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Forbo Marmoleum Click & Forbo Impressa - The Organic Flooring Choice

Discover Forbo Marmoleum Click and Forbo Impressa, ecological floors that impresses with its aesthetics and strong performance.  Available in a variety of designs and different looks, the collection delights in a variety of locations.

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The usage class 23 for the living area and a usage class of 33 for the commercial sector are characterised by the use in heavily frequented living and project rooms, so that you could use the modular floor coverings both at home in the living room, as well as in office space.

Manufactured from raw materials that are 95% renewable and 100% biodegradable, Forbo's Organic flooring is made from 43% recycled materials and therefore environmentally friendly. These materials are to a large extent linseed oil, resin, wood flour, limestone and various colour pigments. The producer also draws its energy from renewable sources and generally keeps the resources required for production low.

Manufactured from raw materials that are 95% renewable and 100% biodegradable, Forbo's Organic flooring is made from 43% recycled materials and therefore environmentally friendly. These materials are to a large extent linseed oil, resin, wood flour, limestone and various colour pigments. The producer also draws its energy from renewable sources and generally keeps the resources required for production low.

Forbo Marmoleum Click

This collection from the international manufacturer lives up to the name of natural design flooring and is available in a total of 23 different colours and designs. In addition to the natural choice of materials, the ecological organic flooring also has a natural look, which comes to light in the form of various wood and stone looks. For even more colour choices, you can also choose the linoleum-based floor in the most colorful colors, such as green, blue, yellow or red. In addition, with level 6 light fastness, these colours and designs will last for a long time without fading from sunlight or UV rays.

You get these and many other designs in a variety of formats, which may vary depending on the colour. So you have three of the designs available in a format of 30x90cm, another eight in the size of 30x30cm and the remaining 12 either in the dimensions 30x30cm or 30x60cm. The organic floors of Forbo reproduce authentically elongated wooden planks or handy ceramic tiles and provide the desired rooms with aesthetic features.

In addition to aesthetics and environmentally friendly features, the natural design flooring is especially convincing due to the various technical services that make it so high-quality. Topshield² surface finish simplifies the care of your ecological floor while protecting it. In addition, it is resistant to certain bacteria and thus has a positive effect on your health. In addition, the built-in cork layer reduces impact sound by up to 17 dB, ensuring a more pleasant working and living environment throughout the house. Suitable for chair rolls of type W, the floor can also be easily stored in offices or in your study without scratching.

According to EU directives, the ecological floor covering complies with the fire protection class Cfl-s1. He is therefore hardly flammable and developed in the event of a fire, only a little smoke. In addition to the low flammability, the low thermal resistance and the thermal conductivity make this natural design flooring an excellent product in combination with underfloor heating.

Forbo Impressa

The Forbo Impressa collection offers natural design floors that have no negative impact on your health and the environment thanks to innovative production processes. The special feature of this floor is that it mainly consists of recycled raw materials, which is reinforced by a polyester top layer. This environmentally friendly floor is free of PVC, plasticisers and synthetic rubber. It has a low emission and therefore has a "Blue Angel" certification: you can be sure that this collection contributes to a healthy indoor climate.

With use classes 23 and 33, the linoleum is designed for heavy use in residential and commercial spaces. You can use the floor in rooms at home where a lot of walking traffic, such as a living room or a corridor, as well as in companies or schools can be used. The environmentally friendly floor is available in plank format 100 x 25 cm, which is 2.5 mm thick and consists of four layers. The collection offers 15 attractive wooden imitations of natural designs, for example oak, cherry and walnut colours so in this collection you will find the right design for every room.

Non-Slip Organic Flooring for a Secure Hold

One of the most important qualities a floor must have, whether at home or at work, is surefootedness. In the case of this collection is the slip resistance value R9, which offers you a relatively low, yet firm grip. R9 is always up to the daily foot traffic demands and prevents you from slipping on the floor. Please note that the ecological floor must be laid at an angle of less than 6-9 ° in order to achieve the desired static friction coefficient!

Click for Click, Quickly Laying a New Floor with the Organic Flooring from Forbo

To dispel even the last concerns, this natural design flooring can also be laid very easy, so you can enjoy your floor without much effort. However, before you begin to lay your organic flooring directly, you should first allow Forbo flooring to acclimatise in the enclosed packaging for at least 48 hours in the room to be laid. Even during installation, a natural room climate should be maintained. In addition to other instructions that can be found in the manufacturer's instructions, your flooring can then easily be laid on a prepared, firm, level and clean surface. For this you simply have to connect the individual planks or tiles with the practical plug-in system and it will hold you securely and firmly.

Your New Floor with BRICOFLOR

Buying from BRICOFLOR has many benefits and ensures that an order is worth your while. For example, take advantage of our best-in-class Best Price Guarantee to get the product at the lowest price. Or do you already know our free sample service? Order in advance a free sample of your organic floor and we will send you a sample by post, which corresponds to the original in quality and texture. So you can be 100% sure that you are satisfied with the ordered product. For larger order quantities, our quotes team can also provide you, if possible, with an individual offer, which will be tailored to you! You can reach us at any time by phone at our hotline, online via e-mail or via our practical contact form.

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