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Vinyl flooring rolls – Reinvented, Redesigned, Better Than Ever

The name vinyl flooring roll might not invoke the greatest of associations when you hear it, however, if you keep reading and…
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Vinyl had its high point in the 70s, and, since these are generally very resilient floors that can easily last for several decades, most of us will know some sort of vinyl sheet flooring and maybe even have an instant mental image of some rugged old floor with a terrible brownish pattern on it. 

However, here’s why that does not do justice to this kind of flooring: imagine you are looking at your very first car and take aside any sense of nostalgia, really only consider the way it looks. If you did not take very good care of it, you may see the point here. Do not dismiss vinyl flooring as a terrible design choice simply because you remember an outdated and neglected model of it, but rather look at what it is now. You might be surprised.

Innovative and Elegant Designs Make Vinyl Flooring Rolls a Customer’s Favourite

As has been mentioned earlier, the vinyl rolls have come a long way since it was first made popular in the 70s, and so have their designs. The new generation of this extremely versatile flooring option simply cannot be compared to the “old models”. Thanks to new manufacturing methods and ultra-high-quality printing techniques, today’s decors look better than ever before. There are many choices available and we truly believe that you will find the perfect design for your individual expectations and desires. So please feel free to browse our products and make use of our sample service!

Cushion Flooring Offers Countless Advantages that Convince even the Toughest Critics

We at BRICOFLOR know that design is important. However, we also know that great design is nothing without durability, quality, and practicality. After all, what good is a beautifully designed floor if it cannot stand up to the challenges of everyday life? None of us wants a floor that has to be handled with kid gloves or else it will be ruined. What we want is a durable, long-lasting floor with a great design and an affordable price. And that is exactly what a vinyl sheet is.

Longevity is Key – and Vinyl Flooring Delivers

While vinyl flooring has clearly outgrown its questionable design choices of the 70s, it has kept and even improved on its outstanding durability and resilience. Its surface is protected by a PUR (polyurethane) reinforcement layer, which ensures that your new floor resists scratches and its colours will not fade away. This results in a strong floor that will easily last decades if taken care of accordingly. And taking care of high-quality vinyl flooring could not be any easier. However, the easiest way for you to truly see and feel the quality of our vinyl floors is to make use of our sample service and order your favourite models right away. Hold your new floor in your own hands and take as much time to decide as you need. After all, it will last for quite some time!

Installing Your New Floor Could Not Be Much Easier

Another upside of our beautiful floors is that they are very easy to install. Vinyl easily withstands regular fluctuations in temperature, making it resistant to shrinkage, expansion or warping. Furthermore, it can be installed directly on top of your underfloor heating system, which makes it a perfect option for all spaces that feature this kind of technology. Most of the products you will find on our website are also available in various widths, making sure that you do not have to order large amounts of flooring and waste money on excess flooring you will have to cut off anyway.

We also now have available 5m wide vinyl flooring from Beauflor, which will reduce the amount of seems required.

High-Quality but Low-Maintenance

Many other flooring options such as hardwood or carpet require their owners to invest considerable amounts of time and money into their maintenance. Vinyl flooring, however, is extremely low maintenance and very easy to keep clean and good-looking. Thanks to the PUR surface layer, regular vacuuming or mopping is enough to remove dust and stains with very little effort and keep your brand-new floor as nice as it was on day one. Furthermore, vinyl sheet flooring is one of the most recommended options for everyone who suffers from allergies. The reason for that is that PVC vinyl flooring runs seamlessly from wall to wall and does not have any slits, gaps or even fibres (such as carpet) where allergens can get trapped and then be released into the air at a later time. Being able to remove all allergens from the floor can provide great relief for many people who struggle with hay fever and similar allergies.

Be Surprised by the New Rolled Vinyl Flooring and Improve Your Home

It has come a long way since it was first popularized in the 70s, concerning both, design and quality. It has always been quite durable and easy to take care of, however, the new manufacturing processes really have improved the overall performance of vinyl even further. Arguably the most important change is probably the quality of the new designs and the high-resolution decors that simply look infinitely better than ever before. This is also the reason why vinyl flooring has been rediscovered by architects and private homeowners alike. So, if you are in the market for a beautifully designed, low-maintenance floor that is going to last you for many years to come, please feel free to take a look at our selection.

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