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Wineo 500 Large V2 "LA044LV2 Tirol Oak Honey"

  • Product thickness of 8 mm

  • LocTec® technology

  • Aqua-Protect®

  • 20 years - Guarantee for private use

incl. VAT
correspond to £20.69 per m²
Shipping: £20.00 per order
Delivery time: 7-10 working days
Total price:£56.28
  • Minimum order quantity 5 Package
Product highlights
  • Class 23
    Class 23
  • Class 32
    Class 32
  • A+
  • Antistatic
  • Label
    Label "Blue Angel"
  • CE mark
    CE mark
  • DS
  • E1
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
    Suitable for underfloor heating
  • Fastness to light
    Fastness to light
Wineo 500 Large V2 "LA044LV2 Tirol Oak Honey"

If you are looking for all-rounder laminate flooring, the collection wineo 500 is suitable for you. This product line is an exceptional laminate flooring collection with partly distinctive and remarkable varieties. This series’ fascination definitely derives from the detailed processing since every design owns different characteristics. All in all, these are the following versions of the wineo 500 laminate flooring: The wineo 500 small V4, wineo 500 medium, wineo 500 medium V2, wineo 500 large V2 and last, but not least, the wineo 500 XL V4. The latter is only available on the market in April 2016. The prominent feature of the wineo 500 series is the Aqua-Protect®-core board integrated in every model and which perfectly equips the collection for wet rooms.

Furthermore, every version of the present product line has the utility class 23 or 32 and a user-friendly LocTec® locking system. In addition, this collection is suitable for an underfloor heating and promises to be a long-term investment for your interior due to its 20-year-warranty. This also shows that the varieties of the wineo 500 laminate floor are extremely durable, easy to maintain and antistatic so that they cause you as little work as possible. All the elements of the wineo 500 series can optionally be ordered with a footstep insulation mat. However, only Wineo 500 Medium is equipped with the Sound-Protect Eco Plus while the remaining wineo 500 laminate flooring editions have an integrated insulation mat. Furthermore the wineo 500 collections vary in their dimension and visual diversity. While the small V4 has the measurement 1380 x 160 x 8 mm and presents itself with a manageable size of 12 decors, the medium sized panels measure 1288 x 195 x 8 mm (without the insulation) and offer a range of 20 decors.

The wineo 500 medium V2, then again, equals her sister-collection in the measurement, but only has a choice of 12 visual variations. This is easily outweighed by the wineo large V2 with its 17 decors and the measurement of 1380 x 246 x 6 mm. In this respect, the freshly designed wineo 500 XL V4 is going to extend the range of laminate floors in spring 2016 once again as the collection is proudly measuring 1845 x 195 x 10 mm and owns a spectrum of 12 designs. Regarding the many facets and the stability of the wineo 500 collection any laminate floorloving person will get one’s money worth with the series provided by Windmöller Flooring.

Data sheet
Style Cottage finish
Wood Look Oak
Colouring Brown
Design Medium wood
Amount per Box 8 Panels = 2,72 m²
dimensions 1380 x 246 x 8mm
Total Thickness 8mm
Total Weight 7,059kg/m²
Bevel Longitudinal (V-2)
Fire Behaviour Cfl-s1 (B1)

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