The Designs

La Coupe des Dieux

As on precious antique representations, "La Coupe des Dieux", the characteristic motif of the current Versace home collection, meets architectural drawings from the Versace Palace in Milan, both framed by baroque decors and flower tendrils. The timeless, tile-like black and white print epitomises the perfect interplay of tradition and modernity in an incomparably elegant way - through and through Versace.


Richly detailed, artistically ornate acanthus leaves in various sizes unfold a lush splendor on the walls. With plastic effects and magnificent gold and mother-of-pearl shimmer, they immerse themselves in the myth of ancient Rome, reviving the magic of the sumptuous villas of ancient Pompeii and creating a fascinating, elegant overall picture on the wallpaper.


Palm leaves and ferns in rare lushness - the legendary floral prints from the archives of Villa Versace find their echo on exquisite satin wallpaper. With powerful green tones they create an impressive jungle. In dark, contrasting shades, they bring a mystical atmosphere into the rooms and enchant them with a fascinating delicacy in bright cream tones.


#Greek - directly from the catwalk comes a new symbolic game with the classic Greek meander pattern - at the same time an emblematic motif of the House of Versace, which is characterised by permanent development and renewal. In the current collection, this ancient ornamental imagery meets us as a new, extravagant statement of the Versace vision of the 21st century - playful and at the same time full of clarity and freshness.

Baroque and Roll

Baroque tendrils in gold and yellow on a deep black background - this ornamentation is also one of the key themes of Versace. The traditional décor comes in dynamic, feminine flourishes and exudes all the powerful elegance and sensuality of the Versace style.

Technical Aspects

All of the Versace II wallpaper collection is made of non-woven vinyl, which makes it extremely durable as well as beautiful to the eye. This technical feature also makes it a washable wallpaper that can be scrubbed to remove any dirt that may occur allowing you to keep your home pristine. Another benefit the non-woven vinyl wallpaper is that it is incredibly easy to remove as it a strippable wallpaper and can be peeled off with a simple process.

BRICOFLOR Exclusive Prices

Here at BRICOFLOR we offer exclusive prices for Versace wallpaper that come with our Best Price Guarantee. Should you be undecided between your favourite designs or simply want to see the textures and high quality of the wallpaper for yourself then you can order samples from our website to experience them from the comfort of your own home. For large quantity order we offer a bespoke offers service, simply contact our quotes specialists.