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Commercial Carpet Tiles – Practical Flooring Solutions for Your Business

Carpet tiles have grown in popularity in the recent years, especially in the commercial sector where durable and quiet flooring is most in demand. Unlike fitted carpet, carpet tiles have many more advantages such as transportation, installation, cost, and time. 

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Commercial carpet tiles

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Easy Installation and Maintenance

Carpet tiles are now the popular option for those looking for a flexible and easy flooring solution that´s built to withstand heavy foot traffic. In today´s busy commercial industry, there isn´t much time for renovations in the workplace. It´s difficult to interrupt a productive work day, since most flooring takes a few days to install, and cannot be used for a few days after installation. With commercial carpet tiles, you can install it in phases and use it immediately.

An advantage of carpet tiles in the commercial sector is their simple installation process. Since they are loose lay, they don´t require any additional adhesives and they don´t damage your subfloor. They can be installed over your existing floor, saving you the hassle of demolition and removal. The amount of waste during installation is also greatly decreased. The waste generated when installing modular tiles is only 3-4%. When a carpet tile is cut during installation, you can simply use the remnants to fill in spaces next to walls, in corners, around doorways, etc. Because they are loose lay, this makes maintaining them minimal. In case of stains or damage, they can be washed or replaced. If you are moving offices, you can easily lift them up and take them with you. They can be reused repeatedly for multiple areas, saving you time and money.

If you have raised floors in your office, this flooring is the ideal solution. If the cables in your offices become faulty, there is no need to damage the floor in order to fix the issue. The tiles can be individually lifted in order for your maintenance team to have better access.

Carpet Tiles are great if you want to combine colours and patterns in your space. You can highlight important work areas, create checkerboard patterns, stripes, or anything you like. If your company has a signature colour, you can put in carpet tiles to match it.

Schatex Carpet Tiles

Schatex has a long history of creating innovative textile flooring solutions for the commercial and domestic sector. Their products not only stand for great value, top quality, and modern design, but also for having the best price-performance ratio among manufacturers. 

The trademarks of this German manufacturer are their use of high quality, durable materials, and their reasonable price range. Their constantly growing range of products is specifically tailored to the needs and expectations of the customer. Schatex offers a vast selection of carpet tiles for commercial areas in various textures and many colours. These range from a fine surface to a sturdy, coarse yarn. This modular flooring comes in the standard 50 x 50 cm size, which makes it easy to mix and match the colours and textures for a unique look that goes with your company´s style.     

Huega Carpet Tiles

Huega has been known for their high quality long lasting carpet for many years. With options in many colours to suit your needs. For example, the Heuga 727 loose-lay carpet tiles are available in 48 different colours that can be combined with each other to your liking, giving you maximum creative freedom. Perfect for home or commercial uses such as hotels or offices their durability is a resounding factor in their lead on the market. Suitable for castor chairs and underfloor heating systems. These tiles also come with anti-static properties and resistance to damage at cut edges. The loop pile tiles are perfect for hiding any stains and imperfections you may accidentally create and a seven year warranty on commercial use is nothing to say no to!

Schatex Traffic and Traffic Plus Collections

Schatex´s most popular collections for commercial spaces are Traffic and Traffic Plus. The Traffic collection is made to provide comfort and durability in bustling hotels, shops, and offices. What makes these carpet squares so durable is their reinforced fibreglass backing. They also have an excellent fire rating of Cfl-s1 according to the fire and safety regulations of commercial buildings. In addition to this, these modular tiles are also slip-resistant and have an anti-static treatment.  This makes Traffic and Traffic Plus a great choice as an additional safety feature in your space.

When it comes to materials and appearance, both of these collections are made from high-quality 100% polypropylene fibres that add durability and also give the flooring a slightly shiny effect. Coming in 9 different colours, there is a shade to perfectly suit your office, boutique, or hotel.

Although Traffic is a sturdy carpet tile by itself, if your space is in need of something more durable, Traffic Plus is the ideal flooring. The collections are extremely similar, with the only differences being price and thickness. Traffic Plus has a slightly higher price, but with a higher total thickness of 8.4 mm, while Traffic has 5.0 mm.

Commercial Carpet Tiles – Available Now at BRICOFLOR

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