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Commercial Carpet Tiles – Practical flooring solutions for your business

In today’s fast-paced world, almost all products and services are tailored to efficiently serve the consumer. The flooring business is no different, considering that more and more people tend to lean towards buying carpet tiles instead of the traditional carpet rolls. There are many advantages speaking for the former type, the main arguments being transportation, installation, cost and ultimately time. Most commercial buildings that need renovation will opt for commercial carpet tiles. Apart from the already mentioned benefits, another very important factor in favour of this modular type of flooring is the flexibility. For example, if you work in an office and someone causes a serious stain on the floor, it is unsightly for people to see every day as well as possible visitors, who certainly would leave with a bad impression. In those cases the cleaning personnel, can simply remove the affected carpet tiles individually and either clean them separately or completely replace them with new ones. If it was a carpet roll, there was no such flexible solution. There are a few specific manufacturers worth mentioning when talking about commercial carpet tiles.

Heuga carpet tiles

The company Heuga has a large assortment for domestic as well as commercial carpet tiles. In this section, we will only focus on the latter though. Not only the appearance of these office carpet tiles is formidable, but the innovative practicality, product excellence and functionality have made Heuga products what they are today: A combination of refined quality and strong resilience. Naturally, this is a recipe for success and customer satisfaction. The carpet tile manufacturer Heuga is not just known for their premium quality products and experience, but also for their environmental conscious approach. They understand that nowadays it is vital to contribute to sustainability and as such, it is Heuga's goal to become an entirely green company by 2020. This project is called "Mission Zero" and currently they are well on their way to achieving their goal, considering that Europe wide all the production sites already run 100% on green energy and Heuga developed a cutting edge technology to reduce waste from manufacturing by 80%. 

Milliken flooring

Milliken is renowned for their premium quality carpet tiles. The excellent flooring that this company provides can beautify hotels, airports, offices, homes and other commercial environments all around the world. They are experts in their field and have global experience and aspirations. Even architects and designers are inspired by their innovative patterns and textures produced through certified carbon-neutral manufacturing methods. Milliken has been focusing on the sustainability factor of their trade for more than a century now. This is an amazing accomplishment that is directly reflected in their products and thought processes. The TractionBack® technology they invented is a good example of their efforts. Generally, the installation of modular carpet tiles in a commercial environment can present certain challenges, such as VOC off-gassing from floor sealants and adhesives. Their TractionBack® backing is a high friction coating that keeps the carpet tiles in place without the necessity for wet glues or dry adhesives.

Schatex carpet tiles

Schatex, a manufacturer mainly known in Germany offers an interesting selection of carpet tiles for commercial areas. The manufacturer provides different styles and textures, ranging from a fine surface to a more sturdy coarse yarn. With a rather large assortment it is really up to you, which design and type of carpet tile you prefer and suits your wishes. Schatex offers extremely good value for money and is therefore a very popular brand in German businesses. Browse our collections and you will certainly find the right carpet tile for your needs.

Sommer Concord giant carpet tiles

This carpet tile is unique. Unlike other products, Sommer Concord is available in several sizes. Usually, whenever you buy this type of modular flooring they are only available in 50cm x 50cm. However, this collection of Sommer Needlepunch is obtainable in an additional 2x1m and 1x1m pieces, which are much larger. Therefore, Concord is exceptionally good for big sport halls, exhibition fairs or other events that need a robust and strong flooring, which can be quickly installed and removed again.  

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