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Forbo bulletin board – Capturing Thoughts on Linoleum

Who is not familiar with massive magnetic boards and stifling notice boards that give the room a monotonous office atmosphere…
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The natural pinboard linoleum solution – Forbo noticeboard

The Forbo Bulletin Board collection has set itself the task of completely turning the conventional appearance of pinboards on its head. While typical pinboards are usually made of cork, hard foam or soft fibreboard, the Forbo Bulletin Board is made of innovative linoleum. It is the perfect tool for capturing thoughts. The characteristic features of a noticeboard are completely taken over and amazingly expanded. So, with the Forbo Bulletin Board, you can not only gather your thoughts in one place but also make a massive contribution to the visual preparation of your rooms. The exquisite choice of colours gives you the creative freedom to fully express yourself in terms of design and to integrate the linoleum noticeboard appropriately into existing room concepts. Let yourself be surprised by the diverse possibilities of the Forbo Bulletin Board collection and discover what pinboards can do!

The multi-talent from Forbo – The pinboard linoleum 

Classically, a noticeboard is used to attach notes or messages with pushpins and pins. However, they are not only used for private purposes but can also be found in public institutions. There, appointments and events are announced or requests for various things are made. A pinboard is therefore used for everyday communication in a wide variety of areas. While most noticeboards have a rather boring appearance and always have the same dimensions and shapes, Forbo has come up with something completely new to make daily communication via noticeboard a little more distinguished.

The Forbo Bulletin Board collection includes ultra-modern linoleum pinboards that are available in a wide range of colours. However, colourful notice boards are capable of much more than just holding thoughts. In addition, they can be applied to different surfaces in a similar way to furniture linoleum, enhancing them visually and materially.

Giving rooms functionality – areas of application

In addition to its use as a bulletin board, Forbo's practical notice board can also be used as a versatile coating material for surfaces. Whether in small panels on the wall or as a complete wall covering. The Bulletin Board from Forbo can be cut to size and applied completely freely, depending on your individual wishes. It doesn't matter whether you use the elastic material in colourful tiles on the wall or line an entire run with it. Apart from the typical use on the wall, the linoleum pinboards from Forbo can also serve as inlays for furniture. You can also attach the futuristic material to your doors or cupboards and stick it there as a design-oriented highlight or to fix various things. If you are planning to give your table surface an additional upgrade, Forbo also has the right product for this in its repertoire. The Forbo Desktop Linoleum collection contains a universal table linoleum, which can also be used as an alternative for tabletops and organically shaped furniture surfaces.

Design a colourful surface – The comprehensive design range

A pinboard is usually not immediately seen as a decorative element. Instead of mere practicality, Forbo focuses on the aesthetic finish of its Bulletin Board collection. The pinboard linoleum comes in 15 different colours. While five shades are more in natural brown and beige nuances, the collection also contains five different shades of grey that can be used universally. There are also five bright colours included for that certain something, representing one of each colour family. An intense red, bright orange, delicate yellow, light green and deep blue provide the right accents with which you can create attractive highlights in any room. Become a designer yourself and make your interiors visually appealing and functional at the same time.

Harmonious combinations through clever composition

The colours in the Forbo Bulletin Board collection have been put together in such a way that they can be perfectly combined. A mixture of cool grey tones, for example, can be excellently broken up with striking red. The soft green nuance is particularly effective in combination with harmonious natural colours. To ensure that your linoleum pinboard not only matches your interior but also your flooring, Forbo has developed the collection in such a way that it forms a homogeneous unit with its linoleum floors. The Forbo Marmoleum collection is particularly suitable for use with linoleum pinboards. Together they create a modern room image that no designer could have put together better!

Giving surfaces technical merit – Forbo bulletin board

The outstanding visual features of Forbo's linoleum bulletin boards are uniquely combined with high-quality technical features. The synthesis of linseed oil, resin, cork and pigments in the content not only gives the practical material a distinct naturalness but at the same time equips it with the best flexibility and durability. In addition, the ultra-modern surface coating has such elasticity that tacks and pins leave no visible traces. The functional wall covering also serves as protection for sensitive doors and walls. With a total thickness of 6.0 mm, Forbo Bulletin Board has excellent dimensional stability.

Bonding Forbo Bulletin board – how to install it correctly

Fixing the Forbo Linoleum Bulletin Board is just as easy as using it. For use as a noticeboard, door, furniture and cabinet lining, the material is first applied to a wood-based material so that it can act as a support. Particularly chipboard, multiplex, MDF or HDF provide a suitable base. As soon as these are dry and dust-free, the already-cut linoleum can be attached to them using adhesive. The material is gently pressed onto the support with a hand roller; once the adhesive has dried sufficiently, it can be cut into the desired shape with a router or other cutting tool. As additional edge protection, it is recommended to mount aluminium profiles or wooden strips. To prevent subsequent warping, the back of the support should also be fitted with Forbo Bulletin Board. Alternatively, another backing, such as laminate or veneer, can be used.

No worries – easy cleaning!

If the question now arises as to how you should clean the seemingly delicate material, the answer will surprise you. The natural surface coating can be easily maintained with a damp cloth and a little neutral cleaner. The hygienic product does not attract any dust and also has bacteriostatic properties that help to simplify cleaning.

Furnishing rooms with naturalness – the sustainable linoleum pinboard

Forbo attaches great importance to protecting the environment in the production of its linoleum products. To this end, not only are the manufacturing processes designed to be as sustainable as possible but the materials themselves are also made exclusively from completely renewable raw materials. In this way, you can carry out your renovation project with a clear conscience and not have to worry about its impact on the environment during the innovative redesign of your premises!

Forbo Bulletin Board - Discover multifunctionality at Bricoflor!

If you can't wait to start decorating and redesigning your living space with the practical Forbo Bulletin Board, browse the extensive range of products available in our BRICOFLOR online shop. Should you require any additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly and competent staff. By e-mail, telephone or online chat, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide helpful tips on applying and combining all products. If you are planning to purchase larger quantities of Forbo Linoleum, please contact us for an individual offer. You will of course benefit from our best-price guarantee. Take the opportunity to raise communication in various areas to a new level and equip yourself with the advanced Forbo Bulletin Board collection, now at BRICOFLOR!

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