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history of craftsmanship

Starting as an apprentice and later taking over his parent's carpentry Otger 's skills in woodworking were developed at an early age. His talent for understanding this natural material and turning it into an ergonomic and functional creation was honed when he opened a small factory in Südlohn. This high-quality production spread from regional success to national and now international growth.

Conceptual designs essential to your home

Always on trend, Ter Hürne makes the most popular flooring styles for every kind of home. Ranging from modern flooring styles to rustic oak flooring styles. They feature four carefully curated Collections - the Ter Hürne Pure Collection, the Ter Hürne Bright Collection, the Ter Hürne Sensual Collection and the Ter Hürne Straight Collection all varying in tone to create your ideal mood. These are all suitable for warm water underfloor heating systems as the layered construction method protects the wood in the planks from expanding due to climate and moisture. Due to the impressive quality of these floors, they all come with a 30-year guarantee so that you can have peace of mind.

Curated collections to create a balanced ambience 

The Ter Hürne Bright Collection adds a friendly quality to a room. Especially suitable for Children's rooms it comes in a beige and brown palette. They radiate a cheerful and harmonious feeling throughout a room to comfort its occupiers. With subtle features, the soft details of the wood used to create this collection add an interesting touch to any room.

At its heart, the Ter Hürne Sensual Collection evokes a warm and enveloping mood. With rich red tones interplaying with brown accents, this delicately expressive series emanates a refined and elegant essence. With some knotted details and highlights the wood used has a highly sophisticated aesthetic.

Detailed touches to distinguish the design

With many finishes to choose from, their carefully selected range includes brushed wood, lacquered wood, oil-treated wood, limed wood and lye-treated wood. These all give very unique attributes to the surfaces whilst retaining the beautiful natural characteristics each individual piece of wood has developed as it has grown. You have a choice of bevelled and non-bevelled edges to suit your needs. They come in Ash, Oak and Sycamore look in 1-strip or strip varieties. The thickness is 13mm and the wear layer is 3.5mm.

Convenient installation and maintenance method

Installing Ter Hürne engineered wood flooring is a very simple process. This is due to their patented CLICKitEASY method which was inspired by the door lock principle. The head ends of the planks click together with ease. A tongue made from stable plastic incorporated into the head end ensures that both planks lock together simply and securely like a door lock. This ensures a permanent and strong joint. CLICKitEASY is the perfect method for a floating floor installation without any adhesive, hammer or tapping block or for glue-down installation. Engineered wood flooring is easy to maintain and is suitable for vacuum cleaners or sweeping brushes.

Eco-friendly floors, sustainability matters

Ter Hürne pride itself on its sustainability and value partnership and trust with regard to both its products and its clients. This is why their eco-friendly flooring comes certified by FSC and PEFC. Since the 1980s the brand's products have been consistently checked, controlled and monitored by the acclaimed Eco-Institute in Cologne, Germany. They achieved the highest standard of authentication in terms of the strict testing of products for harmful emissions and substances.

Ter Hürne: From BRICOFLOR, for you

BRICOFLOR offers a thoughtfully selected range of Ter Hürne products for excellent value. We can provide you with complimentary samples in order for you to ascertain the most suitable colours and textures to complement the desired tone in your space. We have a strong belief in every manufacturer we supply and we hope you will place your trust in us. For any further information don’t hesitate to contact us and we will assist you with your needs.

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