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Carpet Tiles - Modular Carpeting for the Home and Office

Originally intended for laying in rooms with high amounts of traffic, carpet tiles have grown in popularity in both the commercial as well as the residential market, due to various qualities that set them apart from traditional wall-to-wall carpeting solutions. With most carpet squares being loose-lay, you can install them extremely quickly and easily, and they offer reliable durability and resilience for a long time. 

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The Advantages of Modular Carpet Tiles - Convenience and Versatility Combined

Their unique manufacturing process ensures robustnesssoftness, and flexibility for easy manoeuvring. Additionally, most manufacturers treat environmental safety with great seriousness, which means that most collections are not only recyclable after use, but also made from recycled materials.

Installing Carpet Tiles

Thanks to the practical, easy-to-handle formatting of this type of flooring, the installation process could not be simpler. Loose-lay carpet tiles are exceptionally convenient to install; the heavyweight combined with a stable backing enables quick and sturdy laying.

This style also makes for an ecologically responsible solution as they do not require any adhesives that may release any hazardous chemicals into the air. For larger areas with high levels of traffic, it is advisable to use adhesives or dry glue to fixate the tiles for increased reliable performance. 

Self-adhesive carpet tiles are equally as convenient to install; all you need to do is remove the foil from the backing and stick them on the ground. These are better suited for low-traffic areas and are an affordable solution with great value with exceptional resilience.

Quickly Remove and Replace Individual Tiles

Just as easy as installing, this product is equally as practical to remove. In the event of a stain, individual tiles can be replaced, saving the appearance of your space without the cost of replacing the carpet for the entire room. Thus, this highlights the extremely hassle-free cleaning and maintenance.

The Eco-Friendly Approach

At BRICOFLOR we strive to provide our customers with a wide selection of carpet tile collections from the top manufacturers in the industry. The majority of floor carpet tiles manufacturers aim to lessen the impact on the environment and thus many collections are made of mostly recyclable material produced with renewable energy sources.

Selections for Domestic and Commercial Applications

Depending on your desired area of application, whether it be for your home or commercial carpet tiles, the two areas are separated in different wear classes, distinguished by the amount of footfall they can withstand. 

Domestic carpet tiles are usually softer, have a more luxurious feel, and have a comfortable aspect. Schatex, a young German manufacturer, has an amazing assortment solely for residential areas with collections specifically tailored for certain rooms. On the other side of the spectrum, the manufacturer Modulyss primarily provides carpet tiles for office uses and commercial settings.

Balsan - Limitless Creativity

The French carpet tile manufacturer Balsan has a wide assortment of both heavy-duty and residential use. They offer an incredible 20 collections in countless different colours. Just in our shop, there is a choice of more than 300 different products from this company alone. They take pride in their high quality and durable products. The versatility of Balsan allows them to be laid out anywhere, ranging from residential areas to offices, retailers and hospitality segments.

Heuga – Designer and Manufacturer of Modular Floor Covering

The Dutch company Heuga invented this category of flooring and as you can imagine they offer a substantial selection of commercial products with the main focus on qualitysustainability, and design. Their modern approach to manufacturing and design puts them right at the top as one of the most popular firms in this field. Heuga products are incredible loose-lay flooring solutions that can be fixated even better with their adhesive called TacTiles Carpet Tile Adhesive.

These stickers do not leave any trace on the ground and do not contain any hazardous chemicals.

Interface – Hardwearing Floor Covering for the Workplace

Interface took over the production of Heuga carpet tiles in 2016/17, and their home flooring range was stopped from further production. They only still actively produce their contract ranges for use in high traffic areas. 

They are the worldwide leader in the production of environmentally-responsible modular flooring. The organisation applies many years of experience to solving flooring issues in modern workspaces. Renowned for its extreme resilience and creative designs, Interface has a very strong commitment to protecting the environment and contributing to preserving the world as it is without adding more waste and damage.

Modulyss – Where Quality and Sustainability are Paramount

The Belgian manufacturer Modulyss has an exclusive variety of commercial carpet tiles that are made of high-quality materials. Their assortment includes traditional looking carpet squares but, perhaps more importantly, a range of enticing and innovative tiles. You can be the architect of your floor’s design. The module is not only qualitative but also respects the impact these types of products have on the environment.

Schatex – Quality Solutions for Home and Business

Schatex is a German manufacturer that provides exceptionally good value for money. Although the price is set very low, do not make the mistake to think that the quality is low as well. Schatex produces extremely sturdy office carpet tiles among other products. You will get high quality at a low price for a high-quality product, suitable for offices, and the home, with the Schatex carpet tiles.

Tretford – Natural Fibre Carpeting

The German firm Tretford manufacture has a unique style when it comes to textile flooring. They offer 3 wear classifications: One for living areas, one for home offices and the last one is recommended for high traffic areas in commercial buildings. Tretford distinguishes itself from all other manufacturers through the remarkable material used in its products. They make the surface from goat hair and wool for a natural feel and purity. This high-quality yarn ensures superior comfort in your home or office. The addition of their unique fleece backing enables this product to compete at the top with other big organisations in this field.

BRICOFLOR, There For You

As you can see, there is an incredible assortment of styles in countless colours and designs, such as black carpet tiles, that are acquirable in various sizes. Here at BRICOFLOR, we offer a free sample service, allowing you to assess your favourite product before you make the purchase. Are you ordering for a large project? Do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer service for a quote.