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5 M wide Vinyl Flooring - More vinyl, best comfort!

Everyone has heard of the practical fabric by the meter on the roll. Nowadays, it is experiencing an enormous upswing and is increasingly causing enthusiasm. While the elastic PVC floor previously only existed by default in 2- or 4-meters width, it now shows itself in a new and remarkable form. Vinyl flooring now convinces with a width of 5 metres, which results in unexpected possibilities for the design of your four walls!

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5m Wide Vinyl Flooring

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500 CM Vinyl - The classic in the exceptional format!

The classic vinyl flooring has long become the standard choice in many areas. In addition to the outstanding technical characteristics and beautiful designs, the vinyl flooring rolls now also boasts a new width. For those who are not satisfied with standard products, vinyl flooring is now also available with a width of 5 metres! Due to the enormous size, the floor forms even fewer joints and ensures an authentic and harmonious decorative image even on wide surfaces.

The manufacturers of the wide metre

Most suppliers have vinyl flooring with a width of 2 or 4 meters. This is the usual measure in which the sold by the metre is to be purchased. As the unique format suggests, there are not many manufacturers who offer 5 m wide PVC flooring. Three names stand out particularly clearly: Beauflor, Joka and Sommer. The well-known manufacturers rely on the unusual format for their vinyl coverings and decorate it with diverse decors. The usual advantages of a vinyl floor are preserved, only the vinyl web becomes a little wider.

Vinyl floor 5m wide from Beauflor – Universal equipment in smart design

Beauflor's seamless foamed web fabric comes with excellent value for money. Technically, the vinyl floor has a lot to offer! Thanks to its noise-absorbing texture, it is up to 50% quieter than comparable floors. If you move into an apartment, this can be of decisive advantage for you and your neighbours! In addition, Beauflor vinyl floor is ideal for using it barefoot. Due to its good thermal conductivity, you always have warm feet, your underfloor heating is also well compatible with the dynamic floor and is optimally supported by it. The hard PVC layer protects the covering from abrasion damage and scratches so that you can always find an even floor appearance.
Beauflor is very important to his left-in carbon footprint. For this reason, the manufacturer is continuously engaged in the improvement and technological development of his PVC floors. Environment-conscious and gentle handling is part of everyday life at Beauflor and has a positive effect on home health and nature.

Easy to facilitate everyday life with vinyl floor – The great benefits of the metre ware!

Choosing a new floor covering is often not easy. Parquet is very expensive; laminate does not look good and the robust stone tiles are too complicated to handle and install. If these statements seem familiar to you, you should take a closer look at the multifunctional vinyl flooring in 5 m width! The practical fabric by the metre offers numerous advantages that positively influence the entire sense of space. Thanks to continuous innovation and constant technical renewal, the elastic floor covering has some properties that make it stand out. Convince yourself of the universal application possibilities of the floor classic and take advantage of the advantages of vinyl flooring!

Never cold feet! – The warm surface of vinyl flooring!

In rooms laid out with tiles, it is a real curse: cold feet! The morning walk into the bathroom causes goosebumps regularly and there are also icy beavers in the hallway. The sturdy stone tiles are quite functional, but they cannot triumph in terms of cosiness. While tiles leave a cool impression both visually and haptically, vinyl floor can convince with pleasant foot warmth. The flexible floor covering is very soft and warm under the feet due to its elasticity. The material hugs the footbed gently and easily cushions the aisle, as well as other pressure loads. Vinyl flooring in 5 m width creates a more comfortable feeling of walking and gives the room an unbridled cosiness.

Improved active- Great material insulation!

In addition to the excellent thermal insulation, vinyl flooring also has good acoustic insulation properties. While laminate is just too amplified sound and room noise and acts as a sounding body, vinyl covering swallows the emerging noise and easily transmits it into the underground. Due to the well insulating material, vinyl floor does not require additional impact sound insulation. The 5 m wide vinyl covering creates a pleasant silence, so that even walking with heels is not noticeable loud.

Less work – Easy care!

The special material composition is also the reason for the first-class care features of the vinyl floor. Due to its even surface, dust and dirt can easily be swept down or removed with the vacuum cleaner. Moist wiping is also no problem. Vinyl floor is completely water-repellent due to its material and does not swell even with greater moisture effects. As a result, the vinyl floor covering in 5 m width is not only suitable for installation in the bathroom and kitchen, but it can also be cleaned with water. Even the use of detergents does not detract from the presentation of the vinyl surface but ensures that dust and dirt disappear!

Note your own needs – choose the right vinyl

If you choose the practical PVC floor covering in a width of 5 m, you should make sure that the metre is completely tailored to your own needs. If you buy a floor covering, it should give pleasure as long as it has an unadulterated surface. For this to work, there are a few things to consider with vinyl covering. Taking advantage of the technical diversity of the floor covering, you get a durable and first-class vinyl floor, the decor of which always remains beautiful and shiny.

The class of vinyl floor – What the small numbers are about!

The so-called utility class provides information about how resilient a vinyl floor is. This can be found as a small number on the product data-sheet. When buying a vinyl covering, care should always be taken to use the right utility class for the respective project.
The utility classes 21-23 indicate the suitability of the floor for the living area. The number 21 always for a moderate load capacity of the vinyl covering, which is why it should be used in low-traffic areas. Vinyl floors in 5 m width with utility class 23, on the other hand, can also decorate heavily stressed surfaces. Laying in the frequently committed hallway or living room is therefore easily possible.
Vinyl coverings with utility classes 31-33 can also be used in the contract sector. If you want to interpret your business with the practical, 5 m wide fabric by the meter, you should pay particular attention to the indication of the useful classes! Floors with these numbers are very durable and do not bow to pressure loads, nor can abrasion and scratches harm them.
Probably the most robust vinyl flooring is those advertised with utility classes 41-43. They can be used even in the busy industrial sector and therefore have an enormous load capacity. The constant use of heavy machinery does not bother them any more than the everyday walk on the ground.

Textile or vinyl? – The difference between both

Vinyl flooring can typically have two different backs. A vinyl back ensures that the vinyl covering has a minimum body height. This makes it the perfect renovation floor. Doors do not have to be sanded for laying, which is a huge advantage, especially for glass doors. In addition, the dynamic floor covering is also available with a textile back. Due to the additional weight, the vinyl floor with a textile back can also be laid loosely on larger surfaces. In addition, the slightly thicker back offers the possibility of easily compensate for unevenness, so that the substrate does not have to be prepared completely meticulously for the laying of the vinyl covering in 5 m width.

Placement of the vinyl – easy lay with no problems!

The laying of vinyl flooring is very easy and can therefore also be carried out by everyone without any problems. There are various ways to place down vinyl, the simplest principle is loose laying. The vinyl floor is placed on the substrate without a separate fastening and cut to fit. However, this method can only be used for smaller areas that are not exposed to major stresses. The fixation with double-sided adhesive tape provides a little more support. This is applied in advance to the substrate so that the vinyl floor only needs to be placed on it.
The most stable variant is the full-surface bonding of vinyl flooring. This works similarly to a carpet and makes the vinyl floor significantly more durable. The fabric by the metre is brought to the floor with a protruding edge of 10 cm on each side. One side of the vinyl covering is then folded away, and the fixation is applied. After gently pressing the ground, this is repeated on the other side. Now all you must do is cut the excess edge to the room dimensions with a cutter knife.

Plan in advance - Avoid the little mistakes with vinyl installation

Despite the simple installation, some precautions must be taken with vinyl flooring to help the floor to achieve a nicer and more even overall picture. In the best case, the process begins as early as 24 hours before the actual installation. Since PVC is a thermoplastic material, it can expand in heat or contract strongly in cold weather. In order for the vinyl covering to reach its actual size, it is important to bring it to the designated room for acclimatization one day before installation.
The substrate must also be prepared appropriately. Vinyl floor is very thin, this is basically advantageous for renovation projects, but with a very uneven substrate, it can quickly become an obstacle. Small bumps and particles are visible on the surface and squeeze through the thin material. Therefore, the floor should be completely removed from old coverings, irregularities, and dirt. This is the only way to guarantee optimum adhesion and the floor threatens not to slip even under the enormous load.

The right technology – Care of fix the vinyl floor?

If you are now wondering which laying variant is best for your needs, the answer is very easy! Areas that are little committed and are less than 20m2 in size can be safely lined loose or semi-free with vinyl floor. Areas over 20m2 and areas that are often exposed to heavy stress should be glued over the entire surface. Since the additional bonding gives the vinyl covering more support and load capacity, the laying method should be adapted to the use of the floor.

Vinyl floor with authentic surfaces and best design!

If you do not want to do without the excellent appearance of wooden and stone floors, but at the same time do not want to deal with the disadvantages of these materials, you should confidently resort to vinyl flooring! The classic fabric by the metre can now leave much more than monochrome floors. Vinyl flooring imitates the natural structures of wood and stone in such detail that it can hardly be distinguished from its optical role model. Even in the bathroom, there is no need to do without wooden decor!
Due to the printed decorative layer, vinyl floor can take on any conceivable design. The best thing: rubber does not look artificial at all. From gentle pine imitation to eye-catching marble design, everything is possible with vinyl floor in 5 m width. There is a suitable design for every furnishing style and even emerging trends can be excellently complemented. In addition, vinyl floor also offers some classic decors. Proven oak designs and natural stone imitations are timeless and still bring joy after a few years.

Vinyl floor 5m wide – Discover the variety at Bricoflor!

The numerous advantages of vinyl flooring in an unusual 5 m width have also convinced you. Then discover your dream floor easily in our BRICOFLOR online shop! Among the diverse offers, you will also find a suitable decor that gives your room more charm. If you cannot decide, use our sample service, and consider at your leisure whether the respective vinyl floor suits you or not.
If you also need some advice, you are welcome to contact one of our friendly and competent employees by phone, e-mail or via our through our online chat! Together with you, we will create an individual offer, of course at our best price guarantee! Take the chance and secure your desired PVC floor today, at BRICOFLOR!