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Cortex Cork Flooring – The Natural Floor Alternative For Your Rooms

The natural material cork comes from Portugal, the world’s largest supplier of cork. This cork flooring contributes to the sustainable protection of the environment. The cork floors of Cortex consist mainly of cork, depending on the collection some products also contain layers of vinyl, which provide water resistance and natural-realistic wood and stone look.

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£46.95 per m²
£46.95 per m²
£46.95 per m²
£46.95 per m²
£46.95 per m²
£46.95 per m²
£46.95 per m²
£46.95 per m²

The wide range of styles offers a lot of design options for your home or business. It is particularly important to Cortex to use resources sparingly and responsibly. The cork floor is also superior when it comes to comfort: the combination of natural and exclusive features with modern production technology creates a high-quality floor covering that offers maximum comfort. The vinyl components used are free from PCP, plasticisers and other harmful chemicals that can be emitted from some flooring coverings.

Sustainability In The Foreground - Quality Checked By Cortex

Founded in 1986 as a family business in Nuremberg, Cortex is today one of the leading premium suppliers of floor solutions with cork technology (corktech). The use of natural, permanently renewable resources, innovational technology and first-class product quality have been the basis for the production of their natural cork flooring for 30 years. Cortex products are characterised by the highest quality standards, which are secured by regular internal and external quality checks. All Cortex products have been awarded the general building permit of DiBt. In addition, the company was awarded the quality seal of the German Deutscher Korkverband: the cork logo.

The Collections In Detail - Natural Aesthetics With The Cortex Designs

The natural cork flooring of the Nuremberg-based premium producer is not only made from renewable resources, they also promise a lifelike appearance. Choose the natural look of the cork or lifelike imitation wood and stone looks.

Get the look of different types of wood or natural stone optics, or enjoy modern slate designs. In addition, the various products enchant with high-quality features and provide you with non-slip surfaces, various utility classes, insensitivity to static, easy cleaning or simply surprise you with an amazingly simple installation. Find out later what the individual collections have to offer if we present them in detail.

Cortex Veranatura - First Class Wood Optics On A Vinyl Surface

With the new collection Cortex Veranatura, you get high-quality cork flooring, which is equipped with a vinyl surface. This allows the imprint of detailed wood decors. With a total of eight first-class wood looks, you get a floor covering that does not just inspire you visually. The 0.55 mm thick wear layer with synchronous embossing allows you to lay the collection in highly frequented residential and commercial areas (service class 23/33).

The technical strength of Veranatura lies in its increased impact sound, very serious flammability and generally high resistance and ease of care. In addition, you benefit from a very easy installation, thanks to the Corkloc installation system, which ensures a completely adhesive-free installation. This system, which is similar to other click systems, allows quick and easy installation, even for laymen. The high quality of the Cortex Veranatura is underpinned by a long-lasting manufacturer's warranty.

Cortex Corknatura - Classic Variant In Natural Cork Design

Discover Cortex Corknatura, the collection that not only benefits from the comfortable properties of the cork, but also from its natural look. The warm look of the floorboards brings the feeling of the origin of cork, Portugal, to your premises. With a range of 18 different patterns, Corknatura leaves no wish for the cork look - light and dark, even and grained designs can be found in the collection. Depending on the surface seal, you can lay the floor in different private living spaces. Cortex Corknatura Nature offers you the opportunity to choose a sealer for your needs. It can be relocated in high-traffic living areas as well as in low-occupied property (service class 23, 31). The UV-Pro version, on the other hand, already contains a UV sealer, which was specially designed for installation in the direct sun, so that you will enjoy the full radiance for a long time to come. Again, there is suitability for each living area (use class 23). The Corknatura CM-Pro collection is also equipped with a 5-layer ceramic lacquer, which makes the floor particularly dirt-repellent and scratch-resistant - suitable for the high-traffic living area as well as for the less used property (service class 23, 31).

Also enjoy the manufacturer's warranty, which you will receive for laying in the appropriate usage classes! The integrated roll cork cover is used for impact sound insulation and for joint-friendly comfort. Combine the product easily with underfloor heating on hot water basis or use the antistatic properties to safely place computer equipment on your premises. Corknatura is available for both clicking and glueing - suitable for all needs.

Cortex Design - Easy Order Now At BRICOFLOR

Also, you would like to switch to the eco-friendly product of the Cortex cork floors and no longer do without the wide selection of designs and colours? Then order today at BRICOFLOR and benefit from the first-class service that makes your purchase a very special experience.

For example, you benefit from our Best Price Guarantee, so shopping with us is going to pay off for you. Would you like to personally view your desired decors? That is also no problem with our free sample service, you will receive a meaningful sample of your flooring in advance directly to your home, to check optics and feel. Simply select the Sample Service option on the respective product page and you will receive your sample conveniently by post. For larger order quantities, our offer department will gladly put together an individual offer. In this way, you are guaranteed to get the best conditions to complete your construction or renovation project. For offers, questions about products or your order you can reach us at any time by phone via our customer service line, online via e-mail or via our prepared contact form.

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