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Beauflor PVC Flooring Rolls

As a supplier, Beauflor has set itself the ambitious goal of protecting the environment, which all starts with the materials they use. The vinyl of the PVC flooring is made of 57% ordinary salt which equates to greater use of a natural substance.

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The Robust Roll Out Vinyl Floor for All Uses

Beauflor's PVC floors are suitable for all kinds of uses and applications, but the living room is where they are mostly desired. Individual collections can no doubt also be laid in the contract sector and in industry. The special thing about the floors from Beauflor is that all the floorings available in the online shop are cushioned sheet vinyl flooring. These special vinyl flooring rolls contain a soft layer, usually of foam. Among other things, this ensures good impact sound insulation and a pleasantly soft feel to the floor.

Quality from The Roll: High-Quality 5m Wide Vinyl Flooring

Beauflor's cushioned vinyl floorings are offered as cuts. Individual collections are available in widths of up to 5m so that you only need one piece of flooring in many rooms in the home - so no joint is necessary. All floors are low-emission, so a healthy indoor climate is no problem with these vinyl flooring rolls. They also have an R10 slip resistance rating and excel in their PU surface treatment. With PVC flooring, you get easy-care and robust floor covering – why not try it out?

Exquisite Collections from Beauflor That Meet Every Demand

With its PVC floors, the manufacturer Beauflor is represented in our online shop with different collections. They are not only made for diverse requirements but also convince with appealing designs. Take a look at the diverse selection of vinyl floor covering rolls and discover the possibilities of the design-strong and robust rolled vinyl!

Installing Beauflor Cushioned Vinyl: How to Find the Ideal Measurement

Beauflor PVC flooring is easy to install as a sheet. Before laying, you should prepare the subfloor ready for your new floor. It should be completely dry, load-bearing, level, and clean. Ideally, you should remove any old floor coverings and level out any unevenness with a suitable filler. When you measure your room, be sure to plan about 15 cm extra per side to be on the safe side. Especially for larger rooms, if you need several sections of the floor and have to grout it, be sure to plan for enough excess. You should allow the floor to acclimatise before laying it. To do this, you can leave it at room temperature for 1-2 days before installation in the room where it is to be laid. This will make it more flexible and easier to handle. When you want to install a piece of the floor, lay it out flat on the floor so that there is an excess of about 5 cm sticking up against the walls. Cut back this excess little by little. This way you can slowly approach the optimal dimensions and get a better result than if you only make one cut. Cut the PVC floor so that it maintains a distance of 2-3 mm from the walls and lies flat on the subfloor.

Bonding with Double-Sided Tape in Smaller Rooms

In smaller rooms of up to 20 m², you can bond the rolled vinyl to the subfloor using double-sided adhesive tape for installing vinyl flooring. It is best to do this in sections. Fold back part of the cut vinyl flooring rolls, which is lying flat on the subfloor, and now attach the adhesive tape to the subfloor. Make sure that the tape is also on the edges of the floor; this will help you avoid any raised edges of the rolled vinyl. Then carefully stick it down with the adhesive tape. Tape the other half of the floor in the same way. If you need to grout the floor, it must always be fully taped.

Full-Surface Gluing of The Floor in Larger Rooms

In larger rooms, the floor is glued down over the entire surface. To do this, you must choose a suitable adhesive for installing vinyl flooring rolls. In addition, follow the adhesive manufacturer's instructions for installation. Cut the floor to size as described above and work in sections. Fold back the covering and apply the adhesive to the then-free substrate. Carefully glue the PVC floor in place using the adhesive.

If you have to lay several sections of the floor and grout it, proceed as follows: First glue the parts of the floor that are not at the joint. Allow both parts to overlap here and cut through both layers. Work slowly here to get the best possible joint. Then fold back the cushion vinyl on both sides of the joint. Apply the adhesive to the subfloor and stick the covering in place. After waiting at least 24 hours, fill the joint with a liquid sealant for PVC flooring. To protect the covering, stick an easily removable adhesive tape over the joint. Cut through the tape along the joint, then fill the sealant into the joint. Leave it for a few hours to dry and then remove the protective tape. After bonding, the Beauflor cushion vinyl flooring must be rolled with a heavy roller (50 kg).

Order Your Beauflor Vinyl Flooring Rolls in The BRICOFLOR Online Shop!

In our online shop, you will find a wide range of Beauflor PVC flooring. Not only will shopping through our online shop provide you access to our best price guarantee, but we also offer a sample service: You can request a sample of your desired product from us and be personally inspired by the quality and design of the PVC floor. You would like to implement a larger building project? Then you can contact us for an individual offer. We look forward to your enquiry - whether by telephone, via our hotline or online by e-mail!