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Who we are!

We are Europe’s biggest online retailer regarding flooring, wall and ceiling. We are proud to be there for your floor and wall needs since 2006…

Room design is our passion - expertise for over 30 years

Since 1974, we have made a national name for ourselves as a wholesaler for wall and floor coverings based in Wuppertal (Germany) and have established ourselves as a reliable partner for specialist retailers, craftsmen and interior decorators.

From wallpaper and textile floor coverings to full-line retailers, our product portfolio continued to develop up to the turn of the millennium.


The internet has revolutionised distribution channels, so during the spring of 2006, we were recognised as one of the first in the e-commerce industry, the opportunity for renovation products that the online trade will be the right way into the future.

Like many pioneers in the Internet age, the young generation of our management began to explore online sales in small steps on marketplaces and with a building block shop that looks archaic from today's perspective.

Expansion: The ways to the international online shop for floors and walls

After just a short time, the business developed so positively that investments in hardware and software, as well as new employees, put our online shop on a more professional and future-oriented stage.

Only two years after it was founded, in 2008, we realised that successful internet commerce should not stop at national borders. Accordingly, we ventured in the spirit of Franco-German friendship, and approached our friends on the left side of the River Rhine – France!

In order to be able to offer the highest possible service, and to give our online shop the local color à la française, we established for this purpose our own company in Northern France, in which, consequently, only French employees are employed.

From the mainland to the island, 2010 saw the founding of our British branch between Bristol and London. Here we quickly realised that not only food is different in the UK, but also the taste for flooring. But that is a solvable challenge for us, so now the Brit can of course order his brown Scottish wool carpet from us.

Since an attractive interior design can also be a part of Dolce Vita, we expanded to Italy in 2012, and have been with our company in Turin. Since then, contact for all renovation-friendly customers has reached from South Tyrol to Sicily - molto bene!

We are closely monitoring the evolution and transformation of various markets in Eastern Europe, and we have already established our presence in Poland since 2016 and in the Czech Republic by the end of 2017.

And what about Spain? We definitely did not miss out on that! We have also set up a new branch in Valencia on the Iberian Peninsula in 2017.

As for markets in Austria, Luxembourg, and the Benelux, they are managed by our main offices and are seamlessly integrated into our online shops. In 2020, we embarked on a new adventure in Scandinavia, launching our online shops in Sweden and Finland.

We are a company who see ourselves as a great family!

What began as a location in North Rhine-Westphalia, has grown steadily over the years.

Our entire staff is in constant communication with each other. Regular staff meetings and a good working atmosphere are just as important to us as dialogue between the generations. Our team therefore includes young professionals as well as veterans - because we know that both parties can learn from each other.

We are also pleased to regularly introduce trainees from all our regions to the online commerce workflow, and therefore always experience a peaceful and multicultural coexistence in our offices that is only speculated on elsewhere.

Thanks to our personal customer service, we know many of our long-standing regular customers and pan-European retailers personally, and thanks to their trust and recommendation, we now even offer our products on demand outside of our usual catchment areas.

What makes us so successful internationally?

It is important to us that we can always offer our customers a consistently large selection and the highest quality with our wide range of catalogues.

Therefore, when we include items in our assortment, we rely on absolute transparency of producers and prefer manufacturers who carry out regular checks on themselves and their subcontractors, to guarantee a flawless manufacturing process.

In order to be able to ensure the quality of our products on a lasting basis, we attach particular importance to sustainable action and careful production of the brands we represent.


BRICOFLOR is a modern and young company, where everyone can feel welcome! Our recipe for success lies in the symbiosis of professional expertise and an open and multicultural working atmosphere, fit to develop our creative potential and help our customers to make the right choice for their renovation.



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Diversity in the products - in price, design and efficiency

We constantly respond to each of our customers having their own needs, preferences and, of course, a personal budget. Some like it chic and extravagant, the others attach great importance to an environmentally friendly production or the freedom of certain additives.

That's why you can filter the items in our online shop for various aspects of your desired floor, and thus always keep track of our huge range, which is unique in Europe. In addition, we constantly update our inventory so that you can always purchase the latest collections.

At the beginning of each year, we visit the relevant trade fairs. Among them, of course, the Domotexthe world's leading trade fair and thus an absolute must for our profession. Afterwards we like to inform you on our blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Houzz about the trends in the industry, so that you never miss an opportunity to implement your projects optimally and as affordable as possible.

With us you will never find cheap products, we only work with manufacturers who meet the highest quality standards and see themselves, as well as us, in the premium segment. Nevertheless, we promise you: At BRICOFLOR you get the best products at the best price!