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Vinyl Flooring: Versatile, Resilient And The Perfect Choice For Any Space.

LVT flooring is a modern solution for any interior design and renovation projects. Vinyl planks are not only beautifully crafted, they are also strong, durable and simple to maintain

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The selection of vinyl flooring is wide and diverse, allowing you to choose the perfect look for your personal tastes and style requirements, from classic wood finishes to elegant stone touches, and even metal optics.

The product range offers several different stress-free installation methods such as self-adhesive, click systems, and even loose lay and glue-down – giving you the option to pick the method which works best for you in your pursuit of flooring perfection.

One of the main qualities of luxury vinyl flooring is the great wear resistance: resistance to scratches, scuffs and foot traffic. BRICOFLOR offers a wide range of types of LVT flooring that are moisture and wear-resistant, comfortable and suitable for underfloor heating, able to give the effect of the wood and are presented at a great price. 

Why Choose Vinyl Flooring over Laminate?

There are many reasons why you should consider choosing a vinyl floor over a laminate one, one of the primary reasons being that vinyl is much more suitable in wet areas such as kitchens or bathrooms. Laminate, in contrast, performs poorly in wet areas and is not recommended to be used in areas such as basements or bathrooms. Vinyl also benefits from being much more durable than laminate, meaning that it can endure much higher traffic and therefore, can be applied to more areas. 

Luxury Vinyl Flooring - High Durability Matched With High Functionality

LVT has gained a reputation as being far superior to laminate in terms of durability and this is for a good reason. Thanks to it polyurethane coating (PUR), the wear layer of LVT is capable of enduring much more stress in terms of high volumes of foot traffic, such as a busy commercial space. LVT is highly resistant to common complaints such as scratches or scuff marks, ensuring that your chosen design last far longer than the alternatives.

Retained heat prevents frozen feet!

Another key advantage of LVT is its ability to retain residual heat from the surrounding environment. Nobody likes getting out of bed to a cold floor, not a problem though with LVT, as it can ensure such issues are a thing of the past! LVT is also compatible with under-floor heating systems, ensuring maximum comfort for you and your room!

Ultra- Realistic Designs are now available

From wood-effect vinyl flooring to stone, highly realistic designs are now available on vinyl. No matter what your taste, you will be able to find a suitable LVT flooring to satisfy you. Perhaps you prefer the calming warmth of a wooden floor or maybe a sleek, understated stone effect is more to your liking? Do you dream of enriching your sitting room with the calming, warmth of a rustic wooden floor but fear the price of such an undertaking? Allow the incredible features of LVT to transform your space without transforming your bank balance! 

Four Different Installation Systems of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

With BRICOFLOR have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of Luxury Vinyl Flooring consisting of numerous styles and installation systems. Speaking of the variety that vinyl planks and tiles come in, there are four main types of LVT when it comes to fitting the flooring. These various methods can also be a general indicator regarding the type of traffic to be expected. For instance, self-adhesive vinyl planks and tiles are normally meant for domestic use, and thus their installation is as easy as it gets, and perfect for DIY. On the other hand, glue-down LVT is targeted more towards industrial or commercial spaces with more traffic, which is why professionals are the ones laying glue-down LVT. There are four types of luxury vinyl tiles and planks, which can also be a general indicator of the degree of traffic the flooring can withstand.

Vinyl Click Flooring: Quick and Easy Handling

This Click System technology is distinguished by its easy and efficient installation system, making it one of the easiest ways to install and complete immediately. Both beautiful and practical, these vinyl click flooring collections are durable without giving up any elegance or quality. The installation process is simple, making it a perfect DIY project. By simply clicking together, tongue and groove, piece by piece, in no time your floor will be complete. No extra tools or skilled labours are needed. The tiles and planks are designed to click together, making it a quick installation process. Using a subfloor or underlay is recommended, as it can help stabilize the flooring and help to ensure the floors durability and longevity. For a quality installation, the subfloor must be clean, flat, hard and dry, in order for the vinyl click flooring to properly take. The subfloor can help compensate for any discrepancies in the ground and help to maintain a pleasant climate in the room. Click system installation can dramatically decrease the time it takes to install and lets you enjoy your space quicker.

Self Adhesive Vinyl Planks: The Simple and Comfortable Solution for your floor

Another immediate, simple and effective solution for a flooring renovation is to install vinyl planks that are equipped with a self-adhesive backing. Not only are they easy and convenient to install but they are also stylish and can add the perfect ambience to any room. With numerous options for the top decorative layer, you can choose from wood, iron, and even porcelain appearances that are manufactured to give the surface a genuine look. These self-adhesive vinyl planks and tiles come with a layer of pressure sensitive adhesive on the underside of the product, making installation as simple as peeling the protective film off and sticking your tiles or planks to the ground. This system does not require any special equipment or tools for installation. Self-adhesive vinyl planks are perfect for any DIY enthusiast, and they support normal traffic in a regular household. Another benefit of these self-adhesive vinyl planks and tiles is that they are simple to clean, easy to maintain and are waterproof, making them the perfect flooring for multiple rooms and situations. Since these planks and tiles are applied directly to the subfloor, it is important that the subfloor is even, flat and clean. With a properly prepared subfloor, installation can proceed without any problems, and your planks and tiles will create a homogeneous and perfectly stable floor. The self-adhesive flooring is specifically designed for easy installation and, thanks to the adhesive bottom, provides excellent adhesion to the substrate.

Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring: A Hassle-Free Choice

This type of vinyl plank flooring is the perfect combination of a floating floor and glue-down LVT. The reason is that even though it does not use any glue or adhesives, it strongly grips the subfloor underneath due to a high coefficient of friction. This system is so efficient and the vinyl planks and tiles “stick” to the floor so well, that it can fool anyone into thinking they were glued. Nevertheless, no adhesives are involved in fitting loose lay vinyl flooring, making them suitable for a DIY fitting and leaving no residue after their removal. These tiles and planks can easily be adapted to any room dimensions and installed quickly and easily by any skill level.

Glue down vinyl flooring: Glue down floors with an Authentic Look

Dryback, or glue-down, vinyl tiles and planks can suit many purposes, from heavily used domestic environments to industrial spaces with high traffic, and are of high quality. Their outstanding resilience comes from the fact that they are thick and require an extra layer of glue, which also adds to these tiles’ sturdiness and resistance to wear and tear. Glue down vinyl flooring is a permanent flooring solution because of the glue. These vinyl tiles and planks can be applied to almost any surface with their sturdy glue, and no extra tools are needed. Equip with a special adhesive edge, the floor requires no separate drying time, allowing for quick and easy installation and immediate access to your new flooring. Vinyl dry back tiles and planks are innovative and of the highest quality, with colours and textures of raw materials such as wood or stone, giving a real authentic, elegant look. On BRICOFLOR you can find numerous vinyl collections that are sure to be ideal for all your renovation needs.

Providing Collections from Top Manufactures

The most famous of plastic laminate manufacturers are Adore, Allure, Amtico, Gerflor, Hebo, and Tarkett. Gerflor, an international manufacturer, is well known for proving flooring solutions for events such as the Olympics and is trusted by large companies like Boeing. Their astounding achievements make Gerflor a top choice for durability, reliability, and trustworthiness. Gerflor luxury vinyl tiles and planks bring stylish choices of colour and designs together with durability and resistance. Gerflor also strives to be environmentally friendly by having all of their products be 100% recyclable at the end of their life. Gerflor provides LVT flooring solutions for any room and ambience. Tarkett offers a wide range of LVT planks and tiles of many inspirations and shades. The luxury vinyl flooring collections from Tarkett are greatly appreciated for the robustness and quality of the raw materials that make it so the tiles and planks the ideal choice for every need. Lastly, the durable and stylish planks and tiles from Gerflor are famous for their quality and ease of installation. All of Allures vinyl products are versatile and adaptable: they are ideal for both the home and for commercial and respond effectively to every need housing and furnishing. BRICOFLOR offers many collections from manufacturers who are well known and have a record for excellence.

Quick-Step LIVYN -  Luxury Vinyl Flooring to suit any desire.

Quick-Step LIVYN offers a wide variety of choice in terms of installation method and design. This collection contains two different installation methods: glue-down and a click system. These methods, each have their own advantages however each category contains excellent and vibrant designs so that you can find the right design and installation method for you! With a long history of producing high-quality and long-lasting flooring, Quick-Step vinyl flooring is a name you can trust!

Tarkett Vinyl - Excellent products at excellent prices!

Tarkett vinyl has been producing high-quality products for over 130 years, it's fair to say they know their craft well. Their vinyl collections boast countless designs, styles and colours, each more than capable of transforming your space into the room you've always wanted. Whether you are looking for a residential or commercial upgrade, Tarkett vinyl flooring has the designs, installation methods, and expertise to truly bring your vision into a reality. 

Vinyl Plank Flooring in Great Variety: The Choice is Yours!

Vinyl is a real all-rounder and has quickly been conquering the market. In the online shop of BRICOFLOR, you can find a huge selection of different design coverings, with almost 1000 different styles to choose from that can be installed safely for both home use and for commercial use. You have the choice between different planks and tiles for both residential and commercial areas and an application that suits your tastes and satisfies your needs. Some of the best-known manufacturers of LVT flooring, including renowned manufacturers such as Allure, Amtico, Gerflor, and Tarkett, contribute to our large selection with their collections and demonstrate what luxury vinyl tiles and planks can do visually and technically for your home. Choose your new design according to your requirements, select the various boards, planks and tiles using the application technique you want, the colour, technical and quality characteristics they possess. The online store of BRICOFLOR offers a wide selection, so you just have to decide on your favourites!