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BerryAlloc parquet: noble real wood floors made in France

Bringing aesthetic design, longevity and quality production under one roof is not easy. That it is still possible proves t…

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Reliable equipment in the living area and in the hotel industry

You can flexibly use the first-class floors of BerryAlloc in various rooms. They are ideal for use within your home, where they can be used in the bedroom or living room, as well as in the entrance area. In addition, a large part of the collections of the French company is classified as 31, which corresponds to the low-traffic property sector. For this reason, you can lay the respective floorboards without hesitation in hotel rooms, which are upgraded by the chic design in a jiffy.

For most of its parquet floors, BerryAlloc uses oak as the material for the wear layer. At the same time this is a real quality feature, as the wood species is known for its high resistance and richness of facets. The material ensures that the planks can withstand many years without unsightly blemishes. Additional protection against various sources of damage is provided by the high-quality surface treatment with oil or varnish, which gives the planks the finishing touch. The long service life of the products is also reflected in the manufacturer's warranty for the private sector, which ranges from 15 to 30 years, depending on the collection.

Environmentally friendly planks with European roots

Since engineered wood flooring consists to a large extent of wood, it is little wonder that BerryAlloc is committed to environmental protection. The company not only relies on local production, which saves transport routes and thus emissions, but also pays attention to ecological features in the choice of materials. Therefore, many of the manufacturer's collections bear the seal of PEFC. This indicates that the wood used comes from sustainably managed forests. Thus, you can lay the floor in good conscience in your rooms and enjoy the natural wood structures.

Individual room design with parquet floors in a variety of designs

In order to let your creativity run wild when furnishing your rooms, BerryAlloc provides you with a comprehensive range of different decors. These cover every colour you could desire and also give you the opportunity to choose different designs. If you prefer a classic ambience, it is advisable to lay planks. In small rooms, on the other hand, variants in the ship's floor look come into their own, conveying the feeling of lightness. In addition, planks are available in small but also large dimensions, so you can choose these to suit your needs. Depending on the décor, the overall picture is enhanced by the use of various finishing techniques and chamfered edges, so that it is already obvious at first glance that this is a high-quality real-wood floor.

Exclusive look with BerryAlloc Cosmo

Anyone who wants to express his personal style in interior design and set himself apart from the masses will be fascinated by BerryAlloc Cosmo. This collection contains parquet floors made of ash and walnut, which immediately catch the eye with their soft colours. The planks are sealed with the Ultimtec coating, which protects them from abrasion and scratches. The planks are available in widths of 16.4 cm and 11 cm, so you can adjust the format to the room size.

BerryAlloc Emotions: Surprising gentleness

Although BerryAlloc Emotions counts as real hardwood floors to hard surfaces, it boasts an unusually soft surface. The SoftTouch sealer is responsible for this, for which a special matt varnish is used. An exciting appearance is created by the striking saw cut finish, with which the French company sets a contrast to the soft top layer. And among the six decors available, you can find opposing designs - the collection includes planks in soft beige as well as designs in a rustic look.

Prince XL for a luxurious flair

In the present time, wooden planks in generous dimensions are in particular demand. With the BerryAlloc Prince XL collection, this renowned French company meets exactly this customer requirement and presents versatile planks with a length of a proud 198 cm and a width of 16.4 cm. The focus is on medium brown shades, which you can easily combine with different colours. The long-sided edge bevel creates subtle joints between the individual boards, so that their considerable format remains visible even after installation.

Easy installation thanks to quality click systems from BerryAlloc

While parquet floors were once always to be installed by a specialist, laying is now also to be mastered for laymen and do-it-yourselfers. This is guaranteed by easy-to-understand click systems such as Best Loc and Best Loc X-treme, which BerryAlloc uses for almost all of its real wood floors. Using the click connections, you can join the planks without using glue or special tools. The company is so convinced of the quality of its locking systems that it awards a lifetime manufacturer's warranty. In order to achieve the best result in this type of floating installation, it is essential that you install a footfall sound insulation. This ensures that the volume of step noise is kept to a minimum. If you want extra comfort for yourself and your feet, you can combine the floor covering with a hot water underfloor heating. If installed correctly, you do not have to worry about any damage and can look forward to a pleasant warmth.

Discover BerryAlloc parquet now in the BRICOFLOR shop!

The excellent quality of BerryAlloc parquet convinced you? Then visit our online shop and get an impression of its remarkable diversity. If you can not decide between two decors, our free sample service can help. With it you can order practical sample pieces home, which you can compare in peace and quiet. If you have already selected your personal favourite, you can secure it in our shop with just a few clicks and benefit from our Best Price Guarantee. You can save even more money by requesting larger quantities of product. In this case, you can request an individual offer from our service team. Use our contact form, our customer service line or send us an e-mail. Also with questions or problems around your order we are gladly at your disposal.

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