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Decorative wall panels - Novel, individual and cosy panelling for a special living atmosphere

Wall panels are an exquisite alternative to wallpapers and tiles because they convince through many different looks in authen…
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Multifaceted, creative and original - individual interior design with decorative panels

The decorative wall panels have the function of giving your ceiling, or attic or adding a personal and original touch. The multifunctional wall and ceiling cladding from various manufacturers impresses with a wide range of decors for a variety of design requirements. Basically, the panels can be worked out in 4 large decor orientations: classic wood imitation, detailed replica stone, mineral optics and plain designs. What unites the different designs is the extremely high authenticity and detailed production. The wall panels fit in wonderfully with any room concept, can be creatively combined thanks to different patterning and contribute visual and qualitative class to your premises.

Wood panels or plastic panels: That's the question

With the right choice of decorative wall panels, you can fundamentally change your spaces. In addition to the visual value, there is a technical maturity that gives the wall modules a high degree of durability and longevity. So the manufacturers offer their products in two versions: Plastic panel or wood panel. In the first, the replica of the desired pattern is printed elaborately and in high resolution on valuable decor paper and imitates as a final result a wooden or mineral surface structure. Ceiling or wall panels made of real wood, on the other hand, come with natural materials and therefore have a higher weight. As a result, a real wood panel is correspondingly more expensive than decorative panels.

Different manufacturers offer formats for a suitable room situation

Not only through different designs, the decorative panels offer a good impression but also have in your overall rating and your structure numerous stylish elements and useful features. This already starts with the dimensions, because here lengths of the individual panels range from a practical 1,250 mm to impressive planks of 4,000 mm. The practical structure varies depending on the manufacturer but is a multi-layered construction with improved properties.

ter Hürne

 The Münsterland flooring expert presents a product that has an MDF carrier as its core and high-quality, washable decorative paper on the surface. The dimensionally stable support plates of the ter Hürne decorative panels are E1-approved and are free of PVC, chlorine and wood preservatives. The optical "i" icing makes a suitable joint that you can choose. With a “zero joint”, so a non-existing groove, the decor gets quiet and harmonious. On the other hand, with a visual joint, individual planks are separated from one another, so that you can consciously structure the surface optically.

Special technical and functional properties of the wall panels

In addition to the impeccable appearance and safe construction, the wall panels and ceiling panels also bring some technical, functional and health benefits with them. First of all, manufacturers attach great importance to the proper handling of the environment and resources. For this reason, the wood for the panels originated from sustainable forestry construction and meets the highest standards of quality, aesthetics and healthy living with the "Made in Germany" quality.

Moisture-proof: Thanks to the elaborate layer structure, all wall and ceiling panels can be easily laid in the kitchen or the bathroom. Thus, you do not have to arrange with cold tiles and can also make the humid rooms comfortable. However, it is recommended to avoid the splash water area.

Lightfastness and light installation suitability: The panels have good light resistance based on DIN EN ISO 4892-2. As a result, they are protected from fading by sunlight. In addition, you can install recessed luminaires for continuous operation on the wall panels and ceiling panels due to their enormous heat resistance of up to 110 ° C.

Easy to assemble - decorative panels for home use

The attachment of the panels is quick and easy. The decorative wall panels from different manufacturers have unique connection techniques, such as the Safe-Lock profile, in which the boards simply have to snap into each other. Another technique is a tongue and groove profile, in which the laying of the components takes place by mating at the edges. So easy and fast, you ensure a stylish space experience of special quality. In the BRICOFLOR online shop, you will find matching brand accessories, which are tailored to each collection.

Granorte Decodalle - cork for your walls!

If you were trying to save the world, then you are in luck. These Decodalle decorative wall tiles are made out of natural cork, a material that is known for being sustainable, completely recyclable, anti-bacterial and sound-isolating. Thanks to its PARAWAX finish, these tiles are also incredibly sturdy, even though they contain only renewable materials that are not hazardous to your health or the environment.

Buy wall panels in the online shop

In our BRICOFLOR online shop, you can convince yourself of a big one. When placing an order, you will also benefit from our helpful services that will make your shopping even more enjoyable! For example, you always get all kinds of wall panels at an affordable price, thanks to our best price guarantee. Should you ever waver between several chic patterns, then our sample service can help: choose up to eight decors and we will send you the samples conveniently to your home. So you can decide for peace after the personal inspection of the products. If you want to disguise larger areas and need larger quantities of product, we may even be able to make you an individual offer. Simply contact us by phone, mail or using our contact form.

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