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Vinyl flooring rolls by Sommer : Hassle-free flooring

Vinyl roll technologies have advanced vastly over the past years making them a smart choice for a cost-efficient price. The v…
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Wood effect vinyl flooring. The Rolls Royce of Vinyl Rolls

If you are looking for a vinyl roll with quality to boast about, this is the one for you. With beautiful styles to match any aesthetic, you can find something to match your taste: a Wood effect vinyl flooring, and textured styles for safety areas with additional grip. With a 10-year guarantee for residential use, you can be sure the flooring will have a long lifespan.

Technical Benefits

This vinyl roll is a cut above the rest with a generous total thickness of 2.60mm meaning its lifespan is healthy. The foam backing makes it pleasurable to walk on with less impact on the joints than most other flooring options. Depending on the design, you can sometimes choose from 3 widths: 2m, 3m and 4m wide.

An important feature of any floor is how well it can withstand the everyday wear of a home; in this case, Sommer vinyl rolls prove themselves valuable. They are resistant to scuffs scratches and stains which alleviates the worry about your floor losing condition quickly.

Enhance your trade show display with custom exhibition vinyl flooring tailored to your business and branding needs. Select from a diverse range of colours, including various faux wood effects, to create a space that perfectly represents your brand. Ideal for exhibitions, vinyl flooring is also a cost-effective solution for transforming office spaces and temporary showrooms.

The hassle-free vinyl roll is easy to clean and quick to install. With a usage class of 23 for heavy domestic use and 31 for light commercial use, it can withstand a lot of traffic in your home. Suitable for underfloor heating you can have a soft feeling underfoot and a warm sensation while walking. The impact sound absorption is 19dB. The lightfastness rating is > 6 which is an average score and relates to the likelihood of colour change when exposed to sunlight.

For safety, this comes with a slip resistance of R10, which provides a mid-range rating so you can feel safe on your floor. The fire classification is the industry standard of Cfl-S1, compliant with the European Health and Safety guidelines.

Better For The Environment

The vinyl rolls Sommer are good news for the environment and your health. Phthalate-free and Better Indoor Air Quality tested, and A+ in low emissions ratings you know your health will be a priority. This vinyl roll is also 100% recyclable so you don’t have to worry about negative environmental impact.


BRICOFLOR has many advantages, one being its international presence meaning the company can source high-quality European products. Thanks to this, we offer the Best Price Guarantee, as we are confident our prices are the most competitive on the market.  For large quantity orders, we can often offer a bespoke quote to go that extra mile for our clients. If you have any questions regarding the services or products we offer at BRICOFLOR please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team.

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