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Gerflor Vinyl Flooring – Cutting-edge designs from a market leader

Gerflor is known as one of the world's leading specialists in resilient floor solutions. Founded over 70 years ago as a sm…

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Gerflor Vinyl combines the factors of environmental awareness, material strength, design and comfort – to create a truly unique flooring experience. Not only the products of Gerflor are not only a great addition to all your rooms but it gives you the opportunity make the most of all your rooms and maximise their potential! Discover the Gerflor vinyl flooring offer in our online shop and let yourself be enchanted by all its strengths, advantages and special features!

Highest Quality to Best Conditions - Gerflor Vinyl Flooring

The fact that a renovation project does not have to exhaust you and you can still have a beautiful vinyl flooring that will give you pleasure for years to come, proves the Gerflor vinyl floor range. With Bricoflor, you will find high-quality Gerflor products for a small price and above all always for the best price! The Gerflor vinyl plank flooring scores with numerous technical and material strengths: a quality that pays off over the years! Here are some of the key quality benefits of Gerflor Vinyl:

Environmentally Friendly Vinylf Flooring Solutions for Homes, Offices and Much More

The company Gerflor is itself its biggest critic. This results in the highest quality standards and a special care in the selection of materials and processes that are used to produce the Gerflor LVT flooring. A particularly high standard is the environmental friendliness of the floor solutions. Not only are all production sites certified by the ISO14001 quality standard, but the materials processed within them are selected to the highest standards. All design coverings are therefore guaranteed to be recycled - components that can be recycled through upcycling or recycling methods. Not only does this contribute to an environmentally friendly, future-oriented production method right from the start, it also leads to simplified recycling at the end of product life. This is how Gerflor guarantees you environmentally friendly solutions for all your living and project rooms and much more.

Durable and Robust Through Everyday

With the market leader Gerflor luxury vinyl flooring, you are guaranteed a durable and robust floor solution. Perfectly matched to the respective field of application, the vinyl flooring can withstand all challenges in the respective areas of use. Thanks to the multi-layered construction of a back or carrier material, a robust and flexible material layer, a wear layer located thereon with a special surface finish, the Gerflor LVT floor withstands all everyday wear and tear. Scratch and abrasion do not stand a chance, especially due to the combination of a strong bearer surface and the surface finish - this is what your Gerflor vinyl plank flooring looks like years ago as if it had just been laid. Let the durable and robust Gerflor Vinyl accompany you through everyday life - day after day.

Gerflor Vinyl Flooring - Your Ideal Design Awaits

In the Gerflor vinyl flooring selection in the BRICOFLOR online shop, you will find a suitable and above all appealing floor covering made of durable vinyl plank flooring for every renovation project. Here you have the opportunity to browse through the collections in peace and quiet and discover the perfect LVT flooring for your renovation or renovation project. The diverse collections allow you to visually support almost every style of furnishing. In addition, there are numerous combination possibilities, so that you can create true oases of well-being, in which you will feel well always and for years. Discover now the wide range of Gerflor products on design coverings!

Vinyl Design Floor Gerflor Creation 70 - Excellent Design

With the Gerflor Creation 70, you can not only opt for an excellent design, but for an award-winning design. This Gerflor Vinyl was awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award in 2016 for its excellent product design. The selection was rewarded, among other things, by its range of realistic wood, stone and textile decors with bevelled edges and authentic surface embossing. So you have the spoiled for choice with this vinyl laminate, which meets even the highest demands in the commercial sector (service class 33). Discover, for example, Gerflor Vinyl 70 Clic System "0360 Deep Forest" (123.9 x 20.4 cm) with a click system. With its natural surface design and rustic-inspired colouring, this décor corresponds to current trends. Combination possibilities, for example with white furniture or such in high-gloss decors, allow for great contrasts, which dress all rooms in vogue. At the same time, you will find the selection Gerflor Creation 70 vinyl flooring at BRICOFLOR in three different laying systems, so that you can choose a laying variant as you wish. Gerflor Creation 70 - lets award-winning design move into all your rooms!

Gerflor Creation 55 X'Press : Loose-Lay Vinyl Design Floor for the Object Area and More

Do you want to renovate quickly and easily without sacrificing quality? No problem - with the self-laying design floor of the collection Gerflor Creation 55 X'Press! Loose-Lay Vinyl Gerflor Creation 55 X'Press is the perfect vinyl floor for the high-traffic object room and industrial areas (utility class 42). Equipped with a 0.55 mm thick wear layer, the 4.00 mm thick LVT flooring design covering stands up to all challenges. Thanks to the large selection of different wood and stone decors, nothing remains to be desired here.

Whether you are natural or rustic wood variations or if you prefer or like exquisite stone decors: With the collection Gerflor Creation 55 X'Press everyone gets their money's worth! For example, see Gerflor Creation 55 X'Press "0578 Alisier". The natural wood decor brings warmth and comfort to every room. The stone design Gerflor Creation 55 X'Press "0618 Carmel", on the other hand, turns every room into a graceful palace of timeless elegance. In addition, the self-supporting vinyl flooring, in addition to its easy-to-handle self-laying installation system, characterized by a variety of technical quality features. So the vinyl plank flooring inspires in every area of application - whether in the private sector, object or in industrially-used premises - with grace, elegance and at the same time best quality.

Gerflor Vinyl Flooring - Many Handling-Friendly Laying Alternatives

Until a few years ago, the idea of a renovation project was usually associated with negative experiences. Too expensive, too heavy, too cumbersome floor coverings of the old generation. However, these times are long gone. Thanks to the latest production methods, user-friendly installation solutions and affordable costs, vinyl design flooring is today a popular alternative to real wood or stone floors and much more. The manufacturer Gerflor offers not only a wide range of designs to choose from but also luxury vinyl flooring with a variety of installation options:

Self-Adhesive Luxury Vinyl Flooring - Preparation, Adjust, Expand, Finished!

The self-adhesive Gerflor vinyl solutions prove that renovating your own four walls does not take too much time. Once the substrate has been prepared for the conversion work, the removal of self-adhesive vinyl flooring succeeds in no time at all. Simply adjust the boards to the width or length of the room, if necessary make necessary cuts for falls, bay and the like, remove the film that protects the adhesive layer, and the planks or tiles push-to-push by lightly pressing on the ground muster. After installation, the Gerflor Vinyl Flooring is directly accessible and the renovation of the subsoil is completed.

The Classic: Gerflor Vinyl Plank Flooring with Click System

The cutting-edge vinyl click flooring system is a truly innovative product. Named after the acoustically perceptible click noise that results from the installation, Gerflor vinyl click flooring is almost indispensable on the market and known as a user-friendly installation option. The flooring is simply adapted to the room dimensions, put together using the tongue and groove system and the renovation is completed. Depending on product characteristics and manufacturer, an additional impact sound insulation under the vinyl flooring can be installed, which compensates for slight unevenness on the substrate and contributes to more pleasant room acoustics.

Loose-Lay Vinyl - Quick and Easily Cleaned LVT

Vinyl flooring has never been easier or faster laid than Gerflor Loose Lay! Due to the very high net weight of the vinyl planks or tiles with the Loose-Lay-Laying system, these can be easily laid, similar to carpet tiles, without glue, click system or the like. For this purpose, the self-supporting vinyl flooring must be adapted only to the dimensions and placed piece by piece on the even and clean floor. Already the installation is easy, fast and above all clean!

Glue-Down Vinyl flooring - A safe and reliable option that sticks.

Especially in high-traffic areas and wet rooms, you can play it safe with adhesive vinyl! Due to the full-surface bonding water and the like have no chance! The laying of vinyl flooring for glueing is done by applying a special adhesive to the floor surface. For this, the substrate must be prepared by smoothing, cleaning and unevenness. Then the special glue can be applied to the floor. The planks or tiles of the luxury vinyl flooring can then be embedded shock-to-joint in the resulting adhesive bed. The adhesive bed fixes the vinyl on the substrate so that nothing can slip after drying the adhesive layer.

Gerflor Vinyl Flooring and BRICOFLOR : Quality and Service for You to Enjoy!

With the range of Gerflor vinyl flooring, you will find a wide range of products in the BRICOFLOR online shop in which you too can find what you are looking for. Here is to find a suitable answer for every renovation project, for every requirement and every taste. Likewise, you will find in this range for every room, from the living area to industrial use, a perfect luxury vinyl floor. When ordering, you can take advantage of the many customer benefits that will guarantee you an all-inclusive service. In case of uncertainties and questions regarding the Gerflor LVT Flooring, you can, of course, contact our service team at any time, who will gladly assist you with advice and assistance. The free sample service and the best price guarantee make the purchase at BRICOFLOR particularly attractive. Even large quantities can be worthwhile if you request an individual offer via telephone or e-mail. Buy Gerflor vinyl flooring online at BRICOFLOR - quality and service that inspire! If you have questions or suggestions, you can reach us by phone, write an e-mail or use our contact form.

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