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Forbo Allura - Luxury Vinyl Tiles Made To Last

The vinyl flooring of the Forbo Allura offers a variety of application possibilities.  With this, it shows itself to …

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The portfolio covers every design wish and allows you to bring your vision to life. The company Forbo is always following the latest trends, partly stone optics, partly wood designs, which despite their variety always have something in common: the good workmanship and the very high quality. 

Product Features that Convince : The Forbo Vinyl Flooring Range

The made to last Vinyl flooring from Forbo is characterized by eye-pleasing designs, innovative surface embossing and a wide range of functionality. The high resilience and longevity of the floor coverings are the hallmark of the Swiss manufacturer Forbo. This also applies to the good resilience and low height, which is particularly favourable for renovations. You too can benefit from these and more.

A Matching option for Every Application

The large Forbo vinyl click flooring assortment of our online shop offers you the matching vinyl flooring for your requirements with the diverse collections - not only for your taste but also for your area of application.  This is due to the different installation methods that are suitable for different rooms. Depending on the requirement, the room must fulfil different criteria. Due to its easy installation, a variant with a practical click system is often chosen in the living area. For this purpose, we like to use the collections Forbo Allura Click 0.55 mm and Forbo Allura Click 0.70 mm.

On the other hand, in heavily used industrial areas or in the commercial sector, it is more likely to resort to glueing variants, which are characterized above all by their high resilience. This corresponds to the collections Forbo Allura Premium 0.70 mm, Forbo Allura Domestic 0.40 mm, Forbo Allura Commercial 0.55 mm. In addition, there are the Loose-Lay variants of the Flex collection Forbo Allura Flex 1.00 mm and Forbo Allura Flex 0.55 mm.

All collections have a compact wear layer that guarantees permanent surface protection. In addition, the PUR surface seal protects the floor from further environmental influences and the R10 anti-slip equipment always ensures maximum safety. Additionally, you can equip the beautiful decors with colour-coordinated skirting boards to give you an even overall picture of your premises.

Enjoy the Benefits of Quick and Easy Cleaning

While the care and cleaning of real wood and stone floors are often tedious and time-consuming, you save with your optically natural-realistic Forbo Allura vinyl click flooring: Even if the floor looks so deceptively real, it is very easy with commercial alcohol or PU Cleaning cleaners. This is not only good for your health and your wallet, but also for the environment. Thanks to the closed and easy-to-clean surface, the vinyl design flooring is ideal for laying in bathrooms and kitchens. Thanks to the advanced material, swelling of the planks are excluded. So, it is now possible for you, without a lot of time, to create radiantly clean rooms!

Good for Your Joints

The numerous technical features make the Forbo vinyl flooring collection something very special. Even if they often remain invisible to the eye, you will feel them clearly in everyday use: The robust material is very elastic. You will hear that on the one hand, because the Allura collections provide excellent room acoustics, but on the other hand also feel: the elastic surface makes the collections extremely easy on the joints. The high R10 anti-slip coating also protects you in everyday life - day after day.

Unique Diversity - Discover Forbo Vinyl Flooring

In our online shop, you will find the complete seven collections of Forbo Allura again. They are all available in 38 different designs - in colours ranging from rustic black wood and stone designs, to various types of plank flooring, to bright and friendly looks. These surfaces faithfully mirror their natural counterparts so that Forbo's vinyl flooring designs can only be distinguished after closer examination of genuine natural materials. Let your imagination play and discover the comprehensive selection of high-quality floor coverings.

Forbo Allura Flex : Loose-Lay Vinyl for Easy Installation

Forbo Allura Flex 1.00 mm and Forbo Allura Flex 0.55 mm are Forbo Loose-Lay collections, which stand for high-quality, impact-sound-absorbing design coverings. They have been specially designed for loose installation and are ideal for high demands due to their high load capacity. Especially for renovation projects is the acoustic design flooring with 14 dB, which is quick and easy to install. Thanks to their high dead weight, the planks and tiles can be laid without glue - and can be picked up just as quickly. However, if your premises are heavily frequented, it is recommended to glue the planks and tiles over the entire surface - this guarantees a year-long hold.

The collection of the Forbo Allura Flex 1.00 mm is particularly suitable for laying in department stores or at trade fairs. The highest possible use classes 23, 34 and 43 indicate that this collection is up to all expectations. In fact, you can drive in industrial areas with forklifts on them - without problems. The Forbo Allura Flex 0.55 mm is also very robust. Utilization classes 23, 33 and 42 state that the flooring can be laid out with its 0.55 mm thick wear layer in private, commercial and industrial areas - without worrying that they will not last long.

Forbo Allura Click - Practical and Easy Laying with Click System

By far the most popular method is certainly the Click system of the Forbo Vinyl Click which makes every move a pleasure. In fact, it is possible for anyone to quickly and easily lay a floor with a click system. The Forbo Allura Click 0.55mm and Forbo Allura Click 0.40mm collections are both available in 38 different colours and embossing styles - from dark to very light looks in stone and wood designs. From luxurious wood designs to elaborate stone looks everything is there - the decision will certainly not be easy. Thanks to the interplay of surface design, colours and feel, Allura Click makes you choose a durable vinyl click floor that your guests will be envious of. The collections are sure to be great at home. Installed on a floor-to-floor laying mat, the vinyl flooring provides a 15 dB impact sound reduction.

Laying Forbo Vinyl Planks - Easy and hassle-free 

You can spend different amounts of effort when laying your Forbo Allura collections - depending on the method of laying it is sometimes more, sometimes less work. But no matter what level of difficulty you choose for your new vinyl flooring: With a little skill laymen and hobby craftsmen can lay any method. One thing is for sure: this flooring will be a real eye-catcher for years to come!

Vinyl Click Flooring - The Easiest Method

Thanks to the innovative click system, the installation of vinyl flooring with a click system are completed in no time. All you need besides the floor covering is a suitable cutting tool for trimming the planks and optionally a sound-absorbing foot pad. After you have cleaned the surface of unevenness and cracks with putty, place the click-vinyl laminate on the surface. You just have to put it together on tongue and groove and the renovation is almost complete. More detailed installation information can be found in our provided PDF files.

Vinyl Flooring as a Long-Term Solution

The adhesive method of the adhesive vinyl is applied after applying a special dispersion adhesive to the already prepared bottom surface. As with the installation of click vinyl, cracks and bumps must first be filled with putty. After the substrate has been smoothed, the distribution of the adhesive can be started. The individual planks or tiles are then placed in the adhesive bed and then attached to the substrate with a roller weighing at least 70 kg to prevent possible air pockets. Despite the high cost, this method is worth considering if you want to use the floor for high-traffic areas, such as department stores or other public facilities. There is no more effective way than this to arm your luxury vinyl flooring against all influences.

Buy Now Forbo Allura Online Shop & Get a High-Quality Design Cover!

You want to make a good decision by buying a durable and sturdy floor that looks good on top of that? Then you are on the right track with the Forbo Allura! In the BRICOFLOR assortment, you will find the right answer for your style for every style. Order time-saving and convenient online and receive our best price guarantee! Are you planning a bigger project with Forbo Allura? We are happy to make you an individual offer with attractive conditions. If you are not yet sure which design flooring you want for your premises, convince yourself with all your senses and use the free sample service. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer service, who can be reached by phone or e-mail - or simply use our contact form. Our staff will be happy to help you.

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