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Ter Hürne Avatara 3.0 – Durable and Eco-Friendly Organic Flooring

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Ter Hürne Avatara 3.0 – Modern Decors for every taste

Attention friends of the country house style! With the Avatara 3.0 collection, Ter Hürne has created organic flooring whose natural appearance gives every room a lively expression. The detailed wood grains create different textures, which give the room depth and individuality. The planks are also convincing in terms of haptics: with the help of an innovative synchronous embossing process, the grain is not only visible but can also be felt. The innovative planks of the Ter Hürne Avatara MultiSense Floor range inspire by their visual and haptic authenticity.

Not only visually but also technically an eye-catcher

In addition to a modern and timeless look, Ter Hürne Avatara 3.0 also has a number of technical advantages to offer, which we certainly don't want to deprive you of at this point. The floor décor has integrated insulation, which dampens impact sound and ensures pleasant room acoustics. At the same time, the Ter Hürne organic flooring is characterised by high durability and optimised protection against moisture.

Accordingly, the product qualifies as a perfect all-rounder for almost every room. This also includes the bathroom. If you get cold, you can combine the floor with underfloor heating without hesitation. You can rely on the Ter Hürne Avatara 3.0  in every respect:  also anti-slip, it will give you the feeling of safety thanks to its matt and at the same time slip-resistant surface finish.

The application properties of the modern and flexible floor - get creative with Ter Hürne Avatara 3.0!

Because the Ter Hürne Avatara 3.0 adapts to almost any room and its individuality, you can use it for both private and commercial areas. The long, structured planks are guaranteed to cause a stir with family, friends and colleagues thanks to their special look. The use classes 23 and 32 ensure the use of the flooring in heavily used living areas as well as medium-frequented commercial spaces.

Prepare the floor substrate correctly - this is how you achieve an ideal and flawless installation result

Before you start installing your new durable Ter Hürne Avatara 3.0 floor covering, you should check that the subfloor is clean, smooth and even. Note that any unevenness in the subfloor that is greater than 2mm per square metre should be levelled with a levelling compound. This levelling measure serves to ensure a satisfactory overall impression and to prevent joint opening and interlocking.

Installation on textile subfloors and on loosely laid old floor coverings is not possible. These must be removed together with any old adhesive residues and disposed of properly. If you plan to lay the flooring on smooth tiles, you should ensure that they are the same height. The ideal temperature for laying the floor is 20°C.

Installation possibilities for the Ter Hürne Avatara 3.0 - now your craftsmanship is called for!

If required, the Ter Hürne Avatara 3.0 can be glued down over the entire surface using a suitable adhesive. Please note that full-surface glueing is mandatory in some room situations, such as damp rooms.

Awarded the Blue Angel - get excited about the environmentally friendly and low-emission Ter Hürne Avatara 3.0 organic flooring

The unique nature of this flooring is not only reflected in its extraordinarily beautiful appearance but also in its low pollution, low emission and eco-friendly composition. The organic flooring from Ter Hürne has been awarded the Blue Angel. Accordingly, this flooring is the ideal solution for an environmentally conscious and healthy sleeping and living experience!

Conscious handling of nature is a must for ter Hürne

In its 60-year success story, the ter Hürne brand is actively engaged in optimising the quality of its products. For this reason, sustainability and conscious use of the environment and precious resources are part of the philosophy of the company. The effort of the manufacturer makes itself felt, which carries numerous awards by renowned environmental institutes. For example, the RealWood certificate confirms that only true wood is used for flooring production. This comes exclusively from sustainably managed forests and ter Hürne also makes an enormous contribution to our environment, to which it has been awarded the PESC certificate.

First impressions count - order Ter Hürne Avatara 3.0 online today!

You have already been able to gain a comprehensive impression of the Avatara 3.0 collection by Avatara Floor and are completely enthusiastic about this all-rounder?  In this case, you should wait no longer and decide on your favourite today!  You can also use our sample service to get a better picture of your new eco flooring. Thanks to our best price guarantee, you will receive the best competitive price!

If you have any questions, we are of course available by email, via our contact form or by phone and will be happy to advise you on your renovation project with Ter Hürne Avatara 3.0 flooring!




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