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SCHATEX LIVING PLANKS - Carpet planks for modern living!

Are you looking for a diversified design of your living space and you do not want to do without innovative formats for a t…

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Schatex carpet planks - Let your imagination run wild!

The key special feature of the carpet flooring lies above all in the cosy and homely charisma, which is mainly due to the soft processing of the yarn material. The surface of tufted loop fabric offers a classic appearance, which is available in many shades. While the planks themselves shine in a chic beige-grey, grey or subtle blue-grey, the collection looks especially in addition to the carpet tiles of the same name. These are available in basic shades of beige, black, dark grey, light grey, various shades of blue, brown, red or green. The combination often results in exciting patterns and design options.

Of course, even monochromatic areas with the 1 m x 25 cm can create, but the true strength lies in the variety of planks. So you can design each spot with a different coloured floorboard or use the wider carpet tiles to create exciting patterns.

Schatex Carpet Panks - Your dream floor, plank by plank

But the beauty of carpet flooring is the fact that you can just try the colour combinations. Because the carpet planks are not glued in place, but only loosely laid, so you can pick up the individual modules again at any time and move elsewhere. This is not only an advantage if you want to rethink your interior design. Even if the floor is heavily filthy, individual pieces can be easily detached and then cleaned or replaced.

Nevertheless, the textile floorboards reliably hold the floor in use without slipping. This is mainly due to the high weight of the planks, which prevents you from literally losing the ground under your feet. By additional limitations, for example, by other planks, walls or heavy objects, the modules are additionally fixed and stabilized. How easy it is to apply your new floor covering has been summarized for you in a small guide to laying carpet planks. There you will also find a practical instruction video, which shows you further helpful tips and tricks.

Schatex Carpet Planks - Suitable for those with allergies!

In addition to a good appearance and ease of use, it is the technical In addition to a good appearance and ease of use, it is the technical properties that make Schatex Living Planks such an excellent carpet flooring. Textile floor coverings are usually popular because they have a positive effect on indoor air quality. Domestic and fine dust particles simply remain attached to the fibres of the carpet planks, whereupon the dust content in your breathing air is significantly reduced. Allergy sufferers or persons sensitive to dust, therefore, rely on textile floor coverings, but you do not have to suffer from an allergy to be able to enjoy the fresher air. To reliably retain dust, all you have to do is make sure that old remains are removed on a regular basis. You can easily get rid of them with the help of a vacuum cleaner! This makes it much easier to relax or concentrate at work.


If you are particularly affected by dust or dust mites, it may be helpful to install underfloor heating. The rising heat from below changes the air circulation in your rooms and additionally limits the movements of the dust. So it's a good idea that Schatex Living carpet planks have a hot-water floor heating system that allows you to combine such heating systems safely with the floor covering. Therefore, the carpet floorboards were also antistatic properties equipped to prevent the formation of electrical charges at low humidity. According to fire protection class Cfl-s1, this floor is also considered to be hardly inflammable and develops even in case of fire only a little smoke.

SCHATEX LIVING PLANKS - Great Carpet planks at a great price, now at Bricoflor!

Do you want to renovate your premises with the unique format of the Schatex Living Planks? Then go ahead and order your new carpet flooring today at BRICOFLOR, the online shop for wall and floor coverings of your choice. With us you not only get your floor quickly and reliably, we also offer you excellent conditions so that you can sometimes save money by purchasing from us. So we can offer you our products, for example, thanks to our best price guarantee for the cheapest price. A personal view of our products is possible through the use of our free sample service. Just ask for your favourite decors and we will send you informative samples directly to your home. From certain larger order quantities, it is also possible for us to create an individual offer on request. For further questions about our products, your order or for an offer, we are also happy to personally available. You can reach us by phone at our hotline, online via e-mail or directly via our practical contact form. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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