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Carpet Tiles - Modular Carpeting for Home and Office

Originally intended for laying in rooms with high amounts of traffic, carpet tiles have grown in popularity on both the commercial as well as the residential market, due to a number of qualities that set them apart from traditional wall-to-wall carpeting solutions. With most carpet squares being loose-lay, you can install them extremely quickly and easily, and they offer reliable durability and resilience for a long time. Their unique manufacturing process ensures robustness, softness, and flexibility for easy maneuvering. Additionally, most manufacturers treat environmental safety with great seriousness, which means that most collections are not only recyclable after use, but also made from recycled materials.

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Thanks to specially woven fibres arranged in a certain layout, they are usually great for trapping dust and dirt. Moreover, you can also find chemically treated tiles that will effectively improve indoor air quality by neutralising otherwise harmful particles. In the event of serious stains, individual pieces can be easily replaced, saving the appearance of your space without the cost or need for buying a new carpet for the entire room. These products are available in several different sizes. The most common size is 50 cm by 50 cm, but some manufacturers make them in 40 cm by 40 cm. Also, 1 m by 1 m and a giant size of 2 m by 1 m are available, although far less commonly. Naturally, the latter is only suitable for larger events, sports halls or exhibition fairs. As you can see, there is an incredible carpet tile assortment of countless colours and designs, acquirable in various sizes.

Advantages of choosing a modular floor covering

In comparison to traditional wall-to-wall carpets, the possibilities with carpet tiles are seemingly endless. The whole transport process all the way to laying and maintaining is more flexible and easier to accomplish. The following subtopics will explain the advantages you get, in more detail and completeness. Afterwards, any leftover doubts concerning this type of flooring should be extinguished and the obvious choice, especially for commercial but also for residential areas will be clear. The main benefits are:

Quick and easy to install

Bulky carpet rolls that include cumbersome transportation through narrow stairways and difficult installation processes are a relic of the past. Nowadays you can easily order carpet tiles, transport them conveniently thanks to their practical format, and simply install them without the need of professional help or any kind of adhesives. The latter of those is thanks to the fact that the majority of them are loose-lay. The heavy coating ensures that the net weight in combination with a stable backing enables a quick and easy laying. This way, leftover waste is avoided, which, adding to the fact that loose-lay carpet tiles do not need any hazardous chemicals or wet adhesives that remain in the air, make them an ecologically responsible decision. Only in larger rooms, it is advisable to use some type of adhesive dry glue to fixate on important areas that have to endure especially heavy traffic. When using modular flooring it is a lot easier to cover even difficult angled rooms with many corners without the necessity of making multiple offcuts. This fact reduces the number of square meters needed and at the same time limits the costs too. In addition to that, there is less waste from the leftover material, which ultimately does not only benefit you but also the environment as a whole.

Quick replacement of individual carpet tiles

In the previous paragraph, the simplicity of installing this type of flooring was elucidated and the following text continues on that note with another great advantage of this product’s format. Obviously, since it is easy to lay them in a room, it is also easy to replace individual tiles if necessary. There are several reasons why this might happen. First of all, the fact that any piece can simply be removed, allows for trouble-free maintenance and cleaning. All you need to do is take out a dirty tile and you can clean it individually or if by any chance it is damaged too much, you can replace it entirely with a new one and there is no further need to change anything about the remainder of your floor. Another valid reason for replacing one particular square is if you want a change in the design of your floor. You can freely move the pieces around and change the pattern and look of your room within a few minutes of effort.

Raised floors in commercial areas

One of the main arguments for installing carpet tiles in commercial settings is the use of a raised floor. This is extremely important, since nowadays the wiring in large offices sits underneath the ground, often as a raised floor. When a carpet is installed, it’s virtually impossible to access the cables without damaging your flooring. However, in case of modular carpeting, you can simply lift one or more specific tiles and check the cabling underneath to adjust or fix any issues that occurred. This point is an essential aspect of today’s working environment and the main reason why most commercial areas prefer these products in their rooms.

The eco-friendly approach

Oftentimes when people buy carpets, there are many leftover pieces of material because most rooms have an angled shape and therefore offcuts have to be made, leaving a large amount of waste. As a result, you spend more money for nothing and on top of that harm the environment. Well, this can all be avoided with modular carpet tiles. The 50cm by 50cm size enables easy fitting and laying without the need of making large offcuts, and ultimately you are working more sustainable. Additionally, most tile manufacturers are very aware of the impact this kind of product can have on the environment and therefore many collections are made of mostly recyclable material and produced with renewable energy sources. Overall, whenever you decide to purchase carpet squares you are contributing to the well-being of the environment, especially in comparison with alternative flooring solutions.

Domestic or commercial – A selection for every taste

Originally, this type of floor covering was invented for commercial areas, such as offices, retailers and exhibition halls. This idea has changed and now it is common for both domestic and commercial settings. These two are separated in different wear category classes, distinguished mainly through how much footfall they can resist. Domestic carpet tiles are usually softer, have a more luxurious feel, and a comfort aspect. Schatex, a young German manufacturer, has an amazing assortment solely for residential areas with collections specifically tailored for certain rooms. Moreover, they offer a wide variety of commercial options as well. However, there are manufacturers like Modulyss, who primarily target offices and other commercial settings. This innovative company invented several different technologies to increase the work performance directly linked to their products. As you can see, this type of flooring is applicable to any location and suitable for multiple purposes.

Glue or no glue - Which is the right choice?

In general, there are two main types. The standard and most widely available choice are loose-lay. These you can install in your home or office by simply laying them side by side on the floor. Nonetheless, in larger places, such as offices or exhibition halls, it is usually advisable to use some type of adhesive glue to fasten important areas, for example, the pieces that suffer from the most traffic. The second type is self-adhesive carpet tiles and as the name already suggests, these products do not require any additional glue or primer.


This type is made available by most manufacturers like Schatex, Modulyss or Interface. Loose-lay tiles are an important reason why so many people prefer this option to carpet rolls. The time of installation is reduced by a large portion and hardly any waste is left over. The fact that you can lift an individual piece and remove, replace or clean it, is another bonus that cannot be ignored. The flexibility is what people are looking for nowadays and inherently advantageous over alternative flooring solutions.


Another type of modular carpeting is called self-adhesive carpet tiles. This product is mainly suitable for less frequented domestic (storage) rooms, such as basements or attics. This specific type provides extremely good value for money. They are rather cheap in comparison to the previously mentioned, but still, offer high-quality and exceptional resilience. The great benefit is the incredible easy implementation. All you need to do is remove the foil from the backing and stick them on the ground. Any person can follow this foolproof process. You do not need the help of a professional, which saves you money and due to the easy installation method, you will save a great amount of time as well.

Overview of BRICOFLOR’s carpet tile brands

In this section, a short overview of the various brands we offer here on our BRICOFLOR website will be given, and a more detailed explanation can be found in the respective subsections. In our online shop, you will find any type of carpet squares: cheap, expensive, durable, commercial, domestic, loose-lay, self-adhesive and many more. If you cannot find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact our customer support and we will do our utmost effort to help you further and find a solution.

Balsan - Limitless creativity

The French carpet tile manufacturer Balsan has a wide assortment of both commercial as well as residential use. They offer an incredible 20 collections in countless different colours. Just in our shop, there is a choice of more than 300 different products from this company alone. They take pride in their high quality and durable products. The versatility of Balsan allows them to be laid out anywhere, ranging from residential areas to offices, retailers and hospitality segments. Find out more in our Balsan section on our website.

Desso - Quality flooring for multiple applications

The firm Desso has a broad availability of commercial grade goods. They strongly believe that their products can enhance the work productivity and health of employees thanks to their innovative and modern carpet tiles. This is because Desso has an added functionality in their design to foster a positive impact on people’s health by improving indoor air and acoustical quality. This is achieved by absorbing the dust particles into the carpeting and reducing the noise of footsteps because of the soft surface.

Dura - Tasteful solutions for your office

Dura provides various flooring options for commercial areas, mainly for offices. There are 16 different collections with a multitude of colours that offer you an exciting upgrade for your interior space. Their products are immensely robust and can withstand heavy footfall on a daily basis. Therefore, if you are thinking about refurbishing your office, take a moment and browse our assortment of beautiful Dura tiles and there will certainly be a fitting option for you.

Heuga - Designer and manufacturer of modular floor covering

The Dutch company Heuga invented carpet tiles and as you can imagine they offer a substantial selection of commercial products with the main focus on quality, sustainability, and design. Their modern approach to manufacturing and design puts them right at the top as one of the most popular firms in this field. Heuga products are incredible loose-lay flooring solutions that can be fixated even better with their own adhesive called Heuga TacTiles. These stickers do not leave any trace on the ground and do not contain any hazardous chemicals.

Interface - Hardwearing floor covering for your workplace

Interface, the mother company of Heuga manufactures excellent commercial carpet tiles. They are the worldwide leader in the production of environmentally-responsible modular flooring. The organisation applies many years of experience to solving flooring issues in modern workspaces. They are renowned for their extreme resilience and creative designs. The combination of both will ensure that you are left with a classy and elegant looking floor. Apart from that, Interface has a very strong commitment to protecting the environment and contributing to preserving the world as it is without adding more waste and damage.

Modulyss - Quality and sustainability is paramount

The Belgian manufacturer Modulyss have an exclusive variety of collections for commercial areas that are made of high-quality materials. Their assortment includes traditional looking carpet squares but, perhaps more importantly, a range of enticing and innovative tiles. Once you have made a choice, there is still the possibility to mix together different colours and create a completely unique look, unlike any of the proposed offers. You can be the architect of your floor’s design. Modulyss is not only qualitative but also respects the impact these type of products have on the environment.

Schatex - Quality solutions for home and business

Schatex is a German manufacturer that provides exceptionally good value for money. Although the price is set very low, do not make the mistake to think that the quality is low as well. Schatex carpet tiles are extremely sturdy and can even be used for commercial areas. You will not find any better price-quality ratio for offices as with Schatex.

Tretford - Natural fibre carpeting

The German firm Tretford manufacture has a unique style of carpet tiles. They offer 3 wear classification: One for living areas, one for home offices and the last one is recommended for high traffic areas in commercial buildings. Tretford distinguishes themselves from all other manufacturers through the remarkable material used in their products. They make the surface from goat hair and wool for a natural feel and purity. This high-quality yarn ensures superior comfort in your home or office. The addition of their unique fleece backing enables this product to compete at the top with other big organisations in this field.

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Take your time to browse through our broad assortment from various manufacturers. There are hundreds of collections and countless colours to choose from. You will find a product for any area, no matter if it’s for your living space or for a large company. Once you have made your choice, there is always the possibility to order a free sample first and convince yourself in person of the look and feel. If a large quantity or area is needed, please contact us via phone or the “Request a customised offer” button and we will give you the best quote available on the web. For any questions concerning the products, do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly customer service and you will be helped immediately.