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Vinyl flooring - The market leader of floor coverings

Vinyl flooring in plank and tile format has gained massive popularity over the past years and has become the market leader of…
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Its success comes from its versatile application possibilities for both commercial and non-commercial use and also from its looks. The new modern vinyl flooring looks and feels just as authentic as the organic product.

Vinyl flooring, LVT flooring - the different names of the versatile all-rounder

People often think about the correct name for this product. Is it called vinyl flooring? Or is it LVT flooring?

The answer to that is both. Vinyl flooring is the general word and the LVT, also ‘luxury vinyl tiles’, has been created to avoid the connection to its predecessor, the old low-quality vinyl roll. The creation of various names is also due to manufacturers naming each product individually.

LVT as the precursor - this is how the success story began

Due to a shortage of raw materials during the Second World War, many companies were forced to adapt to the new availability and therefore turn to ‘vinyl’, which was not very common back in the day. Initially, vinyl was used as an alternative to rubber. After the war, the use of vinyl began to flourish. The usage of vinyl for popular vinyl records set the stage for the new flooring made out of vinyl. As the flooring was gaining more popularity, it was often criticised because of the harmful vapours it was producing and was, therefore, cast aside until an improved version – called LVT-came out. This version turned out to be cost-effective and safe at the same time.

The LVT flooring - the advantages of vinyl

With time, the LVT floors have been continuously optically and technically developing. By creating more innovative material compositions, better dimensional stability and durability have been achieved. Moreover, improved rolling methods and printing techniques also provided a more authentic look.

During the 2000s, the final step to what we now call LVT Flooring has been developed. The new production of vinyl floors in the form of tiles and planks with different installation options has proved to be revolutionary. Not only did this flooring look more authentic, but it also made installation faster and easier than the rolling LVT

Always a good choice - the advantages of LVT flooring

LVT Flooring now includes many practical advantages and a very authentic design that is offered in four different installation options. Vinyl Floors are an excellent choice for both private and commercial use and they come in countless designs and decors such as wooden and stone effects.

The wet room suitability - perfect for the kitchen and bathroom

A particularly positive aspect of this floor covering is its suitability in damp rooms. LVT can easily withstand very high humidity. Thanks to its 100% water-repellent material, moisture and wetness have no chance. Unlike parquet or laminate, it is not possible to damage the vinyl floor with water and is therefore perfect for bathroom vinyl flooring. This guarantees a long product life even under harsh conditions. The LVT Flooring is the best alternative to the stone-cold ceramic tiles in the kitchen and is hard to maintain linoleum in the living areas. Because it comes in endless designs and patterns, you have the choice!

Small but fine - luxury vinyl flooring with a low installation level

Many floor coverings are difficult to renovate. This is often due to high installation height. The installation height is the total thickness of the product. If the floor covering is too thick, there may be a blockage at doors and transitions to other rooms, which requires further work steps such as sanding doors. To avoid this, it is worth investing in LVT flooring!

This is distinguished by its characteristically low construction height, vinyl plank is particularly thin. This usually has an installation height of just 2 mm (self-adhesive vinyl flooring) or 4 - 5 mm (vinyl click flooring). This means that doors do not have to be sanded down during renovation, which is particularly important for glass doors. LVT Flooring is, therefore, the ideal floor covering for every renovation project!

Luxury vinyl for the small wallet - the optimal price-performance ratio of cheap LVT flooring

While wooden floors are often extremely expensive and laminate is very affordable but also cheaply looking, vinyl flooring has an optimal price-performance ratio. It is much cheaper than parquet and only slightly more expensive than laminate. However, its technical achievements pay off in the long term.

A floor covering that is high quality and has the most modern functional properties promises an attractive overall appearance for many years to come. Luxury vinyl prices are therefore justified. Moreover, BRICOFLOR also offers cheap vinyl flooring that can save you money.

For tough days - high durability with LVT

In areas with a significantly high frequency of use, a floor covering must be able to withstand even the heaviest loads. Luxury vinyl has a high-quality wear layer that protects the floor from scratches. This makes the flooring particularly resistant to pressure and similar activity. 

LVT vinyl flooring simply goes along with everything without losing its beauty. It is even used in the industrial sector and ensures a brilliant result under the most difficult conditions.

How to buy the right flooring? - authenticity down to the smallest detail 

The decors are so authentic that they can no longer be optically distinguished. Even if you touch the flooring, you sometimes cannot tell for sure whether it is a "real" stone floor or a "real" parquet. LVT is convinced with extremely natural designs so that it cannot be determined whether the original or the high-quality replica is made of organic products.

Grains, knotholes and similar details are integrated into the surface at an exact point, making it look realistic. This does not make it completely smooth but gives it a noticeable texture that feels like a natural model. Flooring with imprint structure makes the room look particularly natural without sacrificing the visual qualities of its originals.

Unlimited possibilities - vinyl flooring in all colours and shapes

LVT flooring is available in a wide variety of decors. There are no limits to your imagination. From classic pine looks to modern concrete replicas, the vinyl plank offers a wide range of designs. In addition to the typical floor coverings, the LVT also has more unusual designs.

Atypical patterns and unique structures make the floor a real gem. Anyone who likes the classic look of oak will be just as satisfied with wood effect vinyl flooring as someone who likes the LVT bold and eye-catching.

Everyone knows it to be looking cheap on larger surfaces. One reason for this is the repetition of the pattern. This makes the surface appear artificial and provides an inferior result. An important feature of high-quality luxury vinyl is its low number of pattern repetitions. Because each plank has a slightly modified surface, the floor appears more natural.

The right technique for every area - the different types of installation

To make the laying of LVT flooring accessible to everyone, there are various systems. In addition, different mechanisms are suitable for different areas. Anyone who decides on a stylish design floor should, therefore, make sure that the type of installation is suitable for the desired purpose. Otherwise, there is a risk of irreparable damage, which in the worst case can lead to the entire floor covering having to be replaced

Anyone who wants to achieve the best possible result in the long term without worrying about durability should find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of individual systems.

To prevent problems - the right preparation for installation

A premature installation can lead to mistakes that affect the overall picture. At best, the process starts 24 hours before the actual layout. The vinyl floor packages should be placed in the designated room and placed next to each other in small stacks.

Since this flooring has a thermoplastic material, it expands at higher temperatures. If laid after immediate storage in a cold place, it may be damaged by the expansion of the LVT flooring. Old coverings and unevenness in the substrate should also be removed. Depending on the type of vinyl plank, this point is more or less important. In all cases, the floor should be free of dust and smaller particles.

Everything as if touched by magic - self-adhesive vinyl planks

Self-adhesive vinyl tiles open up a wide range of possibilities, especially for living areas. The pioneers here are particularly Tarkett and Gerflor. Its diverse design perspectives and particularly easy installation.

Self-adhesive plank flooring does not require a complex tool to be placed on the floor. However, the substrate must be prepared optimally. Dust, grease, and bumps cause an uneven contact surface and can cause the floor to shift or push the bumps through to the surface.

As an option, an adhesive primer can also be used to increase the adhesive strength to guarantee the optimum bond between the peel-and-stick tiles and the subfloor.

The final installation: first, the protective film is removed from the self-adhesive back of the plank and then the planks can be laid end to end. The floor can be walked on directly after the installation as the individual planks are protected from slipping.

Making the DIYs professional - laying vinyl click flooring

Probably the most popular method for DIYs is the installation of luxury vinyl click flooring. There is a multitude of different click systems, each depending on the manufacturer of the LVT click.

The profiles of the two planks come together in varying ways. LVT Click vinyl flooring is available in three different versions, which differ slightly in their materials. However, this does not change the installation method, which remains simple, precise, and fast as usual.

Vinyl plank flooring has a particularly low construction height of approx. 4 to 5 mm. The construction sketch of the click lock vinyl shows the simple construction: The LVT consists of a vinyl board, which is made dimensionally stable by glass fibres, decorative paper, and a wear layer (usually made of polyurethane).

The low overall thickness makes the design floor ideal for all renovation work, as doors do not have to be sanded down and there is no noticeable difference from the other rooms. A disadvantage is that unevenness in the subfloor is more likely to appear on the surface and push through. Therefore, the floor must be carefully prepared for the laying of LVT flooring. 

Thanks to the waterproof material of which the vinyl plank is made, it is also ideal for wet rooms. This flooring offers a pleasant alternative to cold stone tiles and also brings maximum comfort and warmth out of the bathroom.

Vinyl with a multi-layer is about twice as strong as classic vinyl flooring covering, it consists of an HDF carrier board with a vinyl layer laminated on top, decorative paper, and a wear layer. In most cases, the multi-layer vinyl also has an integrated impact sound insulation. A total thickness of up to 10 mm is therefore not unusual, but thanks to the non-elastic HDF carrier board it easily compensates for irregularities in the floor. 

Thanks to the robustness of the base plate, the LVT vinyl flooring can be used in a wide range of applications, for example when laying on ceramic tiles or slightly uneven surfaces.

The only disadvantage: In damp rooms, you should rely on additional surface sealing. This is the only way to prevent the HDF carrier board from swelling, as it often consists of coniferous wood fibres.

The Rigid Vinyl is the latest model on the click vinyl market. It is made of a new carrier material, which provides even more stability and strength. Enriched with stone or limestone, for the thermoplastic elasticity of this floor covering. This makes it less sensitive to heat and more durable.

Unlike other types of vinyl, it is therefore resistant to temperatures of up to 60 degrees. As with multi-layer vinyl, rigid vinyl often incorporates impact sound insulation. This saves additional costs and facilitates installation. In addition, rigid vinyl is warm to the foot and gentle on the joints, which provides pleasant walking comfort even when walking barefoot.

An advantage that rigid vinyl has over the other types is that it does not require much time before the actual installation. The original typical "weak points" of LVT flooring and multi-layer vinyl floors have been compensated and improved in rigid vinyl. The click mechanism is significantly less fragile and the stretch and shrinkage are reduced by the thermoplastic change. Overall, the rigid vinyl flooring forms a dimensionally stable and extremely solid form of the classic vinyl plank.

Easy and simple - install loose-lay LVT

The loose-lay vinyl is a perfect choice for small surfaces. The vinyl loose lay is extremely stable and adheres optimally to the substrate thanks to its high weight. A big advantage despite the quick and easy installation is that the surface is protected from damage. Even if the floor is removed and re-laid several times, it remains free of traces. 

The planks are easy to pick up so replacement and cleaning work better than with any other LVT. The planks are laid end-to-end which results in a consistently beautiful floor that can withstand everyday pressure without any problems.

The classic laying techniques - cover every area with self-adhesive vinyl tiles

The most original way of laying LVT is self-adhesive vinyl planks. Installation is not easy and requires a lot of skill and knowledge. The base must be perfectly level, as even the smallest particles can be seen on the surface due to the low overall thickness.

The bonding itself is very demanding and should be planned precisely. The vinyl planks are arranged one after the other in the adhesive bed and can only be walked on without risk after they are completely dry. The positioning of the planks and the choice of the right amount of adhesive play a particularly important role. This is the only way to prevent slipping. 

Once laid, the adhesive vinyl offers many advantages that no other flooring has. The LVT flooring has an enormously thin construction height. Usually, this is just 2 mm. This makes the self-adhesive vinyl an ideal choice for renovation. No sanding of the doors is necessary, and the transition to other rooms becomes almost invisible.

In addition, this floor covering can withstand even the heaviest loads. Since pressure points occur especially with thicker floor heights, the LVT is resistant to this effect. It is also a good alternative in damp rooms, as it is completely moisture-repellent when sealed accordingly. Water damage has no chance and the bathroom and kitchen shone for a long time with a perfect floor covering.

Suitable for any area - the areas where LVT flooring can be used

To know which floor covering is suitable for which area of use, check the service class which provides information about the usage. The service class appears as a small number on the product data-sheet. It indicates what the floor can withstand and which loads it can permanently withstand.

If someone unknowingly chooses the wrong service class, the floor covering can show signs of wear after just a few months if used incorrectly! It then loses its valuable properties and no longer meets the promised requirements. If you want to enjoy your LVT for a long time, you should pay attention to the choice of a service class. This is the only way to guarantee a long-term beautiful and even result.

Flooring for your own four walls – in numbers

The service classes for the living area begin with number two. They have a wear layer between 0.20 mm and 0.30 mm. Products with the service class 21 are suitable for areas with low traffic, and products with the number 23 and above - are for highly frequented areas

In terms of the entrance area and corridor, higher service classes should be selected for the best results. Those areas are being used more intensely than other rooms due to the constant foot traffic and therefore must be equipped with a thicker wear layer.

LVT flooring suitable for the high traffic areas

In shops and offices, the abrasion and daily use of flooring are even higher. The design floor is put to the test daily. 

To ensure that these areas also present a long-lasting beautiful overall appearance, there are special classes of use for the contract sector. They begin with the number 3 and therefore have a wear layer between 0.30 mm and 0.50 mm. Here, the height of the service class depends on the increasing load.

In addition, there is even a service class for the industrial sector. The use of heavy machines and materials must be considered when choosing the floor covering. The classes for the industrial sector begin with the number 4 and have a wear layer thickness of up to 1.0 mm.

Fear of plasticisers in LVT - facts invalidate prejudices!

As in many everyday products (bottles, children's toys), plasticisers are also indispensable in luxury vinyl. A look at the ingredients reveals whether it is a risky product or not. Not all plasticisers are harmful to health. Only the addition of phthalates has to be avoided. 

The elastic luxury vinyl flooring is not harmful - neither for the environment nor for health. Products that are manufactured in Europe are subject to strict requirements and their ingredients are tested. Despite the prejudices, many of the modern design coverings are even quite beneficial for well-being. Most products are antibacterial, which makes them the perfect floor covering for allergy-related conditions. Due to the increasingly stricter guidelines, this ingredient is hard to find in vinyl floor coverings. Well-known manufacturers for a long time avoided the addition of phthalates in their products so that there is hardly any danger of getting one into their hands.

If you want to choose one of the versatile vinyl products, you don't have to worry about negative effects on people and the environment.

In favour of sustainability - environmentally friendly flooring

Many manufacturers are committed to an even more environmentally friendly approach. Awareness of the need to care about the environment is becoming more and more important. Many brands take up this aspect and consider it in manufacturing and production.

When manufacturing products, brands like, for example, Wineo, pay attention to the low-impact and sustainable extraction of raw materials. Nature-friendly floor solutions are also the aim of Gerflor vinyl flooring. With the highest quality standards, LVT contributes to a future-oriented production method.

"Made in Europe" - the production site of LVT as a quality guarantee

Vinyl floors manufactured in Europe are subject to strict requirements. Luxury vinyl must follow universal guidelines to be able to present itself on the market. Therefore, the labelling of the place of manufacture within Europe can be seen as a symbol of high-quality requirements.

Gerflor's products are manufactured in Europe and therefore meet the standards for high-quality floor coveringsForbo's vinyl is also produced locally and is characterized by high-quality standards. Anyone who wants a design floor that meets all requirements should consider the place of manufacture when purchasing and include it in their choice.

LVT flooring - life-like imitations better than the original

If you are still wondering why you should choose the elastic floor covering, you have to be careful. The advantages of the LVT speak for themselves.

While they are visually indistinguishable, their properties could not be more different. The weak points of the various floor coverings are corrected with the vinyl plank so that the typical negative aspects of parquet or laminate flooring are simply eliminated. If you want to be on the safe side, the best choice is the flexible multi-purpose one. 

The high-quality flooring - wooden parquet vs. LVT

Those who like the natural look of a floor will quickly think of getting a parquet. However, the fact that the glossy wooden floor also has many disadvantages is often disregarded. If a long-term choice has to be made, you can choose between Parquet and LVT. 

For daily use, the amount of maintenance required plays a major role. Parquet flooring has to be oiled regularly to stay preserved. Only this way it will remain magnificent and attractive in the long term.

Vinyl, on the other hand, can be easily cleaned with water. In addition, chemical cleaning agents are not a problem for LVT flooring. Compared to the parquet, LVT is not affected by the use of cleaners. Parquet flooring has great robustness and stability due to its enormous construction height. However, anyone who wants to use it as a renovation floor will soon reach its limits.

The situation is very different from vinyl floors. They impress with a very low construction height. Wear damage and scratches are much rarer than on a sensitive wooden floor. LVT flooring has many advantages over parquet flooring and still is much cheaper to buy. If you choose a vinyl plank, you can also do something good for your wallet at the same time!

Price compared - laminate vs. LVT

If you want a pleasant wood look, but for price-related reasons do not want to go for parquet flooring, people often compromise on laminate. Laminate flooring is unbeatable financially. It attracts many customers with the lowest possible prices. The disadvantage: the floor covering often does not meet the daily demands of life. Due to its inferior properties, damage can quickly become visible.

The strikingly high-impact sound effect and the particular sensitivity to moisture are the two biggest disadvantages of laminate flooring. Vinyl flooring is visually convincing due to its authentic appearance. The versatile properties of the material stand in contrast to the weak points of laminate products.

The pleasant sound-absorbing properties, as well as the complete moisture repellence, improve the disadvantages of the wood product. Although LVT flooring is a little more expensive than laminate, it is always characterized by a reasonable price-performance ratio. In addition, BRICOFLOR always has bespoke offers which make it possible for you to buy high-quality flooring at a lower price! If you want to get the modern all-rounder at an even lower price, you should be quick and browse the selection of LVT on BRICOFLOR!

Wide range of brands and manufacturers - the large vinyl flooring market

The famous flooring becomes even more popular every day! Many manufacturers want to follow the trend and offer vinyl products as well. Due to the many suppliers and different brands, the range has grown considerably in recent years. BRICOFLOR represents all well-known manufacturers. 

The countless selection of vinyl products is structured and arranged practically so that you get a better overview of the relevant products and brands. This makes finding your way around much easier and your dream floor can be picked in no time. Discover the diversity of the market and find the vinyl floor covering for your four walls today!

FAQ- frequently asked questions about LVT flooring

What is vinyl flooring?

The term generally refers to a vinyl floor covering in the form of rolls, planks, and tiles.

what types of LVT flooring are there?

Self-adhesive: Self-adhesive vinyl floors are only approx. 2 mm thick and have a self-adhesive backing. To lay on a level and clean surface, just remove the protective foil and press the floorboard onto the floor.

Vinyl click: The most popular type is the click vinyl. The click vinyl plank flooring and click vinyl tile flooring are approx. 5 mm thick and laid floating on a base or impact sound insulation. There are three types: regular vinyl, multilayer vinyl, and rigid vinyl.

Loose lay: The loose vinyl planks and tiles are approx. 5 mm thick and often have a self-adhesive underside. During installation, the individual elements are simply put together and held by their weight.

What are the advantages?

Suitable for damp rooms: LVT flooring is ideal for laying in damp rooms (bathrooms, kitchens).

Strong durability: The surface finish of luxury vinyl makes the floors particularly resistant to scratches and other damage.

Low construction height: LVT has a low total thickness of approx. 2-5 mm (except multilayer vinyl) and can be laid without the annoying sanding of doors. 

Large selection of designs: those floors are available in almost all types of wood, stone and tile decors as well as creative designs. Thanks to the modern digital printing process and structured surfaces, the imitations are today so authentic that they hardly differ from the original.

Easy & quick to install: If the subfloor is levelled, vinyl can - depending on the product - be laid quickly and easily, either floating or glued over the entire surface.

Acoustic properties: this flooring has a high material density and "swallows" the impact of sounds so that no annoying noises arise.

Thermal properties: LVT is also ideal for underfloor heating systems and also stores heat in such a way that the floor covering is extremely pleasant barefoot.

More about the advantages of vinyl floors

Compared with laminate flooring

Construction height: Except for the multilayer version, luxury vinyl floors are only 2-5 mm thick (laminate flooring approx. 8 mm), which means that the flooring can also be laid on the old floor covering and doors and does not have to be sanded down.

Damp room suitability: In contrast to laminate, LVT floors are also suitable for bathrooms and kitchens. 

The authenticity of decors: Digital printing and the surface finish of vinyl planks make this floor covering an excellent imitation of the original, while laminate floors always look fake.

Durability: LVT flooring is much less sensitive to scratches and other damage. 

Acoustic properties: this floor covering absorbs the impact of sound and is therefore significantly quieter than laminate flooring.

From vinyl to the desired result - order now from BRICOFLOR!

 At BRICOFLOR you can easily choose your personal favourite from a wide range of decors and technical features. Your dream floor is just a few clicks away.

If you require individual advice, simply contact us by e-mail, telephone or via our contact form. A friendly and competent staff member will be happy to assist you and accompany you. Regardless of which floor covering you ultimately choose, you will always benefit from our best-price guarantee. We will also be happy to make you an individual offer for the purchase of larger quantities. Decide now for a stylish vinyl floor and make use of the different application possibilities. Turn your home into an incomparable comfort zone with these flexible floor coverings! 

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