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Versace wallpaper - Luxury in your home 

Versace producing wallpaper results in a wide variance of luxurious styles to decorate your home. Versace was established in Milan in 1978. With the fashion and lifestyle products they offer, the company symbolizes an Italian luxury ambience. Even with their wallpapers, they are able to give you the atmosphere you want in your home. Decorating your home with this beautiful wallpaper you are able to create the feeling you want being at home. The collections offered to you are sophisticated, timeless, and with true Baroque style. With gold, black and crème colours it will give your home a luxurious appearance. Using different structures, black and gold colours, and the Barocco style, the Versace designer wallpaper will surround you with luxury.

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The classic and natural styles are timeless. The different combinations you can apply are endless, choosing borders and plain shades or different patterns. The colours will give you inspiration to combine endlessly. 

High end brand creating wallpaper - Versace

We can see in the design the elegance and luxury Versace stands for. Not only the luxury is displayed, also the different colours stand for the brand. In this collection they use a lot of black, gold and crème colouring. The quality in this line is outstanding, which we can see in the different characteristics the wallpaper has. The two collections Versace offers are: Versace I which incorporates a lot of baroque styles. With yellow, gold, red, black and many more colours you will be amazed by this beautiful collection. The second line, Versace II, also incorporates a lot of gold colours, but this collection is more modern than the last one, for an equally luxurious but more contemporary look.

Versace I – Sheer Luxury

The almost 70 wallpapers Versace I offers in this collection have different themes. Barocco Flowers displays an elegance and feminine style with gold and black. Greek key is the masculine version of the previous mentioned style with gold, silver, black and crème lining. Barocco and Stripes keeps the traditional Baroque style but with a modern stripe and yellow, gold and silver, black, red, and blue tints. The Herald displays a reinterpretation of the classic Baroque style by Versace while they use soft tints and somewhat darker colours. Creamy Barocco incorporates flowers in the Baroque style to create a floral theme and crème hues to soften the effect of the flowers. By using one of the 11 wallpaper borders Versace offers in this collection, mixing and matching results in endless creativity and combinations. 

Versace II – Ornamental Splendour

The next collection, Versace II, offers more than 60 wallpapers with the themes of La coupe des dieux, Pompei, Giungla, #GREEK, and Baroque and Roll. This collection is a mixture of details, elegance and tradition combined with modern aspects. In this new collection, Versace also uses gold wallpaperyellowblack and crèmeThe la coupe des dieux collection is wallpaper with a display of tiles. Using blue, gold and crème colours, it gives you a calm feeling. In the Pompei collection, the theme is ancient Rome using gold, crème, white and a baroque print. Floral wallpaper and jungle leaves are displayed in the Giugla line. The leaves have traditional green colour although they used a black leaves with golden setting to create a sophisticated atmosphere. This year Versace applies the greek style again in their line #GREEK, this year the assortment is made with smooth lining and colours brown, white, black and gold. The Baroque and Roll style radiates the Versace and passion with its baroque style, gold, grey, white and black colours.

Characteristics of Versace wallpaper - High Quality

Buying a high end brand wallpaper you want it to last long and stay beautiful. That is why Versace wallpaper has a very high quality. You do not want it to only look good in the beginning, but it has to stay beautiful. The certain characteristics are indicated with icons. These icons are easy when you are choosing the best wallpaper for you. The design is of course important, but the characteristics of wallpaper is also important. Think of: colour fastness, washable wallpaper, and easy to remove.  

Cleanable wallpaper - Convenient for everyone 

Versace manufacures this great collection of luxury wallpapers, all of which are non-woven or textured. Thanks to this choice of material line is of remarkable high quality. We can notice this in the characteristics of this line, for example because you can clean all coverings with a soft brush, sponge or damp cloth. The label with the little brush and water means that you can use water combined with just a little bit of soap and a soft brush to clean weak stains of the wallpaper. This is especially nice to have in rooms where you are present a lot, so you do not have to worry about the lighter stains. Another useful application for washable wallpaper is in kids’ rooms.This is one of the features  that show you that the quality of the wallpaper is excellent. 

Colourfastness of wallpaper - High quality 

We can also notice the high quality Versace delivers in this collection in the colour fastness of the products. The icon with the little sun indicates the colour fastness of a product. In this line of wallpaper the icon indicates: good colourfastness. This means, under normal circumstances, the colour of the product will hold for approximately 50 years. These normal circumstances are: inside and not in direct sunlight. So the wallpaper from Versace will hold its quality and colours.

Redecoration friendly - Easy to remove

When you are looking to redecorate this collection has a really good feature. The wallpaper is easy strippable and while stripping it off, you will not damage the wall you applied it on. The wallpaper will also not leave any pieces behind on the wall. You do not need tools, chemicals or fluids to strip the wallpaper, it is just drily strippable. This makes it easy if you want to change the atmosphere in your home by redecorating. Because of the divers designse offered in this collection, there is a wallpaper for everyone’s lifestyle.

BRICOFLOR UK - bringing Versace to your home

At BRICOFLOR UK you can buy wallpapers from Versace online. You can also find a lot of other collections in our online shop. As a special service to our customers, we offer free wallpaper samples. This could be useful if you want to get some inspiration in mixing and matching the different colours, borders, and patterns from this collection. We also present a roll calculator for you to see how much you will need to buy. So take a look around our online shop and find the perfect wall covering for your home!